Sunday, January 24, 2010

Planet of the Abes Commentary Slave

Thanks to a comment by StrangEye I noticed that the words 'Abe' and 'Ape' resonate one another. In this post I'm going to try and explore the relationship in a little more detail.

The Abes/Apes entrain with the planet Jupiter and the year 2001 thanks to Stanley Kubricks masterpiece.

This Abe/Ape sync reminded me of the final scene from the Planet of the Apes remake, which was released in the year 2001.

Leo (played by Mark Whalberg) passes through a Werm Hole before crashing into the Abe Lincoln Monument, a replica of the Temple of Zeus/Jupiter. Swallow some 2010 Matrix Codeine for more on the Lincoln/Zeus/Jupiter connection.

Leo enters the Temple, looks Up and realizes that Abe is an Ape:

Above the head of General Thade (Ape Lincoln) we find a reference to the Heart:

When I look at the Temple of Lincoln/Zeus I'm reminded of a Cage, the pillars being symbolic of bars. If this Temple is a Rib Cage, then the Heart surely lies within:

In the 2001 Planet of the Apes remake, the Cage above houses an Ape Lincoln, but to learn more about the Zeus/Jupiter connection let's turn to the original Planet of the Apes movie.

In this poster we find a reference to the Cage (a Temple of Lincoln/Jupiter which houses the Heart) and just above it, superimposed over the bars, we find the head of an Ape named Dr. Zaius:

Here's an image of Charlton Heston with his noose around the neck of Dr. Zaius/Zeus:

In the 2001 Planet of the Apes remake, actor Charlton Heston played the role of Dr. Zeus, the father of Ape Lincoln/General Thade:

Charlton Heston may have played the role of the Zaius/Zeus, but he's also played Abe Lincoln in this movie:

Abe Lincoln/Zeus/Jupiter each seem to point to the Ape.

Here's a few more examples....

This is an Ape named Able sitting on the head of Abe:

While writing this silly post my daughter was watching Batman: The Dark Knight. I watched some of the movie with her and spotted this image below. On a Gotham police noticeboard we see that Abe Lincoln and the Bigfoot are both Batman suspects. Once again we find Abe associated with an Ape-man!

The upcoming 'Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief' is due for release on February 12th, the very same day as Abe Lincolns birthday. Jim recently pointed out that actor Sean Bean plays the role of Zeus in the movie:

In a movie called The Island actor Sean Bean (Zeus) plays the role of Dr. Merrick, the governor of the Prison.

Dr. Merrick/Zeus is the one who orchestrates the illusion in order to keep all the inmates trapped within the Cage. Things go perfectly as planned until one day an inmate named Lincoln Six Echo (played by Ewan McGregor) realizes that The Island doesn't really exist and the search begins for a means of escape.

Here we see (Abe/Ape) Lincoln sitting opposite Dr. Merrick (Dr. Zeus) as he places his jUPiter finger on the tip of this Pyramid:

At the end of the movie Lincoln goes head-to-head with Dr. Zeus and they both end up dangling opposite one another on chains. In this scene Lincoln and Zeus are quite literally 'linked':

The neck of Dr. Zeus snaps and he dies in true Hangman styley:

It's funny that the Ape-character Dr. Zaius is also a Hangman:

February 12th is day when Abe Lincoln was born, the Wolfman is released, the Winter Olympics begin (an event dedicated to the Olympic Gods, of which Zeus/Jupiter was numero uno) and it's also the day of The Lightning Thief (starring Sean Bean/Dr. Merrick/Zeus).

Notice that on this Lightning Thief poster that the Trident, a sync-symbol I once wrote about in a post called The Robin Has Hatched, also seems to be of some relevance:

If we take another look at the 2001 remake of The Planet of the Abes (featuring Charlton Heston in the role of Zaius/Zeus) we see that Leo/Whalberg (playing Charlton Hestons character from the original) has been captured and placed in a Cage. Leo in a Cage brings to mind a Cat in a Cage.

Leo is delivered to his holding cell and watches as some of the human slaves are marked with a red-hot brand. We see that the symbol is that of the Trident:

The humans are clamped as they receive the mark of the Trident:

The Ape-girl Ari (played by Helena Bonham Carter) snatches the hot brand away and warns the others not to be so cruel to the slaves.

She throws the brand off to the side and Leo slips his hand out to grab it:

He grabs the distracted Ari and uses the Trident to bargain his way out of the Cage:

Later in the movie, after Ari reveals her human-loving tendencies, General Thade takes her into his tent.

Remember that Thade resonates Ape Lincoln/Zeus/Jupiter:

Once Ari is in his tent, Thade takes the Trident:

And stamps it onto her Palm:

Ari now bears the mark of the Trident, a SpiriT Palm given to her by Ape Lincoln/Zeus/Jupiter:

We now have February 12th, Abe Lincolns birthday, linked to the Enlightened Palm of Christ/Buddha/Shiva!

Actor Tim Roth starred in the role of General Thade, so it's probably worth noting that he also played the artist Vincent Van Gogh in a movie called 'Vincent & Theo'.

Here we see Roth creating one of his Yellow Sunflower masterpieces:

Finally, Jim has pointed out that Abe Lincoln was born on the same day as Charles Darwin, February 12th, 1809, so it's interesting to find the Ape linked to this movie about Darwins' life:

I like how this key image takes place in front of a (Rib) Cage, a pointer to the Heart:

The Heart of Jupiter?

Enough of this monkey-business. I'm off to eat a banana.

Heston's "Composite Character", that is, taking elements from all his roles and considering them as one mega-character, is pretty singular and titanic. Richard unveils he is Abe and Zaius/Zeus. He is also famously Moses in "The Ten Commandments". As such he parts the Red See which has been associated to the Red C (noting one in the poster in the word "Commandments") and Seeing Red, even the red eye/storm of JUPiter.
Often parodied: Soylent Green in The Simpsons

Another Iconic role for Heston was 1973's "Soylent Green", a distopian version of the future where the grand finale sees Heston's detective Thorn discovering that "Soylent Green is people!"
Overpopulation has lead to massive food shortages, companies like Soylent provide ration wafers to the populace. The Green is the good shit...
Just before this loud emotional revelatory outburst from Heston, which funny enough is also how "Planet of The Apes" ends , he makes his Lieutenant swear to unveil the horrible truth to the masses.
Clearly Soylent Green, as made from flesh, resonates Sacramental Bread, or the body of Christ. The movie then is about the ingestion of Christ, the ritual involved in invoking Christ Consciousness. In my personal life this has become a reality in the drinking of 'liquid faith' or Ayahuasca.
After the last ceremony with Shaman Juan Flores last year I was lying on my back internally screaming just like Heston: "Ayahuasca is a lightning bolt of intervention from God!".
All is metaphor, even these seemingly religious revelations I am proclaiming. God equally disappears and arises when you align with Self. You, the limited identity or idea 'you', becomes God the almighty as much as I speck of dust in the eternal flux.
Heston's (our sync Abe and Zeus) Lieutenant, calls Thorn a Tiger the animal of 2010 The Year We Make Contact.

"Let my Soylent Green people go, you maniacs!!"


  1. CAIN / ABEL ... the first murder victim

    the following transmutations rules ... P = b or P ... E = E or M or W

    ablE, leaP, Peal, abE l., aPE l., laMp, laMb

  2. Abe's first VP was HH (Hannibal Hamlin)

  3. Abe's Father's first name was Thomas and his Mother's last name was Hanks.


  4. Lincoln avoided hunting and fishing because he did not like killing animals, even for food.

  5. Abe's son William Wallace died during his first term as President.

  6. Abe left his Parent's home at age 22 and began Politics at 23.

  7. "I have always been an old-line Henry Clay Whig"

    is it not but clay and lightening, perhaps some water with which Mankind is forged

  8. Abe L's friend E.Abell introduced him to his second wife

  9. Abe as a Lawyer supported Riverboat and Rail Road interests

  10. Abe lives in Springfield and Duff (beer) makes him famous

    Lincoln's most notable criminal trial came in 1858 when he defended William "Duff" Armstrong,

  11. Lincoln produced a Farmers' Almanac to show that the moon on that date was at such a low angle it could not have produced enough illumination to see anything clearly. Based on this evidence, Armstrong was acquitted.

  12. 'A house divided against itself cannot stand.'(Mark 3:25) I believe this government cannot endure permanently half slave and half free. I do not expect the Union to be dissolved — I do not expect the house to fall — but I do expect it will cease to be divided. It will become all one thing, or all the other."

    Lightening Bolts from Zeus = dissolution of material illusion

    Death of a Hanged Man = dissolution of material illusion

    "It will all become One thing"

  13. "to form a more perfect union"

  14. Horace and Noah are noted newspapermen in Abe's coverage

  15. During the Civil War, Lincoln appropriated powers no previous President had wielded: he used his war powers to proclaim a blockade, suspended the writ of habeas corpus, spent money before Congress appropriated it, and imprisoned between 15,000 and 18,000 suspected Confederate sympathizers without trial.

    and IMHO expanded Slavery, quite the opposite of what he is accredited

  16. sure you all are free, but Abe created the first income tax for Americans

    Abe was a Zionist conspirator in the Jewish International Banking Conspiracy of 1850 ... that's when Rothchilds sent by the Crown conquered every Caucasian Countries Economic System, collapsed their Governments and sent their peoples to die in Revolutions

  17. Abe formalized the Thanksgiving Holiday

    which is a celebration of largest Human Genocide in recorded History

  18. in the balcony, Booth crept up behind the President and waited for what he thought would be the funniest line of the play ("You sock-dologizing old man-trap"), hoping the laughter would muffle the noise of the gunshot. When the laughter began, Booth jumped into the box and aimed a single-shot, round-slug 0.44 caliber Deringer at his head, firing at point-blank range.

    A 44 caliber bullet ... two fours / 42 / DD

  19. Booth then leaped to the stage and shouted "Sic semper tyrannis!" (Latin: Thus always to tyrants) and escaped, despite a broken leg suffered in the leap.


  20. by 2004 Abe ranked as Americas #1 President

    Lincoln Nebraska is in the Heart of America

    my Parents live close by in Omaha

  21. Abe defeated the Know Nothing movement in America, an attempt to retain National Solidarity by denying Immigration

    it's well speculated that the Zionist Conspiracy to destroy Caucasian Countries was by excessive Immigration


  23. The Simpsons, The Fantastic Mr. Fox and the APE L.
    (Voice actor of Kylie the opossum in Fantastic Mr Fox)

    Wallace Wolodarsky is an American television writer and director. He wrote for The Simpsons during the first four seasons; all of his episodes were co-written with former writing partner Jay Kogen. Since he left, he has directed several films (the most notable being Sorority Boys).

    The character "Vladimir Wolodarsky" in The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou was named after him. He is a close friend[citation needed] of director Wes Anderson and had a small part in "RUSHMORE"... and a more substantial part in The Darjeeling Limited.

    The Simpsons episodes
    WW has co-written the following Simpsons episodes:

    "Homer's Odyssey"
    "Krusty Gets Busted"
    "Treehouse of Horror"
    "Bart the Daredevil"
    "Old Money"
    "Like Father, Like Clown"
    "Lisa the Greek"
    "Bart's Friend Falls in Love"
    "Treehouse of Horror III"
    "Last Exit to Springfield"

    Of Note:
    Simpson's episode 3F17 "Bart on the Road", Written by Richard Appel (RICHARD APE L)

    "Bart on the Road", Written by Richard Appel

    - Hank Azaria (Cletus, Mr. Van Houten, Moe, hitchhiker, harried Winnipeg father, wig shop owner, pawn shop owner, dispatcher)


    [Nelson reaches out and slaps the man on the neck. ]

    "THAT'S IT!" he says. "BACK TO WINNIPEG!!!"


  24. Hey Richard aren't you Scottish? Didn't William Wallace die for your Freedom (Liberty)? William Wallace's death, along with his many other sons and first wife are what lead to his depression

    Nice SE, I wonder what Episodes ABE has been within the Simpsons?

  25. Like always I only have personal syncs. Besides me knowing Logan Lerman [star of that new movie]. But I live not to far from Gettysburg, there are a lot of awesome statues there ripe with symbolism. I have been a few times to the spot where he delivered the Gettysburg Address and the hotel room where he wrote it. I think I have told you before my second son's first name is Lincoln.

    Here is an odd sync the "conspirators" that killed Lincoln were all hung on my birthday July 7th. Supposedly John Wilkes Both is buried in an unmarked grave not to far from my house.

    Anyways nice post, I was just thinking about the Staff of Poseidon being burned in the hand cause it was on cable about a month ago and I caught that part.

    Staff of Poseidon is a 3 pronged fishing spear, the symbol of his authority over all matters aquatic. Poseidon, together with Apollo built the walls of Troy.

    The Trident is also the symbolic weapon against evil belonging to the Hindu god Shiva;its 3 prongs represent creation, preservation, and destruction.

    PS You might like this post I did today.

  26. Funny you mention that "spear" Quark...

    I was just checking the MAP again and saw THREE SPEARS north of Yellowstone (Near Bozeman,MT) and SPEARFISH north of the Black Hills.

    7/7 !! (two seven and fourteen!)

    @JR I saw your FMF article on your blog and checked out Possum from the movie, as I've mentioned him here before. Low and behold there's WW! (doob le vay - Double V - en francais!) in Wallace Wolodarsky

    And how bout that HANK AZARIA / ABE / KAHMUNRAH/etc... as the WINNIPEG DAD in a RICHARD Ape L. episode (3-17 no less!) that references Winnipeg (and NASA's CAPE CANA-VERAL - Canaveral means "field of reeds").

    The Peg, as everyone knows by now is also home town to Jim, Jake & ME


  27. WHOA! K-razy Banner !
    "Sinkhole Evacuations!"

    You guys have made for one Synctastic weekend...

    MUCH T.HANKS to the WHOLE lot of you!!


  28. Back to the MAP
    Take the John D Rockefeller Memorial Parkway from JACKSON Lake in the Grand Teton National Park... hang a left, head West and you'll drive right into "ST ANTHONY" (espanol SAN ANTONIO)

    I also notice MAMMOTH just north of Yellowstone too...

    If you haven't seen the MAP you should look at (and around) it.


  29. Synchro Forum thread: "Darwin, same birthday as Lincoln, who's connected to monkeys over and over in the Lincoln-Kennedy thread are going to be discussed on a conference hosted by the great Primate of Italy!"

  30. ViølatoR. Nice Forum who's site is that?

    ...and BigFoot is not just a Sasquatch, sometimes he's a YETI (Yedi - diah)


  31. obama resonates abe pretty heavily. just google obama/lincoln.

  32. Awe-sum! Lovely read, lovely flow! I was thinking to be WOWed is to be in the receptive state of Awe, just as MOMma Earth and Space are the receptive aspects of MoMma Universe, so is receptive WOWness, keep spreading the WOW/MOM! Namaste :)

  33. thanks for this. The thread that the monkeys indeed are in 'control', keeping human slaves are so obvious, its easy to miss. Technology in the hands of the apes transforms from the chewed bone to the spaceship...

    There is a thin link running to them speculations about slave armies having been build in ancient times to labour gold mining and fortress/tomb building: the ape is the primordial symbol of the animal body, the labouring nature, the slave of material matter. The tomb is really our civilisation right now building its own grave. As noted by mr sandcanvas there is a particular obama/lincoln theme going on connected to symbolic sacrifice: , but dare say havnt gotten the better of it.

    Regarding Percy and the Lightning Thief with the half god sons of man, perhaps the apparent theme lies somewhat more in the direction of how the power of the blue element water is harnessed, but take from it whatever u need..

  34. Wonderfull post arrowsmith ,just prior to reading it I was comment on your wolf post ,and the wolves resonate slavery to me due todomminance and submission that pack dogs resonate, the particular wolf thats haunting me is whiete wolf a snow dog so i was going to mention "storms" particularly "snow storms" "spiral storms" (hurricanes,tornados) then the trident resurfaces and as we know its resonates lightning and poseidon - i need to meditate on this - thanks again

  35. In reference to the trident brand in the palm of the hand and the trident poster ... Poseidon was also known as the "Earth Shaker" because he caused earthquakes when he used his trident to stir up the oceans with tsunamis and sea storms.

    Lightning Thief is released President's Day..."Baraq" (Barack) in Hebrew means "lightning".

  36. Wouldn't ya know it... SAN ANTONIO, (St. Anthony of Padua) ties back to those Capuchian Friars and Monks(OFM) from Night at the Museum 2!

    In the life of St Anthony, St Francis was pleased with him and allowed him to teach.

    The Capuchins write:
    "We have two volumes of St Anthony's sermons for Sundays and Feastdays, however they are not the ones he preached, but rather sermon notes for other preachers to use. In these he made abundant use of nature which he used as symbols. He often used the symbol of fire for "love and devotion" and in art he is sometimes shown holding a flame. In one of his sermons he writes, "When the Holy Spirit enters a soul, He fills it with his fire and lets it enkindle others."

    "Used symbols of nature..."

    I don't know about your feelings on the subject but semiotically it sure looks to me like SOMEONE is pleased with you synchro-magicians @ the Synch Whole!


  37. Kinda stupid sync but I was just thinking of 'Waynes World' part one when Garth said "if she were President she would be Baberaham Lincoln."

  38. Can't believe I didn't see it before...

    but in "Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen" Sam Witwicky and crew go to the SMITHSONIAN Air and Space Museum and there meet JETFIRE. Jetfire transports them all to EGYPT where they need to find the KEY by following cryptic clues and symbols.

    Seems to be the same basic premise as Night at the Museum 2.


  39. ... and LINKIN (Lincoln) PARK had the main movie theme of Transformers 2 with "New Divide"

    Linkin park - New Divide


  40. James, I like how Abes son was named William 'Willie' Wallace. Jake recently pointed out that William Wallace (in BraveHeart) entrained with the Blue Sun. I also dig the Scottish connection.

    There's too much here to comment on individually, but a big thank-you for all the feedback. Cheers!

  41. one eyed Willie ~ Goonies

  42. and the SYNC(s) continue...

    JETFIRE is a SR-71 Blackbird, his character speaks like a "Pirate of the Carribean".

    He is designed to suggest Blackbeard the Pirate

    Blackbeard and his Jolly Roger, with the Heart and Spear, also make an appearance in the NEW HEART Sync Whole article by Wermes and JaWes.

    and as I was just about to hit the Post Comment button... ET Canada on the TV in the background is covering Orlando Bloom and "PIRATES OF THE CARRIBEAN 4"


  43. In the film twelve monkeys, brad pitt plays a crazed evil genius bent on 'liberating' the planet from the banality of modern life. His group is called the 12 monkeys. In fight club he plays a crazed evil genius bent on liberating the planet from the banality of modern life, he calls members of his group, 'space monkeys'.

    Just noticed this recently, thought I'd share it given all of the attention on abe/ape.

  44. The missing link in the post above to Blackbeard the Pirate on Wikipedia.

    "Edward Teach or Edward Thatch[1] (c. 1680 – November 22, 1718), better known as Blackbeard"



  45. Syncs..

    So I press play on the PVR to check out my recorded Heroes epi from tonight and within moments a commercial for Biggest Loser appears with 214 as the weight on the scale !


    Puts a whole new twist to that Lincoln/Kennedy connection and the assassination date!


  46. Superbowl XLIV (44 - Two 4's) Semiotics Update:

    Gameday: 2/7
    Location: Sun Life Stadium in Miami Gardens, Florida.

    Saints VS. COLTS

    Saints vs Horses ( HORUSes )

    With "THE WHO" as the Halftime Show.

    Sun Life Stadium (previously known as Joe Robbie Stadium, Pro Player Park, Pro Player Stadium, Dolphins Stadium, Dolphin Stadium, and Land Shark Stadium) is a football, baseball, soccer, and lacrosse stadium in Miami Gardens, Florida, a suburb of Miami. The stadium serves as host to the Miami Dolphins, the Florida Marlins, the Miami Hurricanes, and the annual Orange Bowl college football game.


  47. More ABE / JUPITER numbers...
    Hopefully this is clear enough in its progression to illustrate this concept...


    2 . 4

    and for JFK


    All numbers except Master Numbers are added
    (masters are 11, 22, 33, 44 ... etc)

    11.22.63 becomes

    "I ABE"
    "ABEI" and "ABE (I)"
    Abe the First.

    and some semiotic synchromystic jumbling to investigate this all further ...
    (As Cagliostro and his ilk always spoke of the power to reveal hidden within the written word!)



    Oddly enough there's an upcoming Press Conference by "AE911Truth"

    "AE911Truth will hold a press conference on Friday, February 19, at 11:00 AM at the Marines Memorial Club and Hotel in San Francisco"

    1,000 Architects & Engineers Call for a Real 9/11 Investigation
    Press Conference and Dinner February 19, 2010


    AE911Truth will hold a press conference on Friday, February 19, at 11:00 AM at the Marines Memorial Club and Hotel in San Francisco. We will announce and honor the milestone of our achievement of obtaining 1,000 architects and engineers (A/E's) petitioning for a real investigation into the destruction of the 3 World Trade Center skyscrapers.

    SAN ANTONIO = St. Anthony
    and his "BOSS"...
    SAN FRANCISCO = St. Francis

    back to the AA.BB.I numbers above...


    then becomes...

    2 / 19 / 2010


  48. and if you're still doubting...

    Dallas, Texas

    D T = 4 and 20
    24 or 42



  49. For those not familiar with the "LINCOLN - KENNEDY Coincidences" see


  50. Where's the "connection", you might ask?

    TWIN TOWERS of the Americas brought down

    TWIN PRESIDENTS of the Americas shot down.


  51. I need to spend another session with this. Nice work Rich & James.
    Omaha is a interesting sync nub for me James. The balloon the Wizard attempts to take Dorothy back home in says State Fair Omaha. Also this is the city in which *About Schmidt* takes place.
    Heartland--Jim's thinking hearts lately too. That's the next post on my blog. Don't know when I get to it though. It will be good for the world when I do.
    I've also been watching "Henry Gale" manipulate people in the hatch on season two of Lost.
    take care guys. I'll read this again.
    Norman Vincent Peale

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