Monday, January 25, 2010

Abe Lincoln (More Coming)

End of Happy Gilmore... ChuBBs and Lincoln are right handed, the reptile that ate Chubb's hand is left. Carl Weathers plays ChuBBs, remembered as ApoLLo CrEEd in RoKKy.....

Sorry. Lost consciousness there for a second....

What the living fuck is Abe Lincoln doing with Apollo and an one eyed Crocodile?The word Sex as seen in Lincoln's beard on the 5 Dollar Bill. Side Note; sex is sometimes called Getting Lucky.
Abe Lincoln seen in an Ad for Sleep Medicine... With a Beaver. Side Note; a Beaver is sometimes used as a slang word for the female Genitalia.Steve Carell in the movie Get Smart talking to Bill Murray(2 13?) who is looking like a Conscious Plant. The Plant teaches him to walk on water right in front of the Lincoln Memorial. Side Note; Lincoln Memorial looks like Zeus' Temple.Mr. Magorium's little helper builds an Abe out of Lincoln Logs.. It's pretty Magical..... Local Weed Joint(pun intended).... It's at 424 Lincoln.... Side Note; 42 stands for Jupiter(Zeus) and then Luck as well.Abe Lincoln bust behind Nixon in the Watchmen. Side Note; a common reference to Abraham Lincoln is "Honest Abe".... To Richard Nixon is "Tricky Dick". Dick... Beaver... Get it?Adam Sandler in fear of having the BAD(214 or the number or Jupiter) Luck of meeting Abraham Lincoln has instead the Good Luck or Fortune of finding a Penny Heads Up. He's pointing to Abe with his Jupiter Finger(the index is associated to Jupiter through Fortune Telling or Palm Reading). That's strike 2 for Sandler if you think about Happy Gilmore. That wasn't on purpose was it? No it couldn't have been.
In the Movie Serendipity Kate Beckinsale hands Sync Christ Kusac.... The boy one, not the girl one.... A five dollar bill. The number 22 looms over her head. Side Note; 22 = BB. 22=11:11.On the Temple of Zeus/Luck Kusac writes his random digits.... If she ever gets this marker by "Fortunate Accident"(how they define Serendipity) then they were meant by Fate/Destiny to be together. Fortunate accident sounds a lot like "Meaningful Coincidence" or the definition givin by Jung for Synchronicity. In Robert Anton Wilson lingo it would be noted that 5 is 2+3 or 23... Side Note; he writes his name on Santa Claus a character grouped as the Holy Trinity as in Santa Claus, The Tooth Fairy, and The Easter Bunny. Magic Creatures. For fairness sake they put her info in a random book.....They do this in front of Angels....And dart in to a Hotel who's door is overshadowed by another Angel.The plan is too get into two different Elevators and push a Random floor.
They simultaneously pick floor 23 highlighting the number 22 as well....


  1. HAHAHAHA! One of the movies I actually have on DVD.

  2. Awesome!

    ROBIN: "Blinkin I'd like you to meet Ahchoo."
    BLINKIN: "A Jew? Here?"
    ROBIN: "No.No..Not a Jew! Ahchoo!"



  3. gesundheit

  4. I never say God Bless you because I hate those words, I'm not sure exactly why? I have God issues

    so I always say gesundheit, I thought it was German but it's sounding pretty Jewish


  5. I lost consciousness

  6. Bill Murray playing Agent 13 in the tree...

    In the original GET SMART series by Mel Brooks
    in season 2 episode 12 "Bronzefinger"

    From imdb,
    "Get Smart: Bronzefinger (#2.12)" (1966)

    Maxwell Smart: I've got to get out of here. I've got an appointment in the restoring room.
    Agent 13: You're not seeing my little Dutch girl, are ya?
    Maxwell Smart: Don't be ridiculous, of course not. My date is with Bronzefinger.

    Interesting that the trees around the REFLECTINGPOOL in DC are American Elms, a species devastated by Dutch Elm Disease.

    Adam Sandler - Happy Gilmore (and Billy Madison / Little Nicky)

    Chubbs Peterson / Carl Weathers could also be a symbol for the paleontologist Charles Whitney Gilmore.

    Rozerem - "Your Dreams Miss You"


  7. UM ... this beaver packs 42 bags