Wednesday, January 20, 2010

2010 Matrix Codeine: Linking Abe & jUPiter (UP the dose & take flight)

Continued from the 2010 Matrix Code read HERE.

Abraham Lincoln is born on the same day as Charles Darwin.

February 12th, 1809.

Lincoln brings a whole new flavour to the mix.

First he dies by gun. The gun being symbolic of the Trigger/Jupiter/index Finger.

But what is interesting is not so much the man, but rather the monument build in his honour in DC.

The Lincoln Memorial is a replica of the Temple of Zeus, one the seven ancient wonders of the world.

The statue of Lincoln is really a statue of Jupiter.

His birthday is February 12 and this year the 2010 Olympics are perfectly timed to honour the King of the Gods.

Notice the 12 pillars across. The reflecting pool makes it 2 groups of 12 pillars or 2/12 which is February 12.

Is February 12th Jupiter's Birthday?

Funny how the 2010 Olympics open on the same day as people do ritual at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington D.C.

I also know that the Lincoln Memorial has been in countless movies.

It must be a sync bomb.

For instance. Take Nicholas Cage.

Here is below in National Treasure and he is aligned with Jupiter.

Cage is BAD/214/Jupiter resonating as well as his newest movie is Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call. Suitably he is a guy that pulls a trigger/jupiter finger which is another pointer to Lincoln and February 12. Here we have the Feb. 12 and Feb. 14/Valentine's Day/Year of the Tiger axis highlighted once again.

Cage is the 2/14 and Lincoln is the 2/12.

Richard: I've been seeing the Cage all over the place these days. I recently wrote about a few of these examples in Blue star 27.

The pillars of the Lincoln Monument reminded me of prison bars - a Cage containing Abe/Zeus. Like lightning trapped in a bottle.

Shortly after reading Mr. Morgans Just My Luck (a post focusing on Abraham Lincoln, Nicholas Cage, and the Butterfly/Mothman) I was doing a google search and came across this image.

It makes me think that the Cage could also be symbolic of the chrysallis. If Abraham Lincolns birthday is February 12th then maybe this is the day when the Butterfly, having finally completed its metamorphosis, is due to be born. Consciousness hatching into the next phase of its evolution.

Nicholas Cages interlinked fingers suggest to me that everything's Coming Together right on schedule.

For more on the Blue Butterfly, check out ViolatoRs superb new video Blue Birds Fly.

Splash sees many many great Twin Pillar syncs. This one has Tom Hank's profile merge with the WTC as we dissolve from one scene to the next.
Lincoln/Zeus/Jupiter comes up as Madison the Mermaid discovers TV.
She is fascinated by the Blue Gel of ColGATE. The Blob like GEL is also LEG, perhaps a Peg Leg sync as a mermaid has somewhat one tail or peg leg.
John Candy, Tom Hanks and Eugene Levy sneak into the governments lock up facility where they are keeping the mermaid once she has been discovered. It's door reeds B-42/Jupiter.
Recently departed for the infinite, one Mr Patrick Swayze is heading for a training lesson in Ghosting 101 at platform 42. Of course we are watching 1990's "Ghost". Funny how the stars that die seem to be good sync strange attractors for current affairs. Just think about recent syncs involving Micheal Jackson and Brittany Murphy. A Pop Star that stops shining, like a celestial phenomena, seems to be a marker of events on Earth.
In the still above he is on train 2077, numbers of the G-Star.
At platform 42/jUPiter his lessons include pushing a Pepsi bottle top with his pointer/jUPiter finger..
This is Indras Net's iconic sync wink.
and trying to kick a Mountain Dew Tin/Jupiter can. All these jUPiters syncs at platform 42, very nice.
Allot of cool things happen at his lover, Demi Moore's, Blue Door.
He gets a Blue Spirit Palm - especially applicable as he is a spirit himself - another variant of Blue Sun/Star.
Here is the real kicker, perfectly relevant to what Jim has discovered about Lincoln. Patrick's final proof to Moore that he really exists is moving this penny with Lincolns head, using the lessons learned at platform 42. In the film Moore as Molly Jensen (MJ) can't see or hear him owing to him being a ghost.
The penny slides UP her Blue Door owing to Spirit Patrick pushing it with his jUPiter finger!
From JM's perspective it tips from the door by itself, floats through the air and lands on her palm giving her a highlighted palm. Palms with markers resonate Christs and Buddhas.
The Lincoln coin manipulated by SpiriT and the jUPiter pointer.
Lincoln and Jupiter, together at last!

Jim: OK have to let it out.

This next addition to the 2010 Matrix Code is fully attributed to StrangeEye who brought this to my attention in the comments of this post. Thanks.

But so beautiful is this:

On February 12 of this year, The New York Philharmonic will perform Mozart's Jupiter Symphony. Perfectly su'synct with everything else Jovian pointing to that date.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's last symphony before he died, his 41st, was called Jupiter.

Mozart's 42 symphony is Jupiter itself.

His final song is death itself.

The eternal song 42.

I find Coldplays's song 42 reveals this connection between the Other Side/Death and Jupiter.


"Those who are dead are not dead
They’re just living in my head oh…
And since I fell for that spell
I am living there as well oh…"

Now Wolgang Amadeus Mozart is a fascinating name.

Think: Flowgang Lovegod OM OZ Art.

The Amadeus movie poster art reminds me of the Zeus/Abe statue pose. Complete with a monster mouth hat and wide open third eye. Suitably a Golden Boy stands guard.

Today I decide to look into the actor who does the voice for the Abraham Lincoln statue in the movie Night At the Museum 2. I just saw this last October on my flight down to Peru.

Turns out the actor Hank Azaria does the voice for both Abe as well as the Thinker statue, as well he plays the role of Kahmunrah, the awakened Egyptian Pharaoh.


Where the sync gets interesting is when I realize he plays Abraham in the movie Year One released in 2009.

He plays both Abraham Lincoln and the biblical Abraham of Genesis. (Both in films released not soon after each other.)

The Thinker, Ra, the Lincoln Statue, Abraham "The Father" all resonate with Jupiter. How perfect that Hank Azaria helps us "see" this more clearly.

After being blown away by Richard's new post Blue Star 27, and Richard bringing up cages, I thought more so how the Statue of Abe "Jupiter" Lincoln is like a Cage.

Perhaps a Dog Cage, or should we say a God Cage.

Hank Azaria is in the film The Birdcage which puts our Jupiter resonating actor into the Cage squarely.

Here we have Jupiter (Azaria) and Robin together in a cage.

Mr. Azaria also resonates Richard's new thread of Yellow Hands as he is the voice of many of the Simpson Characters, all who have Yellow Hands. He is the voice of Apu, Chief Wiggum, Moe among others.

Now where it get weird is that Abraham Lincoln, the real one ( not the statue played by Hank Azaria ) comes from Springfield, Illinois, which also so happens to be the name of the fictional city of the Simpson's.

Mr Hank Azaria is a beautiful rubix cube of synctastic revelation!

The code continues....


How does a Bird escape its Cage?

With its Wings of course!

Tom Hanks becomes trapped on an Island (or imprisoned within a Cage) in the movie Cast Away:

After many years in isolation, the Wings on this package finally inspire him to make his escape:

The Wings lead Tom to freedom, and once he arrives home they then help him find love.

Ewan Macgregor undergoes similar trials and tribulations in The Island:

After discovering that The Island is an illusion, and realizing that he's been living inside a Cage his entire life, Ewan McGregor begins looking for a way out.

McGregors character is called LINCOLN (as in Abraham) Six Echo:

In this instance it's the Wings of the Butterfly/Moth which help to set him free:

The Wings lead Lincoln home, and home is where the Heart is.

Earlier on we saw the Wings of the Butterfly linked to the Cage:

The Butterfly/Bird both point to the same thing.

Abraham entrains with the Eagle Wings:

And so does Zeus/Jupiter:

Prepare for take-off!

Jim: I have just finished an Ayahuasca ceremony and of course can not sleep. Checking out the Sync Whole at this time and its still buzzin' with flow.

I decided to jump over and check out if there are any new movie posters and I notice a bunch of new posters for The Lightning Thief to be released on February 12th as mentioned before.

Right off the bat I take note of the poster for ZEUS. Finally a poster that just flat out says ZEUS.

Who is the actor that plays Zeus? Well Mr. Sean Bean. We know Sean Bean as Dr. Merrick from the movie the Island just mentioned by Richard.

What does this mean?

Well that I would need my mind to decipher and right now my mind has escaped me.


  1. Beutiful, Both were Aquarians in astrology too, perfectly resonate their sign, and Obamas Aquarian Aligned Election, they are both very true to their sign and powerful. Should be interesting, today begins Aquarius, be very well :)

  2. Great part 2. Zeus sitting in his chair also playing the soundtrack of all life on his flute. Keep it UP :-)

  3. Star Trek TNG S04E20: "Out of my chair!" -Zeus/Picard's first words to Q

    There is also some Isis/Venus story going on...

  4. You're on FIRE Wermes,
    brilliant work!

    Interesting that Jay Leno had Arsenio Hall (and James Cameron) on the show last night (1.20)! Arsenio Hall.. born guessed it
    February 12 !

    and that reflecting pool

    2 * 12 = 24


    had to come back at post... the Word Veri is

  5. Absolutely Synchro-Magical!

    The New York Philharmonic is presenting
    "Mozarts Jupiter Symphony"

    8:00 PM Friday, February 12, 2010
    at Avery Fisher Hall in New York, NY


  6. Thanks SE. Did you know that Mozart's Jupiter symphony is number 41 and his last before he died.

    His first symphony in the Land of the Dead would then be 42.

    that is an awesome sync. thanks!.

  7. That was awesome...
    I'm speechless, as usual...

  8. Great Post. "The Lincoln Memorial is a replica of the Temple of Zeus". I Never thought about that.

    The original Washington monument (space needle) is here in Baltimore.

    PS My youngest son's name is Lincoln Kennedy and he was born on Feb 10th. Two more days woulda been awesome timing.

  9. Jake,
    another great addition with Ghost!

    The Lincoln Penny of Ghost...

    A penny is made of COPPER.
    Copper is the metal of Aphrodite / Venus (and ancient product of the island nation of Cyprus).

    February 16th / 17th - Jupiter has a 0.2º close conjunction with Venus.

    Swayze's Jupiter finger on (conjunct) the Copper/Venus Abe penny as he visits his love, the Demi-goddess.

    Interesting side note: What color does copper turn when it oxidizes or takes its salt form in a sulfate?


    Touch Cupric Sulfate and your hands turn blue.


  10. and the hits just keep ON coming!

    Hank AZAR-IA. (AZAR-IAH)

    Azaria can be seen as
    as in EL AZAR
    The real name of the Egyptian Osiris

    Osiris is also LAZARUS (the one raised from the dead by Jesus in the BIBLE)

    OSIRIS/EL AZAR-US with two sisters raised from the dead by HOR-US at a place called BETH ANU.

    IAH / EA = YAH / JAH

    YAH-WE God of the Hebrews/Israelites of the Bible.

    HANK (tHANKs)
    also plays "Apu Nahasapeemapetilon" in the Simpsons.
    A.N. = AN / ON another name of the high god in Sumeria.


  11. Also noticed that HANK, could be sounded as
    h AN Ki
    with the silent "H" and pronounced "K"


  12. And the KEY / CHI of life itself



  13. The syncro flow at the synch whole is. Dennis

  14. Tom and the Twins again.
    See his first mix in Mazes and Monsters.
    Nice find Jake.
    Love this work. You guys are great.
    The Whole lot of you.

  15. A few years back Carmelo Anthony said on that 'Stop Snitching' DVD about drug dealers snicthing here in Baltimore. Anyways Melo #15 on the Denver (airport) Nuggets said he threw his "big penny" in the Chesapeake Bay. He was speaking of his Olympic Bronze Medal. Of Corse non of this made the news cause he has money, but I saw the DVD. The Cesapeake is the worlds biggest estuary. And penny was the nickname for the Penny Hardaway #1

    Maryland is known as the Turtle State. Baltimore is the Crab City.

    So we here are a Crab inside a Turtle.

  16. We've got a lincoln sync storm happening now!

    So I figure I'll take a break, put aside the computer, work, etc. and watch a little TV with the missus... she chooses "BONES" (on Global - CKND - Channel 12)

    What does the episode contain??
    references to Abraham Lincoln (and more)!

    The Episode was Season 5 Episode #12 (Epi #12 on ch#12!) entitled The Proof in the Pudding - about the Kennedy Assassination.

    As you may or may not know, BONES is a crime drama series which follows Temperance "BONES" Brennan, a forensic scientist with the "Jeffersonian Institute" (and as the Wikipedia page on on the series points out: "a thinly veiled allusion to the Smithsonian Institute"). The character "BONES" is played by Emily Deschanel, sister of Zooey Deschanel.

    Goes to show you, you can't escape the power of the sync, even when you want to!


  17. Synergazm is right Toure! Holy cow, Beutiful beutiful beutiful, a new wave has certainly crashed upon the shores, Bee very blessed yall, much love <3 <3 <3

  18. I love you guys. What a great energy and flow. Shall we fly?

  19. So here it is, middle of the damn night, just woke up out of the blue :) and couldn't fall back asleep. The Sync's were still howling from my earlier visits to the Hole so I decided to wait for sleepies to reappear and while I am to also have a quick peek at the "Night at the Museum 2:" movie to refresh my memory...

    I start the stream, the production 21 LAPS / 1492 logos appear, a quick flash on NEW YORK's Central Park and then sure enough, in perfect synchro-magical form...

    There it is, less than 2 minutes in, The Bethesda Terrace and its famous ANGEL of the Waters!

    I recognize the famous fountain with its FLOWing waters and decide to check out the Wikipedia page (see above Bethesda Terrace link)...

    I scan the page and in perfect sync style, I find this...

    "Beneath her are four four-foot cherubs representing Temperance, Purity, Health, and Peace.[3] Also called the Angel of the Waters, the statue refers to the Gospel of John, Chapter 5 where there is a description of an angel blessing the Pool of Bethesda, giving it healing powers."

    Not only am I checking info on a bronze ANGEL fountain, but on the first page I go to when looking into it (The Fountain) for the very first time, the word FOUR appears TWICE in the very same paragraph the word I used earlier about the previous personal "BONES" sync, TEMPERANCE also appears.

    Not to mention the "Temperantia, by Luca Giordano", which immedeiately reminds me of another historical figure, Giordano Bruno

    Ok, back to bed now...

    Can't wait to see where you synchro-mages take this article next!


  20. Dude Jake I like the Blogs. I think we have alot in common. What is you Birthday? Mine Is 3.14.1989 Pi day. But I guess the Numbers Sent Me Here.

  21. Finally re-watched Night at the Museum 2 after work today...

    here's a few more things I noticed.

    about 26 minutes in to the movie:

    Ben Stiller's Larry Daley says "Oh.. My.. GOD!" as he walks through the museum with his flashlight at night and first encounters Hank Azaria's 'Kahmunrah' and men.

    We see Kahmunrah with his Jupiter finger extended and pointing at a large storage container/POD. Moments later we see why... There's a "42" painted on the front and side of the container.

    I was curious (I must admit - old habits Die Hard I guess!) about the two flanking "NSA 514" pods and the "POD 748" that the director behind the camera kept bringing into scene! Anyone have Ideas on that???

    He peeks inside the container and we see all the rest of the characters trapped within it. He removes the AHKmunrah Stele from the 42 container and then KAHmunrah and men come to life.

    Kahmunrah demands the Stele which LD promptly hands over. He says "I thought you wanted the CUBE?" and gets the reply from Kahmunrah "The Q-BUH?" [cub-a?]

    "The Cube of RU-BIK !"
    (on another note completely: a "RU BIK" would be a RUssian bank transfer/identification code of 9 digits! How 'bout that?! )

    The next scene is when Larry unleashes the OCTopus/Encephalopod on Kahmunrah.

    about an hour in...
    Mini Roman OCTAVIUS and Grey Squirrel in the grass of the WH - Octavius says "Jupiter protect me!"

    So after, for shits and giggled I paused frames and I googled a couple of the codes on the boxes/cubes/pods in the Kahmunrah/Custer/Larry warehouse chase scene... strangest thing is that EVERY CODE I GOOGLED came back with links to an "Australian Queensland Oil Pipeline in Papua New Guinea"! (Huh...?) A nation right next door to "Micronesia" !


  22. I'm not sure if it was Codeine sulfate, but I was prescribed Codeine with Acetaminophen for pain after having a tonsillectomy. The medicine was in a syrup form which seemed to be very acidic and caused my teeth to hurt for about 10 minutes each time I took it just from coming into contact with them. It furthermore proved inadequate at relieving pain - an Aspirin combined with Ibuprofen was approximately just as effective for me. I would avoid this medication. Either take some OTC painkillers or get something stronger in pill form; this syruppy herb isn't effective at anything but causing some pretty severe tooth pain.

    take codeine

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