Thursday, January 28, 2010

Zelda Rubinstein crosses the Rainbow Bridge (1933-2010)

January 27th 2010 Zelda Rubinstein passed over the Rainbow
due to heart complications, May the blue birds bring her to rest and rise again in peace.

Known for her roles in films like Poltergeist, Under the Rainbow, also as the voice of the Skittles "Taste the Rainbow" Commercials, and many other roles. She was also known for Human Rights Activism.

I mention this because of the ongoing Rainbow Bridge theme that ive been exploring here lately which her and Michael Jackson are contextually related to-Explored with film excerpts in this post.

Heres an Exerpt from my previous post in November about Zelda Rubinstein and the Rainbow. Interesting she passed over at 76, 7x6=42=the degree of light that creates a Rainbow.

watching Poltergeist and caught the houses Adress, 4267. A Spectral Light Stargate is opened in this house. 6x7=42 too! Jupiter and the Otherside/Rabbit Hole/Starg8 are supremely represented in this film. Along we go...

Rainbows are light refracted at 42 Degrees, and the Japanese cover of Poltergeist features a Rainbowesque Bridge of sorts. Solidifying the Rainbow Stargate adress of 4267.

Zelda Rubinstein, The SKITTLES LADY! is the Spiritual Medium (Alice Bailey resonator to me) Who opens up a SPECTRAL STARGATE in the scenes here. So far a 42 Address, Rainbow Cover, now the Skittles Lady taste the Rainbow lady opening a Starg8 to the Otherside. Theres more

Zelda Opens the Starg8 again in a recent SOuth Park episode, the first after Michael Jacksons Death, MJ is stuck inbetween worlds and Zelda is there to help open the stargate and get his soul to the Other Side.

MJs Body leaves the young boys body it had been occupying through a Lightning Bolt/O Face Tower and Michael Passes over to the Other Side.

If you go to my Vimeo videos on the right or scroll back a few posts youll see alot about Michael Jackso and Rainbows, so now MJ the Rainbow Bridge Angel is in the Synch Mesh of Rainbow Zelda Rubinstein. Exciting times indeed

As mentioned above Zelda Rubinstein the Poltergeist Medium was also the Skittles Lady from the "Taste The Rainbow" Commercials, theres more!

Zelda Rubinstein stars as IRIS the Latin word for RAINBOW in the film UNDER THE RAINBOW.

Seen here Zelda prepares to open the Spectral Light Stargate in the 42 House, much talk of the other side. Must see

May she rest in peace and rise again



  1. Author Howard Zinn died to. And JD Salinger author of 'The Catcher in the Rye' died also.

  2. I've been thinking Micheal Jackson's moon walking is more like the sideways walking of a crab, which describes the 3 day wiggle the Sun preforms

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