Thursday, April 1, 2010

Bell Sound (Starring the Easter Bunny from Hell)

Sparsholt, Hampshire, England, August 2002.

The Alien holds a disc with a simple binary code translating as:

Beware the bearers of FALSE gifts & their BROKEN PROMISES. Much PAIN but still time. EELRIJUE. There is GOOD out there. We OPpose DECEPTION. Conduit CLOSING (BELL SOUND)
Liam Neeson graces our screens in two films opening this week. Chloe with its Red sea/C/see and bloody third eye bindi under Neeson's name, marking him as a resonator of the enlightened state and Clash of the Titans where he plays Zeus. Zeus is Jupiter and perfectly the movie Titans opens on 4/2 or 2 April resonating 42 the Answer to Life the Universe and Everything and a number of Jupiter.
Today this new A-Team poster dropped highlighting Neeson/Zeus/Jupiter as Hannibal. Wiki says this about the historical figure of the same name.

Hannibal, son of Hamilcar Barca,[n 1] (248–183 or 182 BC),[n 2] commonly known as Hannibal (in Punic: Annobal,[dubious – discuss] meaning "Ba'al's grace/help/blessing", Greek: Ἁννίβας, Hanníbas),[7][8][9][10] was a Carthaginian military commander and tactician who is popularly credited as one of the most talented commanders in history.
Wikipedia Hannibal

That's just silly - the Baal part - as earlier this week I stumbled this at Wiki after putting Jupiter Isis into Google and clicking to top link:
Jupiter Dolichenus was a Roman god created from the syncretization of Jupiter, the Roman 'King of the gods', and a Baal cult of Commagene in Asia Minor.

(and this all is only part of the story as Jim Sanders had been talking about The Tribe of Dan (pan/dna) as Zeus Baal worshipers all week, but you'll have to ask him for those details..)

So I guess if Jupiter resonates Baal and Hannibal means 'Baal's Grace', then Neeson is yet again Jupiter via his A-Team role!?

But this is nuts because Baal is also a resonator of Bel (and Beelzubub) which makes the Bel (phoning in Afrikaans and other ways) or Phone, Jupiter, explaining this 'issue' I've been having for, like a year, about the bell...
Tom Cruise The Firm
Crowned by the Abraham Lincoln memorial designed as a replica of the Temple of Zeus in Olympia.
Freddie Prinze Jr I Still Know What Your Did Last Summer
Will Smith Enemy of the State. Santa/Satan/Say Tin rings the Bell for us to come get the gift of Joy/Jupiter.

GaGa the GG or Twin Sun aka Jupiter. She wears the bolt and pionts the Jupiter index finger.
Beelzebub Beyonce's Bell

Note the Blue Star and Twin Blue Eye's (the GG) on this phone/bel/Baal/Jupiter.

And what am I doing right now?
I'm watching Gangs of New York with freakin Neeson/Zeus/Baal/Jupiter thingemagick! This because of John C. Rilley research not Liam, I swear, with my hand on the Bible.
John C. Rilley resonates JC Jesus Christ. Jesus sound like G-Zeus and is sometimes called something like 'HeyZeus'.
JC Riley and Liam Zeus are in the Dead Rabbits gang.

Easter celebrates the death of Jesus/Zeus with Bunny symbolism making the Dead Rabbits perfect entrainment with tomorrow 4/2 as Good Friday. Good Friday, the day that commemorates the crucifixion of Jesus, is the same day that sees the release of Clash Of The Titans on 4/2 with Zeus/Jesus.
Above is Mark Whalberg, Burt Reynolds and Don Cheadle (War Machine in Iron Man 2) under decorative Easter Island Head type lights. I ran into this scene yesterday while watching Boogie Nights. This also felt like Easter weekend entrainment.
Especially as the Easter Island Heads hit JC Rilley, the G-Zeus himself.


If we return to 5 points, as Mr. Willner has pointed out below 5 points is the Pentagrammic Golden Mean, and the setting for Gangs of New York. We find the son of Liam, DiCaprio, attending a play of Uncle Tom's Cabin.In a weird turn of events Abe Lincoln is in the Play... Syncro wise my brain can not split the Resignation of Leo seeing his Father's resonance on stage while he sits with the man who in truth killed his father. If you get high enough you can see that it's a strange cluster fuck head game. Lincoln is suspended with arms spread in Hey-Zeus fashion high above the stage. He is resurrecting a Black Faced Uncle Tom from the grave. He himself in the position of Christ and the connotation of beating the reaper lead more to the Easter theme explored earlier in the post. The movie has just moved on from a scene of soldiers boarding a ship while caskets are taken off as Irish imigrants are made citizens and then shipped to fight the Civil War. A song plays in the back ground "St Paddy fights for Lincoln".... St Patrick's the icon of the Irish is largely the day associated to Osiris and Jake Kotze's, a Christ resonator himself(Initials JK or dirty JC), birthday.... Easter is near to this date as well, both around the Spring Equinox. It's a symbol of the re-birth of the dying god. The irony of seeing the crowd anger and throw fruit while someone yells... "Let the nigger dead" or something like that.... Rolls through my head like Zeus' Thunder. Lincoln with his link to Jupiter is Iconic to an Undertaker, hence the caskets de-boarding the ship in the scene before in Gangs of NY(OZ the land of the dead). Jupiter being the only child of Kronos/Saturn/Father Time/The Grim Reaper to have survived. (Still from The Grim Adventures of Bill and Mandy)To solve the problem of Lincolns death he is often in scenes as a spirit, like Jesus, but also a Tin Man or Jupiter Robot. (still from Happy Gilmore)But Lincoln is also a strange attractor to Time Travel. Scene above from Bill and Ted of Course. Which actually begins with a Blue Star like object from which the Time Machine emits. Its a phone booth. Time Travel is equivalent to beating time or Kronos also. Strangely enough Booth is the name of the man that killed Lincoln(for who the Bell tolls TIME marches on) and as Jake pointed out resonates the Jupiter Vine and a whole bunch of other shit. Bill and Ted actually beat both Time and the Grim Reaper. As well as escape the clutches of the Easter Bunny.

Will Ferrel as Abraham Lincoln and Don Cheadle as Frederick Douglass.

This is a still from a clip made for comedy website Funny or Die from a series of shorts called Drunk History.

Other clips are said to contain Zooey Deschanel as Mary Todd Lincoln and John C Rilley as Tesla, however, I can't find them. Boo hoo.

The link for Ferrel as Abe and TK421 Cheadle.
Don in Boogie Nights have a lovely Good Friday!


Seeing Jake mention Tk-421 makes me slap my forehead and wonder how I forgot about Star Wars.
Above is a playing card from a Star Wars based game(no it's not mine, I'm a nerd, but we all have limits)... The Card features TK-421 the stormtrooper that Luke Skywalker mugs to take his uniform. TK-421. Why aren't you at your post?
Liam plays in Star Wars as the Jedi Master of Obi-Wan, Qui-GOn Jinn.

In Revenge of the Sith it is revealed that the ability to return as a Force Spirit is a recently discovered and complex discipline unknown to most Jedi. Yoda informs Obi-Wan that the late Qui-Gon Jinn discovered "..the path to immortality", the secret of how to retain his identity after death and absorption into the Force, and that his spirit would instruct Obi-Wan in this discipline during his exile on Tatooine.-Wiki

This is another example of Zues/Lincoln/Liam beating the Grim Reaper. And his resurrection on Easter.... Ok so I just took it too far, but you get the hint.


  1. Gangs takes place on the "Five Points" - Pentagrammic Golden Mean.

  2. Happy Good 4/2. Also, the inside angles of a pentagram is 36.

  3. TK421 is the name of Luke Skywalkers black and white stormtropper.

    I've seen some of those Funny or Dies because Jim Carrey is Ronald Regan in one of them.

    Also Step Brothers just randomly came up on HBO...

  4. missed the kicker..liam is lincoln in 2011.

  5. An old word for the rabbit is a Coney which gives the word 'cunt'

    Rilley is also in MAGNOLIA which has a charcater called Jimmy Gator in it

    In Magnolia there are falling frogs, Rilley is a policeman aswell as in GangsofNY


  6. Great post. I too am noticing more and more Linkin' syncs.

    steve - Interesting then that a popular destination for lawn gnomes in Atlanta is called Little 5 Points.

  7. Beutyfull stuff! He is Risen! :)

  8. Use to live near there Tommy: Two points are provided by Moreland Avenue (U.S. 23 and Georgia 42) - see Wiki to see the Vortex!