Saturday, December 12, 2009

"Whatever You Do, Do Not Drink The Jupiter Juice!"

I have been working on sync stuff in my day to day awareness and Indras Net's last post just got me pumped and eager to spill it out. So I will go with floW and see where this canoe ride of consciousness will take ME/WE.

One thing is for sure. This is just for fun. I really know nothing, but God I have fun trying to know something.


Quick swig of Jupiter Juice and away I go....
I want to start with the Jupiter Finger.

The Index Finger is considered the Jupiter Finger. Observing how it is used in the world around us allows us to understand the force that Jupiter plays in our life.

We use the Jupiter Finger for many reasons. We can change channels on our remote with it as Adam Sandler is doing in the movie Click. Jupiter decides what we watch.

The Jupiter Finger is also great to point at people with as a means to enlist them. One of the most famous Jupiter Finger images is the Army recruitment ad campaign that has an image of Uncle Sam pointing and saying "I want you."

Notice Uncle Sam's Top Hat. As we will see later the Top Hat symbolizes the Portal to the Other Side.

"Eye Want You for the US Army of Love!"
Some people use the Jupiter Finger to point up to Heaven and God.

The Jupiter Finger is also the the finger a basketball player can spin the ball on. The world spins on this finger.

Or it is also the finger that we can play a Yo-Yo with.

Jim Carrey in the poster below is playing yo-yo with the Earth like God does. God being Morgan Freeman here. God/Mr. Freeman resonates Jupiter even more as he is found standing underneath the number 42 in the Street Smart poster. He is also in the colour Blue and beside a woman in Gold. The two colours that symbolically make up the robe of enlightenment.

This Mason below is using his Jupiter Finger to make a Point. He points up to Heaven. He is of course also wearing a Top Hat.

A Black Hole on the Head.

The Jupiter Finger is also known as our Trigger Finger. It is the finger that is used while shooting a gun. When it is seen in movies we can then relate the Jupiter Finger to Shooting Stars. A shooting star is a falling star. Angels from Jupiter.

Johnny Depp personifies this role better than anyone. He is forever donning Top Hats or pointing guns at people. Johnny Depp is from Jupiter (secret: we all are actually).

As Willy Wonka he wears his Top Hat clearly as a Magician and guide through the Underworld.

As JACK spARROW, he not only wears the badge of a pirate (skull and bones/dominos), his trigger finger is ready for use. We will be hearing more about the name Jack in relation to Jupiter soon as flux wills (as Jake would say.)

Johnny- A Shooting Star. Die, die, die.....

The Dead Man opens the Ninth (2009) G8. His Jupiter Finger pointing to his Third Eye,
or the Bridge of his Shattered Glasses. The Rainbow Bridge perhaps? The Bifrost?

The Jupiter Finger is also used to make phone calls. A phone call, a ring of the bell, an invention of Alexander Bell, is accessed through the use of the Jupiter Finger.

The Phone call concept rings true as we know next year is 2010 - the Year We Make Contact.

The Year Our Phone Call is Picked Up.

What are we going to say I wonder?

I vote 4 saying "Thank you!"

I bought this CD used recently because I remembered it from my childhood. Buying it planted the word ANT in my head. As well it connected it to the name ADAM.

Not too long ago Jake mentioned to me his thoughts on the significance of the word ANT. He thought it was interesting that is was found in the word GIANT and TITAN. Not too long after as we pondered concepts of Bolts from Jupiter, we realized that the ANT points to ANTenna.

Ants have Antennas, so do Aliens, or enlightened people like Moses.

The Antennae of Adam.

Rabbits also connect to TV Antennas, which are often called Rabbit Ears.

Now Rabbits are fascinating.

They love to Jump out of Portals, like in Looney Tunes, or Magic Top Hats, or Alice in Wonderland, the Mimzy etc....

Ever since Mr. Ratte did the "chop and shop" on me, and made me a rabbit, I have been pondering this little animal. Last week, the Rabbit got my attention when I went to see 2012 with Jake. At the cinema as we waited in line for our snacks, we noticed how on the West side of the main room there was an Alice in Wonderland poster. The one with our favorite Dead Man, Johnny Deppth. On the poster he has a top hat and there is a spiral of Top Hats behind him. The top hat is interesting for a couple of reasons. The first is that the top hat was a fundamental product that drove the colonization of Canada. When it was discovered how amazing Beaver pelt was for the felt of Top Hats, it created a huge boom in the fur trade and everything is history after that.

Canada = Beaver = Castor = Twins of Zeus

The Beaver also finds itself wearing the King's Crown on the Manitoba Coat of Arms. It is also holding a flower wand.

Mad Hatter breathed in Mercury. High of the fumes of Hermes. Back to Rabbits and away from Beavers. Focus.

Now back to my story about the Movie Theatre. On the West wall is the Johnny Depp Sign, and directly opposite it on the East side of the theatre concession area, is a poster with Rabbits on it. It was if they had jumped out of Johnny Depp's Magical Hat from the Land of the Dead.

Suitably on the poster's for Alice in Wonderland to be released in 2010 we have the Rabbit using his Jupiter Finger to point to the time.

He is saying "We only have a short bit of time before the Portal is closed."

Rabbits can be coming or going through the portals.

Portal Jumping Rabbits from the future are best called JACK Rabbits.

They High Jack Time.

They can escape cleverly with their holes.

In Donnie Darko, the White Rabbit is clearly from the Other Side.

Suitably Donnie is in a Movie Theatre with the Rabbit. The Movie Theatre really becomes the same thing as the Top Hat. A Magical Cinematic Portal that a Jack Rabbit can jump in and out of.

The actual film becomes like a spiraling strand of DNA, or a Dead man's noose, or a means for a Rabbit to make a scene.

Now to finish off my point about the Jupiter Finger. Well everyone uses it. If there is one thing pointed at most, no matter what it is, it mostly done so with the Jupiter Finger.

For example...

I like this Street Hunter one below because the guy has a dog like Hermes, he is using his Trigger Finger and the Two Towers are behind him.

Or Jupiter Finger can be used to tell someone to be silent or to keep a secret.

I wonder if the Pope is aware of his affinity to Jupiter?

Below is the a still from a current educational video I have been making about Sleep Apnea. The section I had to re-shoot a few weeks ago included the putting on of a Finger Probe on the Index/Jupiter Finger. The probe just so happened to have a Red Light/Eye/Storm that had to be aligned correctly.

ManitObama likes to shake his Jupiter Finger around a whole lot.

Below we have Morgan Freeman, aka God, again pointing to the Youth with his Jupiter Finger.

In the Last Supper James the Greater is seen pointing up with his Jupiter Finger as the Two Towers are seen behind Christ.

Inspector gadget not only has a dog/god that is smarter than him, he always uses his signature Jupiter Finger as well as a big masonic G in his logo.

JCusack, Mr. 2012 himself, uses the Jupiter Finger to make a Point.

Now that I got that Jupiter Finger, Rabbit and Top Hat thing out of my system I will flow somewhere else. Guess where? Jupiter you say. You must be a mind reader.

Now Jack has come up often in relation to Jupiter. Most recently best punctuated by the Car Phone accessory called the Jupiter Jack.

Not too long after some Jupiter Jack revelations the Tiger Woods Spectacle begins to unfold. This seems to be quite a strong signal from 2010 and Jupiter.

Jove is on the HORIZON.

I find this Tiger Woods "event" reveals a quirky yet profound matrix of resonance.

2 Jacks = Jack Nicklaus and Jack Nicholson. The Master Jacks that both like Golf.

Now as I was looking into Jack Nicholson and his connection to Golf I found this article in Golf Digest.

It turns out as a child Jack ended up in LA after heading out there with June, the woman he grew up thinking was his sister, but turned out being his mother. June of course is the month of the year named after the Planet Jupiter. June is Juno, Queen of Heaven and wife of Jupiter. In this case the Mother and Sister of Jupiter Jack Nicholson.

What I find interesting then is that in the above picture we have Jupiter Jack Nicholson aligned with a golf ball. We know Tiger and Golf are already connected to the Moon and Jupiter through his appearance in the G8orade ad where he is golfing on the Moon and we hear the music for 2001: A Space Qdyssey. (Thanks Jon!). If a golf ball is the Moon then this image aligns like Jupiter and the Moon do in the movies 2001 and 2010. The Moon is a stepping stone for humanity's journey to follow the signal of the Black Monolith coming from Jupiter.

After learning that Jack Nicholson's Mother/Sister was named June, I also learned that she gave birth to him in Neptune, New Jersey.

It was around the same time as realizing Jack Nicholson's peculiar planetary origins, that I discovered that the upcoming Solstice is on December 21 (12:21/ABBA/Father) but that there is an alignment of Jupiter, Neptune and the Moon that night.

With planets swirling in my head I went to my first school visit of the year yesterday to teach video. As I go to Google Maps I notice I am going into a part of Winnipeg I have not been yet. The name of the school I was visiting was called General Byng. The General Ring. The Horn for All.
Then I noticed all the streets around General Byng school are named after the planets.

To get to the school I had to go down Route 42 South.

Of course as I drive to the school I notice that the signs for Jupiter and Neptune are aligned along Planet Street. Perhaps aligned like they will be on December 21st, 2009.

Once in the school I realize that the school has adopted the planets of the solar system as the means to organize the classes.

Jupiter House Points to what?

In the classroom I visited they where identified as a Neptune class.

Right across the room from their Neptune box was a poster with Jupiter. Another alignment of Jupiter and Neptune. Is the Moon the Eye that bears witness?

To top it off there is a poster on another wall that displays a Jupiter Finger coming out of the O of the word ONE.

The Power of One.

Right now in Winnipeg, it is super cold. It is the darkest time of the year as we soon approach the Winter Solstice. This is the time of the great void of the infinite in which all things are born.
It is our yearly black hole.

It is the Magic Top Hat that gives birth to a Rabbit, or a Baby Jesus.

I feel this period of the year when it is the darkest and coldest is the time of Jack Frost. He is the G8 Keeper of this time of year.

Jupiter Jack Frost is the World's Coolest Dad and he is going to prove it. Like all Jacks he likes to wear his Top Hat and of course have a dog/god.

The Jupiter and Jack frost connection seems to be solidified when I notice the nickname of the movie reviewer below is Juniper. Juniper being derived from June/Juno and Jupiter.

Jack Frost can also be known as Frosty the sNOWman. Again with his Magical Top Hat. Frosty the Master of the Now.

Notice how Frosty the sNOWman is using his Jupiter Finger to point to Heaven.

The Jack Rabbit wears the Magic Portal Top Hat in Winnie-the-Pooh. Pooh needs Rabbit to "jack" him through the Rabbit Hole.

The recent Norway mystery spiral reminds me of the beginning of the Yellow Brick road from the Wizard of OZ. Are we at the beginning again?

Jack Frost and Jupiter makes me think of Bifrost - the Burning Rainbow Bridge between this world and the world of the Gods. The God Heimdallrn is said to sound the horn when the end of the world has arrived and is about to be reborn.

Just happened recently to visit this First Nation's reserve with a White Buffalo head (dyed not really a white one). The White Buffalo is a Dakota Prophecy about the End times. I find the Horns of the Buffalo make me think of the Horn of Heimdallrn.

December 21, 2009 there is the Solstice alignment of Jupiter, the Moon and Neptune.

Jack BiFrost!

Tiger Woods resonates with Jupiter on many fronts beyond the year 2010. Wood itself is related to Jupiter in Chinese symbolism. Considering that Tin is also related to Jupiter as they share the same Alchemical symbol, it is all the more relevant that the Tin Man of OZ resonates so strongly with Jupiter. The Tin Man carries as an Axe which to cut Wood with. He is referred to as a Woodsman or LumberJACK.

Perhaps Tiger Woods got cut down like a tree by the Tin lumberJACK.

The irony that Tiger Woods is waiting to move into his new residence on Jupiter Island, Florida, is too much.

Jupiter Island is a rich book of sync. For instance Jupiter Christian School. Closer to the truth than they know.

In 2010 the film Creation is released starring JC and Jupiter resonating Jennifer Connelly.

Creation = 2010 = IMDB = I AM 42 Amazon

Ok. I am out of steam. What does this all mean? Well we might all "die" on the Solstice of this year. Or we might not. All I know that its something beautiful we are bearing witness to right NOW.

Thanks for reading this.

Peace to all.



  1. rabbit, beaver, ant, finger, Johnny Depp, Tiger Woods, Jupiter and some rainbow sauce

    The rabbit is a fertility symbol. "We only have a short bit of time before the Portal is closed." That could be Life is almost over as in one person's life or all Life. It could also be a window of time available to reproduce and create offspring. Maybe all Life won't end but it's an opportunity for more Life that must not be missed.

    Beavers, they are master Architects. The build dams with two large Teeth. They control the Flow of Water.

    ants are of the hive, a repository base knowledge perhaps. They live inside pyramids. They are flightless and fruitless versions of bees.

    the finger, well I almost mine off once. There is a new character this season on Sons of Anarchy. The man had everyone of his fingers chopped off, except his two Jupiter fingers. My Father used to slam his Jupiter Finger into my chest so hard.

  2. when I traced my name back in history, it's French/German name, and very often James is replaced with Jacob. Plus you and me both have the Jim/James thing in our lives. I did Jimmy till I was 16. You've got a couple other alter ego, multipersona things going with Jake and the google accounts. One of my best friends is named James Thiel but he goes by Jake.

  3. Exhaustive and beautiful Jim.

    --you made me see something new too [about myself] for


    and my birth day is 4/2 (72)
    so that makes me 42 42.
    Now what does that mean?
    loved this.--don't know what to do with it, but it is a beautiful string.

  4. Also--Jupiter does the work of the hand,
    but it's Venus that makes us human.

  5. That was like an acid trip to Jupiter! Thanks. One major Jack synch for me is Jack the giant killer - fee fi fo fum.

    Cheers, Michael

  6. Thanks guys. Glad we all can enjoy each others crazy rants.

    James: Yes our name is interchangeable with Jake. You were a Jimmy too! Everyone that knows me before 18 knows me as Jimmy. Yes, funny how Jake and I seem to be merging in our blog identities. sings of the times.

    Ishmael: 42! Cool. I am the other 42 of that month (4/20).

    Michael: Yep. I got good some good Jupiter Junk for sure.

    Peace yall.

  7. great flow! the POWER of ONE with the Jupiter finger out of the O-stargate (ONE=OZ-M when 90° turned clockwise) is shown with three masks. Connecting Jupiter / Jim Carrey to "The Mask" and from there to "Entrapment", which pretty much is all about a mask at first. Leading to "Vanilla Sky" where the masked man has to take the (symbolical!) leap of faith which Indiana Jones takes in his last crusade or neo in the matrix.

  8. WOW Ive been syncing white rabbits since the beginning of december and today i read your and indras nets posts which include white rabbit, indras post also included the spiral which i see as the portal in much the same way as the black hat , ( i only realised the black hat portal correlation when i read indras post this morning) so ive also been syncing spirals and now you mention the Jupiter finger son check the jupiter finger / sprial tribe image im about to post on my blog, Thanks for pointing the way and confirming my suspicions ;-)

  9. wow there is allot of production here!

    Loved this post.

    Thanks for taking the time to put this together Jimmy.

  10. Loved it! Thanks, Jack is certainly Jumpin, didnt a guy named Jack also climb a beanstalk into the Heavens where the Giant(Jupiter)Gods lived too ahehe. So glad to be sharing the flows of the seasons here. Much love peace in :)

  11. Christ Jim,
    I can't believe how far ahead of everything you were.
    Months later, w/ 9 little synchronuats working away and it seems like we've almost reached where you were last December. Thanks for prompting me to read this again. I get it now. I'm seeing and gNoting what you were talking about. (when I originally read this, I didn't see the depth of your personal syncs--too bad cuz I was having similar moments that I wasn't as keyed into-and thus had to unpack these same syncs over the course of the next two months. Such an open and unflinching presentation. Like a fool taking a leap. No fear just going for it. nice.
    seems like this little adventure could make a good film as well.
    ever thought of using still images as well as video?
    take care.

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