Saturday, December 19, 2009

Come On Everybody And Ride IT

So I have Abraham Lincoln following my ass and some one gives me a program by the people above. The woman channels Abraham a voice inside her head. Voices in ones heads equal Phookas-White Rabbit Whole- Deamon- VALIS. Before I may not have taken this for more than a New Age money making scheme. Which who knows perhaps it is. However if Abraham Lincoln is being channeled best bet he would be honest. Not to say that she channels Abraham Lincoln or any other Abraham, but the sync fits.

So I take what is said above as honest. They say you can learn The Law of Attraction by using your Emotional System as a guide. Explaining that the Law of Attraction is based in the fact that everything, the universe.... Everything. Is. Thought. And thought attracts like thought. The emotional tag that you may have to any one thought is your guide on if you want that or not. All life is diversity, which creates preference. Your emotional state communicates to you on that which you would prefer. If something gives you joy when you think about it, then that is what you would prefer to do. Only think of that which you prefer and that thought will compound, giving you more of which you prefer. A joyful thought brings more joyful thought.

Ok if they are being honest then what does this have to do with syncro?

Are the symbols that we are attracting simply there because we are thinking about them? Is that the kicker?

Most anyone reasoning that out will easily come to the conclusion that they are creating the symbol. Even if they themselves have no intellectual conclusion or ability to grasp the full implications of that concept. You think about the symbol... The symbol comes.

Alright then. I'll just say it. I wanna be rich. I want that symbol. Cha-Ching nah mean.

I'm not alone. There are plenty of people reading this who have tried it, and like me you failed.

So why?

I think of going fishing. I remember my snagged tooth Uncle Sam trying to teach me to fish.

"Ya gotta hold ya face right."

He would say, when I repeatedly failed to hook a fish. Everyone else was catching fish, why not I? Because my face wasn't right? This forces a young child of 5 or 6 to contort his facial features into every conceivable mask in an attempt to slip one of the little boogers onto the hook. Same thing goes for the Casino. Why are some people better at getting Jackpots on their fishing line? And even researching sycro, sometimes you come up with something big, sometimes not, sometimes you have to throw it back into the flow and let it get a little bigger. Wait for a while and keep feeding it. Luck, luck, luck. Holding my face right makes me lucky? Is that it? Is luck a mental process that I can tap into through the emotion I have?If I'm holding my face this way.... Then I'll be happy. That's way to easy for me. The secret to life is "be happy"? That's it. Well fuck it, being financially secure, free of the daily grind, that would make me happy. I don't want to get lazy. I just don't wanna be wasted on things not suited for me. Not worth my time. I want more time. And time is money.

I don't want Big Brother to leave me alone, just so I can get high and play on the computer. I want to put my energy into things that would be more beneficial to the evolution of myself and those around me. Help evolve the world if possible.

And yet.... I gotta come back to finishing this post later... Why because right now I have to go to work.

That fact that..... That realization, that sooner or later I gotta go make someone else more money than I make myself makes it hard for someone to keep such a cheerful disposition. And I believe it possible to have a large amount of money. To be financially independent if it were.... I even wouldn't feel guilty, because I know that there is an abundance now. There is plenty for all, I know the secret, that it's all in the way you think about it.

Still they are charging me for space on the podcast, and I can't spare money for it right now. I need to donate some funds to Jake Kotze. Not enough in the back account. So why isn't it happening? So we can conclude that thinking it possible is not enough. Wanting either, because it falls short as well. The Question still remains. How do you catch fish?Hold your face right.... And what the fuck is that suppose to mean?

You know I just read Valis... Right now I am reading Radio Free Albemuth. Same story, same topic, different point of view. Divine Invasion is just about the same as well. Main jest, something epically religious happened to Dick. Those books are Mr Phil coming to every explanation possible to convince himself he was not crazy.

Someone else was in his head.... But, what dose it mean, how do these things happen? Dick decided it was something that reminded him of god, and seeing that it was always there just unseen.... Hiding in plain sight as some camouflaged creature, he called it Zebra.

A young women with a christian sign, like the one above, around her neck, set Mr. Dick right. He later connects that part as being, what one such as myself might call, lucky. He describes it as knowing he was waiting for that girl.... And she sent to him. He said the symbol is like a subconscious trigger for releasing genetic memory.... That's why the fish looks like a DNA Strand.
This puzzles the shit outta some people I'm sure. You can thank Narby for giving me the idea as to DNA being some organic transmitter/receiver between all life. Seeing it show it's common shape through out all of history is old hat to some.... But, it really changes so few's lives as to come close to pleasing this writer's hopes.
But, what dose it mean? That we've known about DNA on a subconscious level our whole existence? Well sure, why not, it makes perfect sense. If Narby is right, and shamans do take Ayahusca and get down to receiving Knowledge from other DNA that binds the planet together, then couldn't have Dick experienced the same thang and just call it Zebra? Literally always there just out of sight, and definitely living. Hell what would you call Zebra but life itself, penetrating all. And if Jesus is the literal son of Zebra, then he would know that. He would know DNA and he would know the Law of Attraction. He even had that incident with the Fig Tree, he told it that it would die, came back later to see that it would never bear fruit again. The 12 are talking like...

"Lord, ya killed it!"

"Yeah, it was nothin'. I'm honest you guys, if you tell a mountain to go away. And believe to Zebra that it's gonna happen.... Bada Bing.... No mountain."

Sounds pretty Law of Attraction, Quantum Physics, enough to me.

Once again though... You can tell me all day I can swim in the Earth.... But, when it comes to doing a swan dive into the backyard, I always get grass in my teeth. So talking to the fish and asking them to jump on my hook by communicating to them with my DNA isn't a waste of time. But, to date no hard evidence besides symbols. How did Jesus get so many fish.... Why was he a good fisherman.... Perhaps I gotta return to DNA again and flush out any more meaning.The DNA Strand bears a remarkable resemblance to Train Tracks. Ever sense I heard this argument With Ralph Abram, Rupert Sheldrake, and Terrance McKenna over the association of Train Tracks with Strange Attractors in the Chaos Theory I can't help but think that Train Tracks=Destiny. Everything from the Blue Car scene in Hancock to the train in Polar Express above falls into nice context change when viewed with these sync glasses on. DNA is a genetic unavoidable destination. It's predestined if you would. Just like the Train above with the top of the mountain looking much like DNA Kundalini style. The Train is Destiny, the Mountain is the Spine or Human Body, the moon is Imagination. Destiny? You have to be destine to catch a fish? And what if it's not my destiny? Is there any other way to think that will influence my luck?Shoulda, Woulda, Coulda..... Perhaps I should just think that I can.


  1. This is wonderful Will.
    I'd comment more, but need to go out the door to work. . .
    (Do you have a donate button? Maybe the podcast should have one?)
    more later for sure.

  2. a bit on the Rail Road, it's a RR resonator. Train Tracks, TT resonator. In futurama episode, the tracks turned into dna strands. The resemblence of tracks, dna and fences is obvious.

    All I know for certain is of the uncertainty. As I strengthen my believe that what I percieve is illusory the more oddotities appear in my life.

    Assassin's Creed is all about DNA and genetic memory. I've been thinking of Valis after reading the Jupiter Nexus post. I'm like ok where is she and who am I?

  3. PS that Mountain/Spiral to the Moon is amazing, definatly communicates the Bridge, Trains/Boats/Chariots, definatly can see humanithy ascending and re aligning with the Lunar/Astral Pool. Beutiful stuff, much love

  4. The very first thing I drew as a child from my imagination was a spiral ramp around a tall column

  5. my thoughts are gone.
    will reread tomorrow, and maybe comment more.
    Abraham--the father.
    thought, everything?
    goodnight all.

  6. the love spirit of the now is always guiding us, theres millions names for it, Love is all there is, from above and below. <3

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