Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Tame your Inner Tiger in 2010

Tiger Woods: "I have let my family down and I regret those transgressions with all of my heart."

Join Tiger in 2010 as he re-aligns with his Heart. 

After 3 days in the dark he rises again to humbly say he is sorry. Time for Tiger to be resurrected. 
I just learn't that Tiger Woods owns a home on Jupiter Island in Florida. How 2010 is that?


  1. Hahee, just what I thought when I heard too, Mr Woods Resonates with Aquarius to me too. A funny thing happened the Day that my Merry Men Podcast went up, I didnt even wake up aware that it was going to be up that day, but in my mind just as I woke up that morning I saw a Tiger take off, I immediatly thought of the Synchd symbolism of the Tiger and the Stripes of Spirit, and then realized that my Podcast might be up, I dunno just funny thought Id share, Be very well Jupiter Jim!

  2. The Tiger is with us strong these days. Fitting that he is the main news as we close in on 2010. I like the stripes and spirit relationship. you posted at 12:21 - my favorite time. ABBA/Father time. much peace and love to you as well Indras. have a swell day.

  3. my last trip was one of my best ever ... I was an astral snow leopard, kinda like Bubastis. I watched DethKloK last night and you really should check out the DeathHealth episode

    CATg and DNA

    "and please use the word 'Hamburger Time' when speaking to us"