Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Jupiter- The Wheel of Fortune (Lucky Lucifer)

Richard: Kevins post ties in beautifully with a few things that I've discussed with Will recently so I thought I'd give the wheel a spin and see where it landed.

On the Kabbalah I noticed that the Path of Jupiter, or the Path of Fortune, is on the Right Hand side of the Tree of Life:

The 'Right Hand' is also known as the Dexter. A quick google search revealed that Dexter also means Fortunate:

'The Wheel of Fortune' could also be called 'The Wheel of Dexter'.

Here's two examples of the Blue Handed Dexter:

While wondering what to include in this post I decided to take a break and watch the very final episode of the Dexter TV show as I've been looking forward to seeing how the series was going to pan out.

I'm glad that I did because in the final episode I learned that Dexter Morgan lives at PALM Terrace and the number 142 even makes an appearance in his post code:

At the very end of the episode, once all the loose ends in the show had been wrapped up, Dexter has a daydream in which he imagines his future life with his family.

Dexter presents a cake (complete with Rainbow colored sprinkles) to his wife and child, envisioning how great his sons first birthday is going to be:

In this glorious moment the Sun shines brightly overhead sending a lens flare glancing off his Crown. I noted the Blue/Gold Crown sitting on the table beside the Rainbow Cake:

And then I spotted the Tiger:

So in the final episode Dexter the Tiger makes a brief appearance. Nice touch!

The surname of Dexter happens to be Morgan, which brings me back to the recent conversation I had with Will.

I mentioned to Will that the word 'LUCK' can be found inside the name 'LUCifer'.

In the movie '2010: The Year We Make Contact', the planet Jupiter (with a little help from the Monolith/Black Rock) becomes a Sun called 'Lucifer'.

Jupiter is a Lucky/Luck-iferian planet!

Lucifer is of course The Light-Bearer, the One who Illuminates with LIGHTning bolts from the Blue Hand:

In numerology the letter X (seen on 'The Wheel of Fortune' tarot card) can represent the number 6.

X = 24th letter in the alphabet
X = 2 + 4 = 6

In this National Lottery logo (symbolizing Luck/Fortune) we find the X (or 6) followed by the number 66. You could therefore say that this Blue Hand has the number 666 encoded into it, the number of Lucifer/Luck-ifer:

(Thanks Nexus for pointing this out in the comments!)

So maybe 666 is actually a Lucky Number.

Wiki tells us that 666 is a number which is associated with Abundance:

666 is also aTriangular Number.

This basically means that if you were to place 666 dots inside the shape of an equilateral triangle, it would fit perfectly. Here's some examples of some other Triangular Numbers:

So the Lucky planet Jupiter (aka Lucifer) and the Blue Hand seem to entrain with the Triangle/Pyramid, which is exactly what I was getting at in Tiger Love Triangle.

Getting back to this image of Dexter we can see that the Tiger and the Triangles come together in the same shot:

If we look once again at Dexter Morgans home address we see that he lives in Miami, a city which is a key marker for the Bermuda Triangle:

In Miami Vice actor Colin Farrell stars alongside Jamie Foxx (in numerology FOX = 666).

Colin Farrell entrains with the Tiger and Triangle in this Alexander poster, and it's probably worth mentioning his role in Tigerland as well:

Colin Farrell in TRIage/TRIangle:

Farrell certainly carries the Luck of the Irish with him!

For more on the Lucky/Lucifer theme you can check out Lucky Cauldron, Just My Luck, I Love Lucy, or Will The Real Lucifer Please Stand Up.

Peace all.


  1. Thankyou so fucking much... I can't believe the power that had... Everything we are talking about. Everything.

  2. nice chop n' shop

  3. Great. Anyone noted the 666 in the National Lottery symbol? The Saturn finger hiding behind the Jupiter finger? Hmm...

  4. Saturn finger and Jupiter finger making a V = Wanting Peace
    Saturn finger beside Jupiter finger = Peace is made
    Jupiter finger = Peace like in Heaven
    Thumbs Up/Brahma = Heaven

  5. thanks for that info Wermes! Interesting how people use all that fingers in daily life. Saturn finger alone = F-Off, Jupiter finger alone = Warning or pointing (to /something out) (to the sky like Usain Bolt)

    All those combinations possible are also pretty interesting... X in the National Lottery?

    Interesting differences between Λ , A and V. y and λ

  6. V = the square and Λ = the compasses joined in the symbol of Freemasonry. The G inside could stand for Game or God (or both). Difference Λ / A : The separated and illuminated capstone on top of the pyramid as displayed on the ONE-dollar note in A.

    One more note to the finger symbols: the thumb seems to make the difference (in signs of rock-n-roll and so on). the thumb is also the key "finger", for using the hands as tools (it is also not called "-finger")... So thumbs up! :-)

  7. Ahh the blue national lottery , finger i'd forgotten that one ,it impacted on me deeply ,i was part of a house that did harcore parties in hackney in the early nineties called "up in arms" and they used the blue finger as the logo (i was going through a smurf phase so it really resonated) i was also getting deep into kung and buddhism and the only time i told my kungfu teacher about the rave i was part of was the time they put ohm symbols on the flyer , my kung fu /buddhist teacher was horrified thinking it disrespectful . the party that night was raided by the police ( the only time ) synchronicity - thought i'd share that ,jupiter finger pointing to "blue ones" of awakened oconciousness

  8. my fourth year design site I chose the Devil's Tongue in the Bermuda Triangle because it's the steepest peak on the planet regardless of sea level. For my thesis I connect a line between this point and Time Square NYC along the Continental Shelf. The line started in Time Square and was a linear labyrinth.

  9. Holy Tigermilk Batman, that flow was unbeleivable, I cant read who finished up the post but wow that was lovely. Thanks, peace all the way in!

  10. James, I didn't know there was a Devil's Tongue in Bermuda, but I suppose that would make the Triangle a Mouth. Maybe that's why planes/boats keep getting swallowed up.

    Kevin, forgot to add my name at the start of the post. Oops!
    Glad you enjoyed the additions.

  11. TIgeR TRIangle

    TRIgger TIggeR

    Interesting how the word Tiger is similar to the world Triangle.

    The word TRI is in it.

    The Point, or the mIAMi of the Pyramid is the Tigger Trigger.

    Thanks Richard!!!!

  12. It was called Devil's Tongue on a Naval Chart my Dad gave me. The area is more commonly called the "Tongue of the Ocean" and the triangle is often called "Devil's Triangle"

  13. yeah that's a great pic Richard but check this out ... do you know the abbreviation for Tongue of the Ocean is? It's furry, little, black and a God spelled backwards.


    underwater military base at TOTO

  15. Yona Guni ... Atlantis ... Tongue Of The Oceana

    here is a link to the decoder ... my original video documentation of assassin's creed is at my site

  16. Blue hand
    in Tzolkin

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