Monday, December 7, 2009

2010 and the ShizoMystic Sphinx

Hello shining Stars! 2010 is just around the bend and I smell CATS

Seeing as 2010 is the Year of the Tiger, which is a Striped Cat.

This weekend I was with a friend whom is studying Parasitic Diseases, he told me a very interesting Theory this weekend, as we were smoking some lovely " Skunk Weed" and joking about an article that we had read earlier that week poises that smoking quote "Skunk Weed" can increase your chances of Psychosis and Psychotic behavior. So in a sense we were going mad you could say. And my buddy studying Parasitic Diseases mentioned that There is a theory about Schizophrenia which puts forth that a small Bacteria known as ToxoPlasma, is said to be what causes Schizoprenia in Humans, and this Bacteria is most easily come into contact with via CAT feces.

Heres the late article from Fox News about Skunk Weed and Psychosis.

My friends mention of Cats and Toxoplasmic Schizophrenia made me think of this Artist Louis Wain. Who was an English Artist, who mainly featured CATS in his work. Later in his career Wains popular Cats became very Psychedelic as he began to suffer from Schizophrenia himself, as demonstrated by the progressive fractalization of his cats in his art.

Lous Wain the 19th century English Artist.

Louis Wains progressively Schizophrenic Cats, this imagery is very fractal and other, and Wain was known to never have used Psychedelics.

The Mystery of the Sphinx......

What creature walks on four legs in the Morning, two legs in the day, and three at night?

There are two sisters: one gives birth to the other and she, in turn, gives birth to the first.

The Sphinx and cats being symbolic as Doorways to the Mysteries, and the Other Side reminds me of the Sphings Cats on the Chariot/Merkabah Tarot Card. The Chariot.

Sphinxs on the Chariot Tarot Card, which is symbolic of the Astral Body. Known as the Chariot of God or the Merkaba, which can be connected to the Boat into the Underworld of Egypt, the Yellow Submarine, etc. My interest is in Cats pointing toward the "Other Side". See we/me all learn in a Yellow Submarine for more about the Chariots mysteries

See the Striped 2010 Schizomystic cats!

Im looking forward to sharing 2010 here with all of you Schizomystic MadMen and Women, Itll be a 4 tea two party!

Blessings and love! - Kevin/Indra


  1. Nods gently. That's three occasions where Burton uses the tree as a door way now.

  2. ahh, i was just viewing louis wains cat's on sunday! i was looking at a blog on guitarist jack ROSE who passed the same day as my cat cosmeau, 12/5. hence the type of coloring i was doing on that bear picture i showed you! stay well! ps...saw s licensce plate a couple weeks back: MEW2010

    wv:rustchi...loving the neil young energy lately. shine on you crazydiamondhorse.