Monday, December 7, 2009

Jupiter Jack in the Box (mashed)

What I wish to suggest (suggest) is that we are dealing with synchs ever closer to home than we generally acknowledge.  For me, the Tiger Woods story is laced intricately into my own life, but its dangerous territory - close to the heart.  I am willing to express these details in the light of a mutual understanding.

I am not an egomane, I am simply a man who enjoys the edgy side of things.  The Black Diamonds.  My crime is in the manner of my style and not the matter.  And yet, I recognize that this style has marginalized my work at large, for which I blame only myself - and without tears.

I offer this short apology because I want to open a can of worms from my own work, with the idea of leading into a very open discussion about the personal synchs that I believe we are all experiencing right now.

I have attempted to achieve a likewise scenario which failed because the awefulness of it became to much for my cohort.  I would like to try this again, here at the Synch Whole.

I must repeat - it is not my desire to glorify my own ego.  I hope it is not too late for me to be believed in such regard, because I think we have an opportunity, thanks to the excellence of mind and the variety of perspective, to achieve something of a high order of profundity, which promises to turn our mostly academic exploration into a full-blown adventure.

Here is the main object as I see it: to refine the nature of our synchro-mystic study into a strictly internal dialog that follows the assumption that we (blog members) are not merely reporting distant and static events, but are very specifically and directly participating in such events.

Now, we all have our own obsessions, no?  I am by no means implying the exclusion of these fields, indeed they are key to the study - fah shizzle.  And we need not rush into the details of our own synchs, exactly because I think that our special fields of inquiry are in fact intimately attached to our own personal synchs and will therefore benefit from an organic transition to the more sensitive areas of discussion.

If this challenge is accepted, even provisionally, I would ask readers to take a look at an article from Da WWWiz on The Shining, Durkin's Garage, which is all about the Jack in the Box phenom, and dates back several months.

The fact is that even if my proposal is outright ignored, these articles are still highly relevant to the currently tabled discussion.  Don't let the title of the piece fool you, and recall the Jack Nicholson has made a famous attack on a certain automobile with a certain sporting implement.

Shifting gears...

I have made a real ass of myself here at The Whole.  In particular I have picked on Jake Kotze, because I saw him as King of the Hill and I wanted to throw down a respectable challenge.  Jake, if you read this, please accept a sincere personal apology.  I submit in every way to the superiority of your skills as eagle-eye observer and juggler of what is some of the most sensitive material published in the history of writing - and these words are not idle, as I find a deep and direct personal connection to the events that started your famous work into motion.  

My final argument emerges from this belief: that we are closely connected to events that we investigate. The personal proximity of my own experience is seriously fucking shocking - which I dig in the most high.  Can I seduce the Whole to trend, gingerly, into this realm?

Jake says Global Consciousness and he just might be onto something.  The beauty is that the big GC or not, my proposal makes sense.  Who among you would deny first, the possiblilty of your unique value, and next a chance for a voyage rich and strange.

Sure, it's all about the ONE, maybe, but such fact does not dismiss the validity of the experiment as it is proposed.  Let me know what you think with a comment and please consider my earlier work on The Shining as the invitation to open a door that in my experience, remains closed.  If its all too much... ignore everything I just said... except my atonement and a promise to stop making fun of Eckhart Tolle.

Finally, some research (still working on my re-survey of The Shining eta 48hrs).

There are 808 days from 9/11/01 to 11/27/09.  Consider that 1127 less 911 is the notorious 216. More data needed here.

Golf Ball = The Moon?  Is there a Tiger link to the discovery of water (hydrant) on the Moon?

Please recall that Jupiter Jack = 10-10.  Revelation 10:10 has meaning re: Box/Book in the Hand.  Just a hunch on this...

What ever you think of my overall notions... let the high weirdness continue.


I wrote about this clip when I first started blogging. Long before(few months)G8tor was even slanged by Jake.

Please note 2001 music and listen to the lyrics of spirit in the sky. Sync cluster boooooooomb!

Oh yeah...Hexagonal golf ball and the three pillars at the end.


  1. Let me read those posts of yours Artislav and the comment. But I agree we are very intimately connected to the events we research. Freakishly so as well. So I am open to growth and experimentation.

    Much love


  2. well yes, when we are master-baiting, how would we not find the carrot we dangle?

  3. Like Jake said,

    You know how powerful the sync is by how much joy it brings you.

    If your reeling to hard it shows. But !I! think the point of the ebb and flow of the sync whole is simply connecting or networking. Hopefully more people stumble upon this and jump in.

    We can have up to 100 authors!!!

  4. carrot - there is that rabbit sync lead again.

    master-baiting? is that when one fishes for mastery?

  5. That is an awesome tiger sync jon! golfing on the moon. and G8or Aid is so appropriate with their lighting bolt and big G. fuck that vide is loaded!!!

  6. well no, it's just that, sir. the master is...baiting himself. and this master-who-makes-the-glass-gleam just had a carrot-dog with onions. we are learning to use this technology by playing with ourselves first, no?

  7. agreed fill. just messing around. i like how you put it.

  8. Not too sure what you were trying to say with this line AM...
    "There are 808 days from 9/11/01 to 11/27/09. Consider that 1127 less 911 is the notorious 216. More data needed here."

    Tuesday, September 11, 2001
    Friday, November 27, 2009
    2999 days !!
    8 years, 2 months, 16 days

    Though the "216" still makes an appearance.


  9. ahha agreed fill, the Great Master inside all of us is he who Dangles the Red Pill/Carrot before us. The earth is hanging carrots like Holiday ornaments this season, its like Quantum Mechanics, except were all looking at the electrons more than ever, and boy they are jumping more than ever! "The Master does nothing, yet he leaves nothing undone"- Tao Te Ching. Its time for the great Kosmic Konsciousness Circle Jerk!

  10. I can see that my notion once again is 'not to be'... and I feared as much. The circle jerk line cinches it. I feel dirty...

    For now, I'll go back to my usual role... head in the sand. But I hope the idea remains open... not as an excerise in mutual adoration, which is how it appears to be perceived, but as an opportunity to get at some personal stuff that is not generally treated to the same level of inquriy as more main stream synch work.

    Thanks for the input guys.

    BTW, I'm not sure how I made that blunder in calculating the days. 808!? wtf!

  11. Hey Artislav,very interesting post, the Shining stuff is wild, Michael Jackson also had a gloved hand, Im not quite sure what notion your getting at, but if its that our awareness of events shares influence I agree. My circle jerk comment was a celebration of the great Master-Bation of 09, I look forward to sharing 2010 @ the whole, be blessed all :)

  12. Hi Artsilav, I understand where you are coming from, and I agree personal synchs can go deeper than many of us reveal. so i am not against the proposition. i just need to mull over it for a bit. i am a slow person.

    in 2009 we masterbate and in 2010 we finally can make love to a whole and not our hand.

  13. 2009 the Master-baits all whom s/he seeks, 2010 the Child comes forth from within! Its some of that Aquarian Hermaphroditism/androgyny!

    We're all Pregnant!

    PS Artislav, the 3d 4d manipulation and gloved hand connections are really interesting me, and Bill Watson, wow I missed out on that whole can of worms. Whats the Notion that your stirring in this ocean here? I like the leads, once again the Master-Bating reference was celebratory, getchyo head outta the sand and lets get cracking at what your gettin at here! Peace in MoMmas!

  14. To the whole and not the hand.... I damn near fell out of my chair.... For some reason Mel, I feel like your not only growing the most out of the entire Sync Whole right now... But, your probably teaching the most. Personally I love you here.... And personally I feel that you have made no mistakes.

  15. agreed, I see no such mistakes, lets jam!