Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Flight of the Garuda - by Shaman (mashed by Artislav)

I don't know why, but my blog is just not showing when my new post come out.... I have hopes that some will recognize the weird sporadic process sync has made my work. And excuse the awkwardness of just showing a lot of random stuff in hopes that others are experiencing close to the same... Have fun.

Previous post where I kinda explain the Garuda... The one that's new, yet not showing up... Mindless selfish plug in other words...

However here are some notes on where I've spotted the beast know as the Garuda.

As a Peacock like Ostrich bird in where he is ridden.... Pixar's Up.... Talking Hermes Dog in tow. The Dog is Hermes or Sirius, through the combination of Hermanubis....Hermes(Greek) and Anubis(Egyptian) Equal Hermaanubis(Alchemical).... Bringing together the influence of Sirius and the DNA Memory of the Caduceus or Hermes' staff. Sirius and our DNA are tightly intertwined. One symbolically communicating with the other through out Mythologies.... Guess what no matter the culture, Mythology is you.
The reason is that no matter the origin of the symbol that your seeing... It's being interpreted by you. And you only have the translating keys that you have acquired to that point. Meaning you only understand that which you can understand. If you don't know that the Peacock has a very vivid past of symbolism and that it being ridden hints at consciousness riding the Body, or vice a versa, as usually the case, then it's just a colorful bird being ridden by a fat boyscout and his old friend.... Both however are true. Neither more true than the other. The trick is that once you know how you can interpret things different, and that seeing you constantly do that with out effort anyway, and seeing that also how you've seen your conscious ego movie the whole time and it has never been correct or incorrect just non entire..... Then you can put effort into consciously changing your own interpretation.... Essentially give meaning to the things you see that were meaningless before simply because you didn't interpret them at that time in that way.... Your giving things meaning. Be it Tiger Woods or 911.... Your filling in multiple meanings.... Like a Pun. Give your life meaning.... It's the only thing to do. Otherwise your not giving notice to the bird your riding on. Never pulling the reigns and letting it take flight.
Krishna rode the Garuda and it is used widely through out the world. Another thing to keep in mind is that you can see it as the mount in which the savior arrives. That could also be a White Horse or Dragon(Dragon Rope)..... Will explain latter to those curious.
Angel=Garuda again with the Dog Star Dog being in the shot.

"Bird, will you be my prisoner?"
Street Date 1/22/10
Street Date 1/22/10


From Artislav

I find these above images of 'Garuda' similar to some which seem to me related to 'mind control' vis a vis John Lennon and Reagan events.

The Catcher cover (tiny in the upper-left corner).

The Luciferian Cradle.

It's Alive.

Here is my take.

The notion of a Great and Evil power that generates itself in dominion over Humankind is being used as a module of 'Social Programming'.  The literal implication is that a) we live in Hell and b) there is nothing we can do about it.  These two notions are used to extract the normal 'common sense' of the individual, and replace it with the fear of an unknown Evil that it is best to avoid altogether.

The image is presented first as a positive/friendly to the child (as in the Garunda), as an supreme ambiguity to Youth (Holden Caulfield/Hinkley/Chapman as tragic figures), and finally, to complete the FNORD, as an unspeakable terror to any soul that braves to hold a head above the clouds (The Coming Avatar).  

The desired effect is a kind of a sub-logical trance which works unseen to pacify the Promethean Ego.  It also seems that this mechanism serves to curry the desires of the person-at-large as much as it is used to fetter the sovereign individual.

In a lengthy article on the Coen's Burn After Reading, I have attempted to expose this mechanism with multiple reference.

Now back to our regular programming...

Something about a burning Rose.


Shaman Continues...
Alright changing gears.... Rose Byrne plays in the movie Knowing.... Really weird and telling name. That is, if you chose to give it meaning.Chandler Canterbury.... CC, I like seeing movies with a lot of double lettered names in the credits... It means multiple meaning is heading right at ya, pay attention.Nick Cage aligning the sun with Jupiter.... Then watching Tiger's a couple of different times. Heavy attention to the Rabbit or Phooka depending on the meaning you give it...Even going in a spaceship piloted by a bunch of Angel/Fairy like Mothmen. Most seem to have forgotten that although the Year of the Tiger is 2010, the following year is the year of the Rabbit or Phooka. 2010 the year we make contact transfers the Rabbit to the new Eden or Wonderland.... 2012 is the year of the Dragon ushering in the Savior.... Which is really us anyways. Get it?
Sirius and the damn Rabbit go way back... If you attach meaning to the stars that is... Lepus the Rabbit has beenc hased by Sirius for centuries, hell sense who knows.I was going to watch Arthur and the Invisibles, but had to rent it. Which meant I had to sit through previews with my kids.Miss Potter it would seem likes to talk to Rabbit's.... She illustrates the little buggers and you might know what this movie is about based off your child hood.

Color blue is giving meaning here... As is the Train. The Rabbit is coming, it's unavoidable. She can't really distinguish between Cartoon Oz Wonderland and the "Real". Octagons like the one above in the shape of a frame on the wall, have very high resonates to "Stargates" basically symbolizing the same thing as "Crossing Over". She gets caught talking to her own art, I guess she was just giving it meaning. The Phooka see's her over the threshold..... Other Examples.... Bugs Bunny.... Roger Rabbit who actually goes between cartoon world and the "Real". I'm seeing more and more symbolism of a savior being linked to the feminine.I mean there are literally tons.... Alice, Dorthy, Sophia in Philip K Dick's VALIS. In fact in VALIS Sophia talks of the Labyrinth in which we built ourselves, but can't find our way through now because it is alive and controlled by the meaning we put on it. Jenifer Connelly whose name resonates with JC or the savior is seen in two movies dealing with Living Labyrinths and the like, if you can see where I'm going with this. The Movie Authur and Miss Potter where made by The Weinstein Company, most likely a big English Movie Studio... However their logo is a big W.... Extra meaning to W is the number 23 seeing that W is the 23rd letter in the English Alpha-Beth. The next preview also stars Ewan Mcgregor who obviously has a contract with Weinstein seeing as he was in Miss Potter. Ewan is in Stormbreaker that looked mostly uneventful until.... I see a Ferris Wheel... They've been following lately as I described in earlier post, including the one linked above. Seeing the Ferris Wheel in a 2 min preview right after white Rabbits I stay tuned.Next preview is of the cartoon world version of Little Red Riding Hood(lady in the red dress). It's called Hoodwinked.... The Wolf is a talking Hermanubis, or wolf man.... He has the backwards version of Magic Johnson Laker's jersey on... It says 23 instead of 32, which is MJ's number. 23 is highly significant to the Sirius Mysteries.... The two walk hand in hand... Way to perfect for comfort. Now on to the show.... The little Authur Freddie Highmore who is thick as fuck with interesting sync potential stars in it... He is trapped in a Spy Glass that points backwards from the Moon. He tells a little Elf dude that he is going to die if he doesn't get out of the thing... The little Elf says "Yep!" and gives him a thumbs up.
So Freddie dies and is resurrected in the Elf world as an Elf.... Seen above in golden embryonic fluid.
As a side note I see RacecaR's as being magic carpets... Long story coming soon hopefully. A word that is the spelled the same way backwards as forwards like R-A-C-E-C-A-R is considered in magic as very powerful. In fact if you study even a little Magik you'll find that it's favor to words and math mimics that of syncro. Anyway the car's license plate adds up to 23.... I could hint more at the meaning of this, but suppose some would do it better than I. As a closing I'd like to use up some of the pictures I had attached but never used yet... Adam Sandler who I'm quite obsessed with recently can also be found with many 23's that I have on that self promoted post of mine called Just My Luck. He is seen above with Spiral Staircase in Big Daddy.911 is big for him as well... In Little Nicky it's highlighted, in Click as well.... Then here in Chuck and Larry.... And in Reign Over Me his family is killed in 911. Like so many other good sync movie's Bedtime Stories deals alot with interpretation... Adam Sandler is finding meaning in the stars.... Weird that's what I was doing with him.... Him being the star that he is... Pyramid above... Now a Camel.... Hinting Egypt as well as other things I sure you can think of.
I erased most of the notes now.... That's usually how I do post recently... Load the pictures in first.... Then I sort through the story lying in them... This one was left over. Octagons. Hexagons. Horseshoe on the microphone.... Pig, and Corn... Broken egg, Sunglasses.... But still can't remember why I put in on here.... Oh, well maybe someone else know what to do with it.

Chicken Little indeed Mr. Cage.


  1. Some ideas about Chicken Little.

    To me eye it looks like Tarot World with an emphasis on the Eagle, which is the much adored Avatar of the New World Order.

    The Headge Hog is Lion.
    The Pig is The Bull.
    The Space Man is The Human Being.

    The Chicken rounds out the four.

    These same animals are also on the Tarot Wheel. This card is commonly paired with the Planet Jupiter and the Letter Gimel(Camel).

  2. Mel couldn't agree more...Didn't catch the Trot Chicken Little... But, if you read that new post of mine, your comment couldn't have synced up better... You just blew my mind.

    Q... I agree.

  3. Dear Shaman,

    I want to respond to your question on the THC post... re: the unyielding certainty of my work.

    The authority of my writing is the progeny of the simplest possible manner of presenting ideas, all of which report direct first person experiences that come to me in Zazen Mediation, augmented by plenty of smoking, and booze when I can afford it.

    In regards to the integrity of data, I would not lie or distort what I have learned, exactly because to do so would immediately limit the possibility of getting what I am after.

    So what is it I am trying to get at...?

    Well, In 2001 I endured a certain event. My attempts to describe this event to the professional community were met with knee-jerk labeling, and among my friends with rabid bewilderment.

    It was quite literally years of research that found at last in Kotze's old blog a person who seemed able to speak of these wonders to a group of friends, but without the mistrust and confusion I myself encountered.

    I sought entry in the synchro-mystic school, and was accepted for a while until I drifted into polite obscurity.

    I am marginal to the synch scene for the simple reason that I drift outside of the stream of 'Cosmic Synch' and 'Synch Journalism' and into the more delicate 'Hyper Synch'.

    In a nutshell The Hyper-Synch implies that the events we discuss, and in particular the multitude of mirrors emerging from the 9/11 event, are in some way 'intimately' linked to the lives and minds that investigate it.

    Seen in this way, the style of my approach can be completely decoded. I have alot to prove. What I am asking for is a radical departure from the 'Acsenscion of Consciousness' that attaches to the Cosmic School of Synch.

    In essence, I seek total 'Immersion Into the Game'. I want to remove the polite prophylactic barrier between the Mystic Eye and the Mystery P.I. - and feel it for real and close to the bone.

    I have been labeled Mad for this obsession, and have payed some serious dues, so I hope that I can continue at The Whole, perhaps a bit better understood... for now.



  4. Will, awesome words as always. Thanks man.

    Artislav Mel, I've bitten my tongue for a long time now (mainly because I didn't want to offend Jon, who vouched for your place on this blog) but after all these weeks/months I still have absolutely no idea what the hell you're talking about. I keep reading your stuff in the hope that one day you'll say something that makes one iotta of sense, but your writing always leaves me feeling dissapointed, deflated and confused. There's a dark edge to it that makes me feel uneasy and genuinely concerned about the state of your mental health.

    By contributing to this blog I had hoped that you would begin to lighten up, that you might begin to tap into the flow and embrace many of the concepts we discuss here, but it seems to be having quite the opposite effect. You seem to be drifting further and further away from what this blog stands for. Is anyone else concerned, or is it just me? Is anyone else tired of the egotistic BS?

    I checked out your personal blog over at The Wrong Way Wizard to see if anyone else is on your same wavelength, but the first anonymous comment I read (which I'd have to agree with) stated:

    "I'm sorry but, are you on drugs only when you write this stuff or all the time? It's almost as if you have no original thought or grasp on reality at all. I mean, all you do is mix up everything anyone else has ever said or written down or even composed into a movie...and splash it randomly on the web-canvas as some form of entertainment..is that what it's supposed to be? Because I am not even entertained, I want the last 5 minutes of my life back. There should be blog police. I don't know how I even found this crap but I'm sorry I even looked at it."

    Mel, I personally think that now might be a good time to call it a day. I hope this doesn't offend any members of The Sync Whole but I've decided to remove you from this blog. Any fans of your writing can still read your work over at The Wrong Way Wizard.

    I know that some might be disappointed by this decision while others will breathe a deep sigh of relief. If any members think that I've overstepped the mark then please feel free to remove me from The Sync Whole. I hope you'll understand that I love this blog too much to sit back and watch someone else abuse it.

    Peace All.

  5. A lot more understood if you ask me... I get you, I was just pointing out that any General Semantist would go nutz over your shit. I talk with the same authority sometimes so just a friendly critique is all that was. Plus I hadn't seen everything that's happened around here in the past couple of days, that was the first post I read being behind the times. I just don't believe saying, this is what this means and this that because I'm usually wrong. I try to stick to either hinting or just saying "In My Opinion", but sometimes I sound sure of my self I'm sure of that at least.

    I apologize if you though that as another attack. If I may level with you I see no difference in what you and Kotze say... You say that...
    In a nutshell The Hyper-Synch implies that the events we discuss, and in particular the multitude of mirrors emerging from the 9/11 event, are in some way 'intimately' linked to the lives and minds that investigate it.

    Kotze even said that there has to be something that has to do with yellow flowers in him and something that has to do with yellow flowers in Kristen Dunst.... It's same same, just different wording.

    I will also say that Kotze has used the scenario of Kosmic Konciousness so much that I don't even know what it means anymore.All I know is that it all has to do with perception, and my perception is changing on a daily basis... Call it what ever you want, make new lingo to go with new theories... All I really know for sure is that I don't know and need others like yourself for support. My entire new post that I keep going on and on about is largely to do with the The Wheel of Fortune that you spoke of, in fact the whole damn thing is about that, but I couldn't figure out what that Chicken Little shit was doing there for the life of me... Then you came along and sorted it out for me... Me by myself=not even half.... Me with the Whole.... Well that answers it self don't it.

    All this could be me mis interpreting it anyways... So please take with a grain of salt... Anyway do you have my e-mail... Satoriallme@yahoo.com

    We need to chat... Send me an e-mail, maybe I already have it I'm not sure.

  6. Arrowsmith,

    It is a common response to silence what you do not understand.

  7. I personally am way more into pictures then words nowadays. I stopped blogging but just got my blog back up, but I am taking it "light". This picture comes to mind when reading this whole thing you got going on here in the comments section, you should all have a lol at it.


  8. Don't have time to read all that's happening here as I am sitting at a net cafe. Didn't see any images thus it must be noted that Renee Zelwegger is a rabbit in Bridget Jones. She wears tiger nickers at the end also. Many other Renee tiger syncs just spotted in Empire Records with Robin Tunney.

    Peace In Groovy Cats.

  9. blaw blaw blaw opinions.

    Time to masturbate while eating korn khips.

    Merry syncing.

  10. Mel, if you truly believe that:

    'The literal implication is that a) we live in Hell and b) there is nothing we can do about it.'

    then I don't ever want to understand your POV.

    Sometimes silence is bliss.

  11. I was going to write something about hell, but then i decided to opt for the silence is bliss strategy. Easy to fall back on. Peace dudes.

  12. @ Jake Kotze, "Renee Zelwegger is a rabbit in Bridget Jones"

    I was in her newest movie (check out the doors behind me, they look like two towers)


  13. RA is quite astute and forthcoming. May I add we should refrain from so many Quazti Quotes (Kotze Kwotes). I had a Professor that told me to stop speaking others names, too much referencing of others.