Monday, December 21, 2009

The Red Eye of The Blue Star

Spots are red and waves are blue
If I am not I then you are not you...
Sam Worthington is the Blue Star, symbol of the enlightened state of Shiva/Jupiter in Avatar
He has the red eye or spot in Terminator Salvation.
Sigourney Weaver is the Blue Star in Avatar.
The Blue is the wave of floW and let go.
The Weaver has the red eye of focus in Wall-E as the voice of Auto.
The red is the concentrated attention. The blue is the relaxed and global awareness.
Zoe Saldana is the Blue Star in Avatar.
The Blue of detachment and joy.
ZOE/NOW/NWO has the red eye in Star Trek.
The blue is the meditating flowing wave of the greater body of God, while the red spot is the focused eye of conscious attention.
Red and Blue are the same consciousness of I Am in different states.

Peace In = Peace Out


  1. AUM, OHM or just OM was originally said as a mantra of oneness by the ancient 4 "guardian" tribes who lived through the 3rd (and 4rth) age. It meant "I AM" the great spirit. Kali Yuga which is kind of cosmic birth of the self into multiplicit universes made the "I AM" focsed to the body and form for the cultural matrix. The Egyptians for example were especially ignorant (confusing the ancient pyramid healing stone temples with keeping their corpses intact). Think about the eye of Ra. The bad karma and energy have to be cleansed out of the system. A red aura even shines through the eyes, it is anger - but the "ON" button, the energy centre of the machine also means service if tamed - hence the expression "red dragon"?

  2. The spotlight of focused consciousness is the red. The floodlight of awareness is the blue. Both allow what is to be.

  3. you see red, i see blue.
    you see me, i see you.
    gaia, i love you.

  4. I love elucidation of the two color

  5. Beutyfool! Lovely as usual :)

    the Blue sphere of Chesed on the tree of life is the Masculine heavenly begetter. To my understanding of the tree, the Blue Sphere Chesed is the flow of good things, what being constructs around us to help us, its also known also known as Luck/Fortune/Jupiter. Beneficial flow comes from the Blue sphere. Chesed rules the 4s of the Minor cards in the tarot as well, and the 4s always imply completion and benefaction of the matter in a less physical sense, more of a pre materialization sense. Whereas the Red Sphere of Mars Geburah is the SPhere that Challenges or Transforms forms, Change is a good word. Its the sphere where being challenges us with its flow, and change. In tarot all of the 5s of the minor cards imply a change/challenge in the flow. Geburah is Motion, and is also the 5th Sphere, And in Geometry the PENTAgon/gram implies motion or Change as well. The chinese made a point of skipping 5 in their divinatory systems, funny to note that Jupiters sphere of Fortune is the 4th sphere, and I Ching Divination happens with 64 variables, 4 x16 is 64 and 4x4 is 16. Something to the 4 and Divination it seems. 5 is an important number to dischordian preisthood as well. Have a blesse soulstice family <3 :)

  6. Quatsi Kotze ... that video makes me want to roll around in your dirty laundry and steal things from your garbage.

  7. Auntie Em! Auntie Em! i'm frightened, frightened! Oh, hello magus Ghost Light. I only just flew in through the window of this web logue of yours. Fascinating, Captain. You See(r), today's Netflix™ arrival, long anticipated, is … wait for it … Donnie Darko. What exactly IS it? Synchronicities have dogged me for decades. I don't feel any more accelerated than the next elf. Still … you turn me on, yeah!

    As for more on blue people, please visit an essay on a particular deity of a particular Tradition long followed by certain Magical folk, right here. It's a tad lengthy, but hey, where d'ya See(r) insights like that in the dailies?

    From high atop a snow-covered Apple Mountain,
    Anadæ Effro (•8-D

  8. Those two colors Red and Blue also signifies Polarities. Red being Hot. Blue being Cold. In the Chakra Systems Red is the Chaotic Source of Energy. And Blue is the Expressing. Put the two together and you get Purple. The Color of Duality reaching Perfection.