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"Water of Life I am poured for Thirsty Men"

From Daily Mail 12/9/09

A mysterious light display appearing over Norway last night has left thousands of residents in the north of the country baffled.

Witnesses from Trøndelag to Finnmark compared the amazing sight to anything from a Russian rocket to a meteor or a shock wave - although no one appears to have mentioned UFOs yet.

The phenomenon began when what appeared to be a blue light seemed to soar up from behind a mountain. It stopped mid-air, then began to circulate." Read more:

WOW!!! Good day brother and sister Stars.

So this morning in Russia apparently a Spiral Stargate appeared in the skys and began to rotate before the eyes of many onlookers with cameras and videos. This is definatly an unbeleivable sight. In fact its almost right out of the movie the Last Mimzy, in which a white rabbit is sent back in time by future scientists in order to stop humanity from destroying itself. Is this Stargate HAARPs work? Or could it be a Message from the Future? Id like to thank Strange Eye! for mentioning that this is all ONE DAY BEFORE Barack Obama visits you guessed it NORWAY for the first time to receive the Nobel Peace Prize.

UPDATE: For any of you that remember PalinGenesis from Goro Adahis Etemenanki, we can see that Sarah Palin resonates with Sarah Connor from Terminator, See here for Terminator and Palin synchs by Goro. In 2009 this Cartoon was released, read the last box with mentions of NORWEIGANS FROM THE FUTURE TRAVELING BACK TO GIVE HIM A PEACE PRIZE!

So was the SPiral Stargate the Future Norweigans Checking in to thank Obama for bumping Palin, just like the White Rabbit from the Future in the Las Mimzy?


Now this makes me think about the film the Last Mimzy, a Spiral Stargate opens very very similiarly in the skies and creates a wormhole connection for the future so that untainted DNA from the present could be brought into the future to continue the Human Race. While exploring the Rabbit Holes connections to the number 42 last winter, taking note of "Alice in Wonderlands" 42nd rule in the Courts* of Wonderland, "all those over a mile high must leave the court" the court connecting us to the Egyptian Afterlife Judgement of the Goddess MAAT, whos 42 underworld contracts if satisfied guaranteed resurrection(departing ticket from Wonderland), in Egyptian Astrology, the present wastern Rabbit Constellation LEPUS served as the Symbolic Boat/Raft/Gateway to the Underworld, which was guided by the Dog Star Sirius Anubis, so theres another 42, Rabbit, and Court. To drop some amazing new info, my good friend and Taino Mayan, whos translated his own version of the Popul Vuh using the Ancient Taino translations, revealed to me an amazing Mayan/Egyptian Paralell. He said in Certain versions of the Mayan Xibalba Mythos, there are references to the 42 Halls or Courts wherein the soul would meet many deities whom would judge their soul. One would take a Raft to reach Xibalba just like the Egyptian Duat Boat. So amazing that Xibalba, the Duat, and Alice in Wonderland all have references to a Rabbit*, a 42*, A Court/Judgement* and a Boat/Out of Body vessel for travel. The Last Mimzy has numerous scenes of the main charaters reading Lewis Carrols "Alice in Wonderland". And Roger Waters composed the main scores featured in the film, his band Pink Floyd featured Rainbow Prisms and rumors of Wizard of Oz composition at play as "Dark side of the Rainbow".

Interesting to note that this was Today 12-9-09s Myspace Banner. a Fallout boy Ad

A White Rabbit in the hands of the Hatter, and the word Thought Theives on the other guys shirt the same day as the Mimzy G8 in Norway. The word Future stands out to me. Thanks to Fill Spectrum for bating this one out.

Also its interesting to note that Stanley Kubrik who did 2001 A Space Odyssey also did teh Shingin in which the young boy bears a 42 and Rabbit on his shirt

See more 42s in my Dog Star and Rabbit Hole videos from last Winter.

So what am I getting at with all these 42s and Underworlds and Judgements and Boats etc. I really do beleive that we are entering a time where the Spiritual Dimensions that exist beneath and beyond our own present, are merging and rising to the surface in new ways. This Spiritual Underworld can be likened to the "Astral Plane", Heaven, Jupiter, Xibalba, Summerland, yggdrasil, Dream Time, the Shamanic plane, the Spiritual Worlds of all cultures allude to this energetic plane of existence, which I do beleive exists as the Causative plane for all things that happen in the Physical. I do beleive that our modern Art and Media is exactly the "Bifrost" or "Antahkarana" Bridge to the realm of Spirit, Imagination and Energy. So what Im implying is that it appears as though through the Mayan lense were at the CrossRoads of Xibalba, in Egyptian the Duat, the Kabbalistic Halls or Palaces of the Hechaloth or Heavens in Kabbalah. I do beleive this merging of the Spiritual and Physical realms can also be connected to our Entrance into the Age of Aquarius. Esoteric Scientist Alice Bailey beleived that the entrance in Aquarius would be a Washing of Man and the Earths Astral or Light Bodies with the fresh new waters of life in the new age. The planet Jupiter whos symbol reflects a 42 has often been compared with Heaven, the Fatherly Begetter of all things, and according to Juan Flores and Dennis McKenna Jupiter is a Spiritual Mirror of our world and souls, a Mirror, like a Looking Glass?

I do beleive that the increasing frequency of Underworld Boats, Canoes, Rafts, Chariots, Vessels, Busses, are all pointing toward the increasing activation of our Spiritual Bodies, which many of us in the West are just beginning to discover that we contain. We can call upon the work of Carl Johan Calleman and his Mayan Calendar studies which he poises that 2012 marks the perfect unity of the Eastern and Western Hemispheres of the Earth and Brain. Much of our Art in teh West has begun really accentuate the "Subtle Bodies" in Hollywood and modern art. See Jakes work to see the Eastern Light bodies merging with the Western awareness of Material Bodies. In the Ancient Kabbalistic Sciences of Merkaba Mysticism, there was much emphasis on realizing the Light Body or Astral Body of the Merkaba which is a Light Body Vessel through which you can travel out of body, and into the 10 Heavens of the Hechaloth, in the 10th you Reach the Eye of YHVH, much like the Eye of Shiva/Ra. The Merkaba Vessel is alluded to in the Chariot Tarot Card for the Sign of Cancer. This Chariot is the Egyptian Kephera Beetle, Scarab, Crab, Yellow Submarine/Schoolbus featured on the Tarot Card for Cancer, The Chariot. Cancer is known as the Child of the Waters and of Redeeming Light. Cancer is the Sign at which the Sun reaches its highest Northernly travels before it begins heading South into the Underworld of Winter and dominant hours of Darkness. SOO, I find it really interesting that just before 2010 we are seeing a very similiar Stargate to that of the Hindu 42 Triangled Sri Yantra Mandala Stargate that opens in the last Mimzy, seeing as much of the work hosted here @ the Synch Whole can be seen pointing Toward Jupiter/Heaven merging with Earth in the year of the Tiger 2010. 2011 is the year of the RABBIT as A few Shots to Shaman has mentioned

"We all live in a YELLOW SUBMARINE" - the BEATLES.

Note the Yellow/Golden Charioteer Crab man on the Chariot Tarot Card, this golden armour is the Merkaba Light Body, Cancer is the Sign of the Crab or Beetle, so now we can see the BEATLES-Cancer at the Aquarian Crossroads of the 60s immanentizing our awareness of our Light Bodies/Merkaba Yellow Submarines. Cancer/Beetle the Chariot card is known as "the Child of the Waters" IE the Submarine and the Underworld after the Summer Solstice.

The Bhuddist Heart Sutra, also Known as Prajna Paramita, it is an ancient Chant which symbolizes Suffering as an Ocean or River which must be crossed to the "Other Side" or Enlightenment. The Chant is symbolic of the Surrender and Forgiveness of the Heart that is offered to the "Other Side" and produces Enlightenment.
"gate gate paragate parasamgate bodhi svaha"

Gone, gone, gone beyond, gone altogether beyond (to the other shore)! O enlightenment! Be it so! Hail

Heres an Exerpt of the Prajna Paramita Heart Sutra from Ram Dass' "Be Here Now" whic features the Egyptian Duat Boat mixed with the Raft ride of the Heart Sutra. Gone/Gone/Gone Beyond Beyond/ Hail the Goer!

Beutiful Merkaba and Heart Chakra activating practice I do reccomend. At the bottom of this article I have posted a video from Swami Satchidanand who further explores Prajna Paramita. Through surrendering all attachment to previous Suffering and self, and forgiving the self, and forgiving all other selves within and outside of us we can be cleanse with the healing waters of life. Forgive forgive forgive!

See my Last Video the Boat to the Underworld for lots of Boats and 42s @ my blog Live from the Logosphere

Now we an see serious Kabbalistic Tree/Merkaba/Light Body, and Astral Cleansing happening in "The Fountain"

Note the SPIRAL Stargate that is photographed in the Skies above Norway this morning.

Reminds me alot of the 7 Pointed Star of SPIRAL of Sirius/the 7 Planets that is represented on the Aquarius Tarot Card, the Star. Aquarius is the Astrological Age that we entered sometime around 1900s and we can see Much allusions to the Aquarian Age meta children and new age spirituality in the Last Mimzy. The card is symbolic of the purifying waters of life that are said to enlighten and purify man in the new age, the card also respresents faith, hope, potential, prayer and magic, all of which intend on affecting the FUTURE, which is another symbolic aspect of the card, future potential. Just like the young girl in the movie is contacted by the white Rabbit to save the FUTURE human race. Even the colors the young girl in the film wears match up purple/blue/orange with the colors of this Tarot Card. But that spiral really reminded me of this Card when i saw it. Remembering that Alice Bailey said that the " Light Bodies" of men would be flushed with the Water of Life", so Aquarius is when we all get the Keys to our Chariots/Merkabas. I also would like to mention that the young girl in the film is said at the end to be the Mother of the whole Human Race because her TEARS were taken to the future for future humans to be cloned with. The end of the film features a futuristic age of Telepathy and Levitation and more. This Mother of us all resonates with the Egyptian and Thelemic NUIT who is symbolic of the pure unconditional accepting VOID of space, the function of space as a receptacle of Light/Stars. This Mother of us all is pouring the WATERS of life into the universe in the Aquarius Tarot card. Notice the similarity in color.

To Quote Alice Bailey for good measure.

"This sign, that of the water-carrier, is a living sign and an emotional sign. It will (through the effect of its potent force) stimulate the astral bodies of men into a new coherency, into a brotherhood of humanity which will ignore all racial and national differences and will carry the life of men forward into synthesis and unity. This means a tide of unifying life of such power that one cannot now vision it, but which-in a thousand years-will have welded all mankind into a perfect brotherhood. Its emotional effect will be to "purify" the astral bodies of men so that the material world ceases to hold such potent allure, and may in its later stages bring about a state of exaggeration as potent in the line of sentiency as that which we have undergone in the line of materiality! The final stages of all signs produce over-development of the factor on which they most potently work. At present the effect of this sign is constructive among the pioneers of the race, and destructive among the rank and file of humanity." (A Treatise on White Magic, Alice A. Bailey, pp. 313-314) " More about Aquarius here

The 42 Triangled Sri Yantra Mandala, there are 42 Seperate Triangles in this Mandala which the Rabbit returns to the Future in Last Mimzy.

We can also see the 42 Triangeld Mandala interfacing with the Pink Floyd Rainbow Bridge in one scene. Rainbows are light refracted at 42 Degrees. In Tibetan and modern Esoteric Mysticism it is beleived that a Rainbow Bridge exists between heaven and Earth, and that all Spiritual Energy comes to and from this Bridge to the "Other Side" or Astral Plane.

See the 42 Sri Yantra Mandala and the 42 Rainbow Bridge interfacing.

The young boy in the film who finds the Rabbit and Draws the Stargates name is NOAH. Whom is the Only Character in the Bible whom God makes a Covenant with the Great Flood, God Set the Rainbow in the Sky as a sign of his promise to Never Flood the Earth again. See the movie 2012 that just came out for amazing Rainbow Bridge/Arc/Noah symbolism.

Two days before the Spiral Mimzy White Rabbit Stargate opened in Norway, Sci Fi Channel did a Special TV movie called ALICE and the internets were scattered with White Rabbits. This can be attributed to the new Alice in Wonderland movie coming out supremely and Susynchedly in 2010.

The House/Portal/Doorway to the Other Side in Poltergeist is Numbered 4267, and a Gateway to the SPiritual Realm where the "Spectral Light" is housed. See my post @ the Logosphere for much Poltergeist 42 Rainbow Connections.

Compare this footage from Norway 12/9/09 to the Last Mimzy Clip below.

Thats all for now folks, much more is brewing behind the scenes, and will be flushed when data reaches carrying capacity. Much love from the Center of the Mandala to all other Centers of the Mandala <3. height="344" width="425">

"Some day the Children of the new Sun, will meet the Children of the old, I think theyll be our friends. You can tell your chilren of the ay whe neveryone looked up, and realized that we were only tenants of this world. We had been given a new Lease, and a warning from the Landlord." - 2010 the year we make contact


  1. Rabbit out of the hat. The hat is the Portal. Tis' the time. Blessed to be here with all you beautiful souls to experience this all.

  2. and the strange lights appear just a day before President Barack Obama's arrival in Norway...

    "The weird phenomenon comes just before President Barack Obama's trip to the country to accept the Nobel Peace Prize."

    Obama Heads To Norway, Prize Awaits

    "Barack H. Obama will arrive in Norway on Thursday to accept the Nobel Peace Prize for 2009.

    Obama plans to spend just 26 hours in Oslo, meeting with the royal family, accepting the Nobel at an afternoon ceremony and attending an award banquet that evening."


  3. Jesus this is going to take me a second to get through...

  4. "The meaning of every thing is 42" Must read again. The arrival of Barak is welcome to the northern lights? What a trip. Great post. Dennis

  5. Indras - So good. Thank you. I will be adding to this one. Perfectly syncs with what I have been personally mad hatting about lately.

    tomorrow is another day.

  6. posted some info and links to the the HAARP project EISCAT Ionospheric Heating Facility @ Tromsø, Norway on my blog at this link


  7. Thanks yall, Its a blessing to share these exciting times with this beutiful super team. I always greatly appreciate the feedbak everyone. Will and I were talking about how we are all going to morph into one Giant Power Ranger Robot together soon, almost seems inevitable. Much love you guys :) <3 Go Go Merry Pranksters

  8. SPeaking of Merry PRanksters they drove a psyhed out Colorful Bus Chariot!

  9. Dearest Indras!

    Excellent piece! Congratulate the findings. Reading a danish paper this morning something had to be of stargate nature (One always is unsure) because the atheist newspaper reported something like this: "Headline: its a russian missile gone ape! Text: It MIGHT very well be a misile - or a UFO. Then about 15 lines about the misile tests gone wrong. this was straight from official newsagency. Read synchronistically it IS that which we feel)

    Then for the spiritual reading: There is no need for the fiction "I". Look at the text - loose the fiction ego - it does not exist. You are oneness - you are no person. This is the stargate of the child. The rabbit whole. Seek !

  10. hay nobody do you have any tobacco??

    from this box of amy's "cheddar bunnies":
    "tug ears to open"
    the door to the office of the divine princip(a)l(e)?
    damn, what'd ya'll get?
    i got my disbelief suspended for eternity.

    wv- "touse" (prov. eng: "a pulling")

  11. every moment were new born, and freshly dead. "silence breaks into rapture" there is NO EGO! Who WAS the Ego is the question, not what,and how and WHO is not the ego when WHo is not being WHO, the Alchemy of the Who is the balance between being who we are now and who we just were a minute ago. Rules many there are, but in REALity, do you know anyone whos been human before? Isnt it funny the way we all walk around seeming like we know what this whole human gig is about. "Oh yeah this is the nature of the universe, time laws, gravity laws, physics are unbreakable laws, limits limits limits" NO! This thing makes and breaks its own rules. The BALLS on some of these organisms to pretend they have any idea about the infinite potential here, and to have the guts to try and say they know whats better for anyone else, JEEZ. Reptiles sure, Masons, sure, rabbits, sure, floods, bring em, you cant box something in without creating a new box of all other possibility around it which itself defies the nature of the box previously imagined. The box contains the box which contains the box that contains all boxes. Its like a Lizards tail the self, cut it off and you grow a new one, its an inevitable instrument, and one can fine tune it to ones pleasure. Its an abstraction that can be identified just as many other things, its it our ego were trying to stop, or is it our true self? and how do you differentiate, I dont know I just go with the flow, accept all things, like a Scarlet Woman, ride the beast! PS it wasnt me, it was him

  12. Clapping hysterically off that last comment...

  13. Kev, all I can say is WoW. You're insights into the number 42 are always remarkable.
    The link between the spiral StarG8 in the skies of Norway and the spiral I/Eye in the Mimzy trailer was quite a find. You're flying/floWing high these days. Thanks for the uplifting words!

  14. love it kev. i am going to stay up late night and add my own flavour of flow. got some skunk, java and the time to do so. nothing more i love in the world than flowing with you guys.

    i agree we know nothing in the realm of the infinite. it just keeps flowing faster and faster...

    peace yall.

  15. Read this on my cell today at work.
    Amazing connections man!
    I was blown away.

    42 and the portal. God damn that won't leave me alone.

    Thanks Kevy!

  16. water of life i am poured out... i am poured out... i am. poured out.

    "I am poured out like water, and all my bones are out of joint. My heart has turned to wax; it has melted away within me. "

    Psalms 22:14

    "Many bulls surround me; strong bulls of Bashan encircle me. Roaring lions tearing their prey open their mouths wide against me."

    Psalms 22:12-13

    "Dogs have surrounded me; a band of evil men has encircled me, they have pierced [c] my hands and my feet."

    Psalms 22:16, quoted -directly- in Blackstar Ressurection: Lion is Lamb.

    The ego is [self-]sacrificed willingly, like the christ... then resurrected? as something else perhaps. the ego is the ONE, as in NEO dying on the cross/x/tree/x-mas tree (merry... like merry men).jesus comes back as anybody... cool

  17. Wow this post has really synced with my own experienes this decemeber around white rabbits (see my blog) and clarified Ive stupidly never before connected the spiral with the stargate and the white rabbit as the traveler back and forth, it all seems so obvious now

  18. thanks for the lovely feedback everyone, much love :)

    I was thinking about Neo lately, and films in general. The Christ Myths seemed as one means of people being able to find an individual self reflected meaningfully in the whole of the universe of other selves. Like Jesus and Bhudda were top model of High Understanding and good intention and saviorhood in earthly form that people could fashion themselves after in the old age, Neo seems like the developement of that same archetypal force but the backdrop isnt nature anymore its what Jose Arguelles has been calling "the technosphere/noosphere where our memory and capturing of time developed an actual artificial matrix within the shared mind of civilization. According to a recent article Jose Arguelles says 2012 is when we shift into Noosphereic time, no longer the technosphereic times since the 1600s. Idefinatly see Neo as the Christ of the Technospheric era, Horus etc. NE ways I love ranting with you all here, Bee very well! :)

    See more here