Friday, December 4, 2009

Artislav Mel v. Jake and Jim

(Round 1: Crowley v. Tolle)
Universe says?

One point Jake and Jim!

Ultimate indulgence of self yielding annihilation results in what realization?

thnx ish, finish the post.

Artislav Mel says...

- Yo, Cookie, the foist round is over?! I don't remember it Cookie, am I hoit?
- Yeah Champ, he hoit ya real bad. Listen kid, yer left eye is closed up, I'm gonna have to cut you.

Cookie cuts the Champs eyelid, which gushes forth with indigo colored blood....the Bell Rings. The Champ stands, wobbles, thumps his gloves on his chest, and stumbles into the center of the ring, his silver sweat iridescent in the hot light of the spots.

Round Two (Artislav vs. Jake and Jim - Who Knew?)

I feel a little strange being conflated with Crowley, for whom my regard is mainly his genius as a writer, and not so much his philosophy of Ritual Magick. My own muse is Humor, which is in a sense, the complete diameter of power. Power, if I understand, is Crowley's big kick - I'm in it for shitz and gigglez.

I put myself at the mercy of the Muse. My arms are tied.

Stranger still that I should be conscripted into the ring without warning and at a loss. This fact in itself, I think, ought to score the round in my own favor. And yet, because I am delighted to be singled out in this special way, I defer the first round to my opponent.

BTW who is my opponent? Eunus Noe? Jake and Jim? All Three? Can I have a team, too? If yes then I choose Jon Kidd. No? Alright. I'll go it alone.

And just what is at stake here? Checkers? Chess? Naked Twister? Global Thermo Nuclear Wargames? I'm up for anything, although I admit I may be a little low on equipment for an all out nuke-attack - or Naked Twister, for that matter.

Do I have time to run to the store and grab some extree tabacky? No huh? Jeez, youse guyse are tough, you are. On with it then.

The Champ comes out and goes right into his famous quintuple knock-out combo.

1. Chris McCandless is not a good posterboy for the slogan 'People Matter'. He rejected people for the experience of what he believed to be 'The Divinity of Nature', which is simply a passive way of bowing out of the game... quitting. And his reward: to find nature exactly just as it finds him: as his Death. What is more indulgent and self-annihilating than that?

2. The use of the term Matter as in 'People Matter' is a corporate fascist post-mortem. That which matters also 'must be', and is therefore presented as an unfalsifiable absolute. Any value presented as unfalsifiable absolute represents the end of discourse and the beginning of dogma. Too rough?

3. In the social sense such phrase as people matter is a nifty example of Orwellian doublespeak. What do you do with the one guy who simply must insist that nothing matters? Doesn't he matter too? Do some matter more than others? Who decides what matters? Not I, Not I.

4. I do not believe that anywhere in the glorious opus of my work stretching back on line for more than eight years, that I have once so much as hinted that people do not matter. Therefore, the scoring of a point against me with the banner 'People Matter' seems a sucker punch. The same flaw in...

'Ultimate indulgence of self yielding annihilation results in what realization?'

Have I suggested some sort of 'realization'. If so, I admit the error, because as of this moment, I just realized that I have yet to realize anything, except perhaps a highly refined taste for Haute Coture, Bacon and Country Time Lemonade.

5. Your mother wears army boots.

How many points do I get?


  1. You make me laugh! You serve your muse well.

    --I'm not sure what statement Eunus Noe is making, but the nature of the post that I haven't worked up has to do with the idea of selfishness--which is one aspect of the philosophy espoused in your atonement post. Was it selfish for the Buddha to leave his family for the good of all? Was the suffering he caused justified, like a justified war, or was his family maya? Should we actually try to cause no suffering?

    Chris McCandless, according to the movie I saw, touched the people's lives around him yet went off (? to find God, to the belly of the whale? to. . . I must admit I don't understand his motive.) Anyway his great message, as a messiah according to Sean Penn? The meaning of life has to do with people--which is kinda in direct opposition to his and the Buddha's little move of going out for a ride and never going back, guess he had a Hungry Heart, eh?

    The startling thing for me though, is how I came upon a picture today of "the bus" in an issue of *The Smithsonian* and "the bus" is even juxtaposed against a whale in the spread.
    --This was the first time I noticed the number on the bus 142.
    I don't know if any of the Jupiterians have notice this. I haven't seen it.

    So, I've been thinking a lot, and I mean a lot about *your idea* of atonement. My whole conversation that prompts this post comes from your piece, and in response what do I find?

    A picture of the bus.

    So sync says

    leave my family, go to the top of the hill and?

    or, here is your prophet, he died so that you can know that you already possess the treasure--that it is fucking dumb to die alone in the woods to learn that the most important thing in life are the relationships one is able to cultivate.

    That is also the lesson from *Spent*. You don't need stuff. YOU ARE ALIVE!

    This must be the place.

    That said, Thoreau found something. Buddha found something. Jesus, well, I want him married.

    The idea of Crowley V Tolle is interesting, because somedays I think they are the same guy.

    I still don't know what to make of the 142 on the bus.

    Any help Jake and Jim.

    I hope we all know that somehow we are all on the same team even in our disagreement.
    --unless of course we are choosing the ideology of supremacy of self.

    collectivism v. individualism

    What's your beef with ecumenism again?
    fucking paradox.
    be well all, I've got some media to share soon.
    I'm off first to DJ the party of the season. Stop by if you are in town!

    Again, you are a wit of the highest degree Mel! continue.

  2. Thanks yet again Ish, flattery will get you everywhere.

    The McCandless thing is important to me on the level of a set of very close personal synchs, so I don't take it lightly that he pops up in the Old Corn hole, via your blog.

    Do you know much about Alexander Supertramp? Check out the wiki.

    There are synchs a plenty lurking in this story. How does it fit in to the Corn Hole?

    I wonder.

  3. Aww Jeez, now I have to fight Annie Lennox AND a group of uptight middle class spiritual cryto-fascists?

    Right On.

    I hate Annie Lennox.

    Ha! Bumhug!

  4. Hi all. Here is some interesting information...speaking of...

    Aleister Crowley went on to combine the ancient mysticism of the EAST with the scientific understanding of the WEST. He called this new religion the LAW of THELEMA. He then became head of the Ordo Temple Orientus – the O.T.O. This order carried with it a ritual known as SEX MAGICK. The acronym O.T.O. is not accidental or without deliberate intent. It is exactly the sound of the word AUTO. It is the auto-mobile that was the prime driving force behind creating, what eventually became the most elaborate SEX MAGICK TRANCE INDUCING SYSTEM the world has ever seen. The development of the automobile led to the creation of the Interstate Highway System of the USA that Henry Ford was a vigorous proponent of establishing in the early years of the automobile. To state it more correctly, The Interstate Highway System should read as – The MIND ALTERING STATE – EYE WAY – CYST – M of the luciferian entity.

    Aleister Crowley and Henry Ford, unwittingly colaborated on combining eastern mysticism with western scientific manipulation. Just as Barbara Bush (quite likely the daughter of Aleister Crowley), by marrying George Bush, colaborated unwittingly again, with Henry Ford. Here’s how. It was Henry Ford who pushed vigourously for petroleum stations to be built all across America. The stations had to be built to feed the cars that the masses would buy. It is the Bush family who delight in petroleum sales because of their connections to the oil business, not to mention the military arms and banking systems. Their primary residence is in Texas, the home of Texas Tea (think T for sex ritual cross), sometimes called BLACK GOLD. Texas “T” is a reference to the Swastika of Nazism, which was an ancient religious sex ritual sun symbol. Simply switch the first and second halves of the word and SWASTIKA reads TIKS- WAAS. By placing the extra S after TIK and the extra A in WAAS is not at all manipulating the intent with this symbolic acrobatic move. The Swastika can be drawn quite nicely in the shape of the state of Texas and the subconscious has no trouble whatsoever reading the letters TIKSWAAS as TEXAS.

    part 1

  5. part 2

    The unwitting connection between the Bush, Crowley and Ford families overlaps when considering the automobile, oil, satanism, sex, money, fascism, the swastika, the highway system and of course, murder. Murder has flourished because of all these other activities and inventions these families have perpetuated. So together, the two Nazi minded families of Crowley/Bush perpetuated the ideals of the Nazi Ford legacy. It should be noted that the name FORD is another subliminal which means FOR – Death. FORD also contains the RO from which we obtain the word ROYAL, that refers to the elite who ROSE above the commoners. Wherever you see the RO letters together, especially within the construction of word, it is a reference to the ROSE LINE of ancient Egyptian sun worship. The word WORD itself is declaring this very thing. Let’s have a look at this word.

    WORD = D death + ROW
    Death ROW = Death ROW-S = Death Rose
    Adding the S to D-ROW spells SWORD, the symbolic instrument of war and death through the ages. This is what words are, swords that destroy.

    This is exactly what words are all about, Killing and Deceit and Manipulation.

    Once again, in reference to the Texas Swastika, in the English language, this adding and deleting of letters is done consistantly. For instance, RITE, WRITE and RIGHT all mean something different. They all sound the same but we’re taught that they mean something different. Still when examined against the luciferian mindset, they are all connected. A RITE is a RITUAL established by WRITING down the incantation which will manipulate the RIGHT side of the brain. This is considered RIGHTEOUS in the eye of the luciferian mind. Aye, it is!


  6. As for what "Matters"? Some people think that caring matters.

    Here is about caring...

    It seems so right to CARE… however, the religions of the world CARE … passionately … according to the Laws of God and the Love of God … BUT – THERE’S NO SUCH THING AS GOD! So what’s going on? There’s a luciferian Light Bringing egregore group of Thinkers who have conjured up a massive light illusion where the concept of CARING is promoted by the elite families of the world. The RED CROSS is a Rockefeller organization. The Salvation Army and their RED SHIELD APPEAL is a Rothschild (or RED SHIELD – Thor’s Child) corporation.

    Every Christmas, the celebration of the Birth of Christ, celebrates the Death of Christ, and is in reality, establishing the illusory reality, where the Marriage Supper of Christ’s Judgment is designed to fall upon the world.

    From this subliminal manipulation, the SANTA / SATAN ritual, with his REINDEER / REIGN RED / BLOOD coming DOWN / Death OWN / Death NOW / Death WON from the NORTH POLE / THRONE POLE in a SLEIGH / SLAY to bring PRESENTS / PREY SENTS for everyone, has graced this illusory reality for all these illusory years, establishing the cataclysm of the Lord’s Judgment now being witnessed in its formation and execution.

  7. Very cool Dark Star,

    You sound a wee bit like a mad man called Kemila, who is wildly brilliant and totally insane - my favorite combo.

  8. I got your back Mark!
    I'll hang here ringside and when you get tired I'll kill em with kindness.

    Your the brains, I'm the muscle!

    I really don't get where people get ego from you? You do not proclaim absolutes?

    Anyhoodoos ....

    pax pacis

  9. Hey Jon,

    I'll play Will Scarlet to yer Lil' John any day.

    It remains a pleasure and priviledge to write here for as long as you'll have me...

    And what you say?!... some do not appreciate my mordant voice? Why I've had nothing but kudos since I've arrived, and feel welcome as can be.

    In the light of some differance in opinion, I would love a podcast chat with one or two who 'do not' love ol' Artislav Mel and his jaunty antics... but such souls, I fear, will not be easy to locate.

    Pax and Flap Jax

  10. I love you Mel. My only response is that I want to give you a big bear hug. peace bro.

  11. I love you too Wermes.

    That hug goes right back at ya.

  12. And I love all of you....

    I evol thanks 2 you all

  13. And Mel. I have the best Peruvian Tobacco ever. 18% Nicotine. Virginia is around 1%. I should mail you some. Good smoke.

    piece bros

  14. Man I would love to taste that Peruvian blend.

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  16. Wow looks like your up against some Bhakti Yogi's Mel, good luck they are terrible.

    Only by saying "Fuck Everyone" did the Supertramp have the realization that "People Matter".

  17. Ego, I go, we go, with humor and wit. The Winn-i-peg cartel are syncromasters. I was unaware that you have ruffled some feathers. Your blog-licious Wiz. Maybe your gnosis is overwhelming at the synch -hole? Keep digging and reporting what you find. Dennis.

  18. Hi Artislav Mel. You are correct. Much of the information is from the IlluminatiMATRIX. Excellent catch. And I agree with you on our friend Kemila.

    That being said though, his writtings unfortunately make sense in many ways, as in common sense...well at least to me. Certainly better reading than many other text & explaination such as those from religion & the Governemnt.

    You may have a point though, that I must be insane too! You may not be too far off the mark, but define insane & brillant? (just kidding) lol.

    About my thinking, you can see for yourself on my blogs. You'll find them interesting. There is a little bit of everything.

    We are ever growing & learning from our past mistakes & success (I perfer saying experiences).

    The Stranges Secret..."We Are What We Think".

    Also everything we see, hear, understand, know, follow & believe in on one day, can be changed...totally...the next. Think about how that can be? Why? Now that's insane.

    Peace All :) DS888