Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Jupiter in the News! 30/12/2009

Sources: Limbaugh Rushed to Honolulu Hospital

"Paramedics responded to the call at 2:41 PM at the Kahala Hotel and Resort."

British WatchDOG slams CIBC for dismissal it calls a "sham"

(I find the "fired at 42" fitting since I just saw Up In the Air with GClooney and in it he fires people.)


"The ball isn't dropping till tomorrow, but Times Square is already going batshit: The entire area from around 42nd Street at Seventh Avenue and Broadway was briefly evacuated while NYPD and bomb squads investigated an abandoned van. This led to an evacuation of both the NASDAQ building and 4 Times Square, the tower that Condé Nast calls home, though the few folks actually working this week were quickly returned to their cubicles. But for a few moments, it was totally Vanilla Sky* out there."

( * Interesting how Vanilla Sky came out in 2001. )

Below is a photo of the suspicious van with the fake security pass on the windshield. Expires March 1, 2010.


  1. There were police around Grand Central with K9 searching for bombs the other day.

  2. Thanks! Great to see all those Jupiter Syncs around...

    Rare "blue" moons in 2010. Mayon is mentioned as a possibility to really turn the Moon blue.

    Enjoy the blue moon tonight, last blue moon on new year's eve was in 1990, next will be 2029.

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