Thursday, December 17, 2009

Tiger Sync Update Alert!

Chris Henry, Receiver for the Cincinnati Bengals just died in a domestic dispute fight.

Bengals are TIGERS.

That is lot of Tiger in the news these days.

He has a Superman tatoo which is interesting.

Rest his soul.


  1. The death of Chris Henry is defintely tragic. He had all kinds of off-field issues but it really seemed like he was trying to turn his life around. He died much too young, at the age of 26. RIP

  2. there was a domestic double murder and suicide here in a part of town called "mandarin" yesterday...

  3. Great find. Goddess speaks through synchronicity and themes sometimes so not every tragedy is in vein IMO.

    PS Tiger woods makes $148 a SECOND. Fuck him and all the "synchronicity" that comes along with him or anything to do with him personally.

  4. I make .0005787037037037 (037 repeated) dollars per second.

  5. WOW, RIP. I know Im always saying this but I smell the Aquarian reality catalyzing interracial dramas as we begin to purge our racial differences which will be obsolete in the future. Both Tigers had interracial spousal issues, which are forcing culture to accept the global consciousnesss.MUCH LOVE

  6. Have a watch of the movie "PUSH" for more Tiger...

    "I know how you die."
    "Do you want to know what the Tiger means?"