Friday, December 11, 2009

Hamburger Time / Death

the Dethklok tells us we already dead

OZ ... KK ... Concentric Circles
illustrated with flow
like fire or blood

the cats in the cradle and a silver spoon
little boy blue and the man on the moon

astro kitty is a super star
black & white cat/eye

human head cat body
rainbow, pyramid perspective. pillars
Gummy Mummy with Spinal Column

One Eyed Jellyfish

Jaws as Galactic Center
the end of the rainbow

the word atop the pyramid
is ONE

pickled medusa exhibits drugs
the decapitated psychonaut
floating teeth & HamBrrrrGrrrrr

illuminated pyramid

like a russian doll, an onion or nested spheres

The dead cat is at the center. Once inside the sarcophagus the Cat is alive again because once placed inside WE/ME you and I no longer see the Cat, it has entered the realm of quantum super position. The Cat is both Alive, Dead and neither.

put the sarcaphagus in the gargoyle
then it got put into an Easter Island
looking R2D2 head of sorts

then it got put into a black cuboid

must of been put into another hell beast
then whisked away on Chariots

and taken to the bodies final resting place

update by Ratte:

# of circles
note 1 hidden circle, the center
# of internal spaces
note there is always 1 external
then I ramble about what it looks like

1 Circle
1 Space
(1:1, with hidden 2:2)
the egg, the wheel
dog:god loves circles
my "insight" joke is
"Do you like Circles?"

2 Circles
3 Spaces
(2:3, with hidden 3:4)
this is a women
this center is the vagina
the twin spheres are T & A
eyeballs, binary suns, twin hemispheres
there is a hidden phallus, optical illusion
the phallus wobbles between X shaped positions
the phallus is just a cylinder
could also be a column
a pill
the fish

3 Circles
7 spaces
(3:7, with hidden 4:8)
This is a Happy Lion
atop the food chain
implies the pyramid
hierarchical succession
the shield
the leaf

4 Circles
13 Spaces
(4:13, with hidden 5:14)
this begins the flower
all visual distinction quickly
dissipates beyond this iteration


  1. catg ... the g is silent ... atc ... at sea .. even though cats hate water ... act ... star ... action ... action cat / zoi cat ... tac ... the opposite of cat, holds things to-get-her (materialism) ... a cat caused the fray and my upholstered furniture is the veil ... st. ray cat ... ali cat ... alley the space between ... black cat BC 23 ... vesica pices shaped eyes, like my cousins ... ooo ooo ooo i'm gonna do a drawings ... buy buy

  2. loaded toonage. Rendering of the past and present.

    I'm sure I would get brain bubbles watching that show.

    Cool stuff JR

    Good night all!

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