Monday, December 21, 2009

Killer Bunnies: Journey to Jupiter

I was shopping today for my daughters when I noticed the card game:

What the fuck!!!!

Jumping Jack Rabbits!

Gone to have to get the T-Shirt!


  1. I'm waiting for that moment, described in Fight Club, where transition occurs between the dream world and the land of the living, where he realizes he is Tyler Durden.

    synchronicities bled together at such an ever accelerating rate until that is all that remains

  2. unbelieveable the level of really meaninginful syncs that i've seeing around bunnies since the end novemebr which have been verified by other in this synchromystic community and by other non sync awake friends is remarkable this one takes the biscuit, ive never had sync s lead me on a trail like this before (its like something out of a james redfield book) in this case from the white rabbit, blue spiral stargate, the messenger trickster/mind/ controller, jupiter finger, blue star awakening