Saturday, December 5, 2009

are you f-ing kidding me?

two days ago



  1. cool. had some JJ Syncs in the past days. JJ = Jesus, son of Joseph?

    Jesus Jack and the moon and OZ... Hugh Jackman once starring in the musical "The Boy from OZ".

    MJ, the moonwalker...
    42° Jupiter moon rainbow-halo - saw this 2 days ago when looking at the moon (google moon halo)...

  2. This Jupiter Jack is interesting in the Light of the well known obsession with The Shining.

    Every time I watch this film I pray it will be the last... and now I must give it another overlook for references to Jupiter.

    No rest for the wicked.

  3. J is 10th in English and Hebrew. Jupiter Jack gives 10-10. 1010(binary) = 10.

    Jupiter Jack is an important clue. I think that the idea of Looking and Hearing is present in the advert.

    The Red and Gold color combo.

    A deep field attack on this one, duders, its a must, methinks.