Saturday, December 19, 2009

You are What you eat

I walked into a Pie shop while doing my laundry
half the inside is covered in mirrors

I had French Fries.

I noticed a box of Happy Hands.
The one I saw was black & white though.

The HH palms are made by Emerald
with accent on the E
and accent on the ra
note Emerald City

Next thing I notice is a guy with a Bengal Tiger
patch on his jacket

He had Canted Squares on his other shoulder

and a Hawk or Falcon embroidered on his pants pocket

another guy had on a NY (OZ) cap

someone else had a #72 jacket

This was framed on the wall
but not cropped

this was also framed on the walls

this sat on the Coca Cola Refrigerator

all the sconces had red plastic roses
standing in them


  1. Fry, futrama, Buddha, roses, 72 (a great number IMO, Alister Crowley and my Grandfather both died at that age), The 3 Stooges,James Dean, Tigers, Hawks, Bogart, Marlyn Monroe and don't forget about 'The Emerald Tablet' also.

    Seems to me that these were all good signs from The Great Mother!
    Peace MM

  2. PS thought you might find this story interesting since you have all that Avatar background.

    "Besides their name being Webb check out what his dad said:
    Stevie's father Darren Webb, 39, from Mitcham, Surrey, said his son's injuries were so severe he resembled the blue-purple alien characters from the film 'Avatar'.

    He said: 'It's left him looking like an extra out of that new Avatar film. He doesn't have any white left in his eyes and it could be months until the colour in his face goes back to normal."

  3. that story is a paradox within itself ... the tragedy of the suffering and the miracle of him surviving. Twin Towers ... EL Vader

  4. I've been hearing 72 jazz lately ... as in it's 27 backwards, so 3x3x3 ... and it's related to Jupiter so it says at the Nexus.

    there's something about Adam being related to Sagitarius that I heard recently and all the stair jazz at the Secret Sun that makes this video so incredible. You can also hear John Lennon and Micheal Jackson sing the song.

  5. Nice flow! What has been on your mind / inside before all those Syncs appeared outside? (inside = question before / outside = answer later... but could also be some kind of a strange dialogue with universe)

  6. That glove mudra is realy interesting, I wanna look into Jupiter Finger mudra., I have a green Emerald toy gemstone that looks like the one above, right after i picked it up a guy came into my store w/ a real gemstone just like it but smaller around his neck. Made me think of Thoth/hermes and the Heart, I actually just picked it up earlier too hehe. Cool stuff Jimmy Jazz, Baracknophobia kills!

  7. im really focused on the synch whole. I'm very intrigued with the Jupiter Nexus post and curious who I am.

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