Wednesday, December 2, 2009

DROID is coming


And now?

It hears. It knows.
Easily controlled by the sound of your voice.
Fast. Scary fast.
911 assist.
It sees in the dark.


  1. i've been hearing about that on the radio and some people in an elevator at work were talking about "smartphones" ... I keep hearing Sweet Dreams by Beyonce too

  2. Good Idea!
    and nobody understands Beyoncé and wonderland than toure.
    Maybe I need to reacquaint myself with his wonderland series.
    His eye is so incredible. He doesn't miss a thing. . .

  3. Ishmael sir you r a scholar and a gentleman.

    my eye? the i is yours, ish. well ours, i guess

    new stuff comin soon; almost done

  4. "you need a supergenius in your pocket"

    superb synchage mr noe

  5. If you have never read it... you should!

    Google is fast becoming the intelligence community equivalent of "Tom Clancy's NET FORCE" !


  6. I was searching for a dove pic and the google sent me to your blog. Just wanted to say hi, since I think you've said hi at gosporn. Anyhoo, I see we have similar muses - if not twins.

    Cheers, M