Monday, November 30, 2009


Vulcan and Maia (The Mother of Hermes)

Maya cuisine

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as in bricks you can see the packing of those kernals produces hexagons. I did some work in the past on an infinite field array of hexagons that I called a hexametric field. Sounds like a curse. One of the things I found was a copy of the feild inside itself. I'm putting this up because I think of Maia as a hexametric feild.

I have always found it interesting that the Spirit of the Mountain/Forest in the Amazon is known as MAYAntu. This would be a Quechua word.

This spirit's name makes up half of the name Mayantuyacu. Juan Flores' Peruvian healing centre.

Yacu means the spirit of the water, which is a snake. So at Mayantuyacu, both the spirit of the water and of the forest work together.

I wonder what the relationship is between plants and Maya?


  1. Why now? it's not Spring, but I guess tomorrow is the full moon. . .

  2. whoever labled this please explain

    I like how the word husk is used to describe human bodies in literature I vaguely remember.

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  4. i saw the three wikis and it works ... i mean the 48 labels at the bottom ... that confuses me a bit

  5. I'll take a stab at Maia. . .

    Maia is a Greek and Roman goddess connected to Hermes, the Pleiades, Orion, Vulcan/Hades.

    Maya is the hindu idea that reality is illusion thus "bohemian rhapsody"--"is this just real life, or is this just fantasy"
    -the interesting sync in light of what Artislav Mel has been saying is how at the end of the song Miss Piggy says "Nothing really matters, nothing really matters, BUT MOI" instead of to me. hmmm.

    The Mayan culture's main food staple was corn, and thus they thought of themselves as "Corn People". Well I was pointing out yesterday how we are more so "corn people" and then I pointed to an essay by Michael Pollan. An Omnivore's dilemma also has a bunch on Corn.

    So--I guess Eunus was thinking about the Artislav Mel conversation about the nature of reality, and then connected it to the corn conversation. Perhaps he should have directly connected it instead of starting a new post.

    It is interesting though. A culture built on corn known as the Maya.
    2012 is an illusion? American culture is illusion. probably we need to revolutionize our food system as Pollan advocates. Or food is the primary illusion? I don't know man. . .

    I played with Maia a bit on Mayday. That is my link above. I ended up connecting her to moon and month and measure, thus my allusion to tomorrow's full moon. (Another time I connected moon to time to mind--so transcend the moon/time/mind? I'll find the link)

    Or Eunus means something else. . .

    I dunno. He is a little cryptic here in the underworld.

  6. That was a superb description of the post but this is what I meant. I see this below. Is that just me?

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  7. sex is only half of it

    I also like "easter eggs" in my posts. I usually link on colored text unless it is highlighting something. I even used to link on images.
    One day in sync whole history class it will be someobody's thesis to study this stuff--The Easter Eggs of Ishmael. There's the spring again.
    Anyway. I'm blabby today.

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  9. now that your wondering about food, I have to tell you that becoming a Vegan was one of the most important decisions of my life, if not the most. I am very against the killing or enslaving of animals. I have even believe there is a respect we must maintain with plants. I have mysterious feelings about cannibalism. I typically use the idea as a joke but humor and Brahman are very connected IMO. I was studying Chaos/Catastrophe/Probability and I came across a line "if it's funny repeat it until it isn't, if it isn't funny repeat it until it is" this description of quantum reality's mode of operation enlightened me a bit.

  10. I've always had thoughts of an infinite feild of hexagons I call the hexametric feild. I think this is Maia. The thing about the feild is that is hides a copy inside itself. Get it a hex, a curse.

  11. "Vulcan was identified with the Greek god of fire and smithery, Hephaestus."--Not Hades, whoops, I knew that.

  12. there was back in time cartoon Maya the Bee