Friday, September 25, 2009

Lucky Cauldron (Stewed & Brewed)

Yesterday I hooked up with Will to chat about synchronicity for a future Sounds of Sherwood podcast. This was well outside my comfort zone for a number of reasons (when put on the spot with questions my natural reaction is to blurt out the first thing that comes to mind, which tends to be complete jibberish!!!) so after our talk had come to a close I headed downstairs to crash out on the couch. For some reason I felt absolutely shattered.

I sank into the chair, my head still swimming with thoughts about some of the weird things I'd just discussed with Will, when moments later a commercial about a new National Lottery scratch card, called 'Pot of Gold', flashed up on the TV screen. To check out the very same advert, please click this image:

In the advert an explorer has been captured by a native tribe who tie him up, making him a Hanged Man, before dropping him into their Large bubbling Cauldron:

By entering the Black Cauldron he emerges a 'Goldman':

During my talk with Will, we briefly touched on the subject of the Smoking Mirror/Cauldron from my post about the Cat's Eye of the Hubble Bubble.

After reading that post Will emailed me to say that he'd gotten his grubby mits on the Disney movie called 'The Black Cauldron' (made in 1985, the same year that Stephen Kings 'Cats-Eye' was released):

Finding the 'Black Cauldron', or 'Pot of Gold' in the National Lottery advert, only moments after speaking to Will, felt like a sign to pay attention.

I noticed that the Blue Hand, one of my old-sync patterns which has started to resurface lately, makes an appearance in the form of the National Lottery logo:

Here's a snippet from an email I received from Will while putting together this post:

'Came home to my wife watching Flash Forward where everyone has visions of their future in aug 2010.... They have a clue to go off of to discover the mystery.... It's simply a Blue Hand. Much much more was in there that is just unexplainable... Rainbows and the whole 9 yards (pun intended).'

The Blue Hand points to the Black Cauldron, a magical device used in order to witness visions of the future, but it also points to the Rainbow Bridge (which Kevin looked at in the previous post) which leads us to the treasure awaiting us when we allow ourselves to align fully with the NOW.

When I went back to rewatch the National Lottery advert I noticed one last synchronicity which entrained perfectly with the skype chat I had with Will yesterday.

Early on in the conversation we'd spoken about some of the experiences which first got us interested in synchronicity and I'd recounted a 'vision' that I had about 6 years ago, which involved the ancient Mayan Sun God Quetzalcoatl. It was my first powerful experience with synchronicity, and it helped spark my interest in all things 'Mayan'. This 'encounter' with Quetzalcoatl, the Plumed Serpent, helped to radically alter the way I perceived the world so it was good to have the opportunity to finally get it off my chest and brought out in the open. Thanks Will for giving me the nudge!

While revisiting the Nation Lottery advert I noticed that the intro started off with a dark Volcano (a symbolic Black Cauldron brimming with Gold) and I also spotted two Pterodactyl flying high above the Smoke:

The Pterodactyl is relevant in all of this because it's also known as 'Quetzalcoatlus'. This giant prehistoric bird was actually named after the Mayan Plumed Serpent himself:

It's funny to think that all of this would have gone unnoticed if my chat with Will had lasted just a minute or two longer. Lucky I suppose!


After reading the post by Richard Cat's-Eye of the Hubble Bubble I was inspired to extremity. I immediately remembered an old movie that I saw as a child and have not seen sense. The Black Cauldron.... Richard links this to the Obsidian Mirror of Tezcatlipoca(I still say you pronounce it better Richard) and the cats eye of the Jaguar. I also remembered a movie called Cats Eye starring sync queen Drew Berrymore as well as lots of smoke from James Woods(it's a smokey mirror that Tezcatlipoca has).... Both were made in 1985 as Richard has said.... 1985(1+9+8+5) seems to be some kind of nexus in human evolution and home to many a syncing weirdness. I couldn't find Cat's Eye although I'm sure with my suspicions that it would be interesting(hell it was written by Stephen King!) , I did however sit down with my daughter and watch the Black Cauldron... I soon discovered that the jest of the story revolved around a future seeing pig... This really was interesting, but even more so after my talk with Richard. I have an idea before hand of what I want to talk about, but that so far never seems to go as planned and we found ourselves talking about the possibility to see the future through Synchromysticism. It's funny as well that that is the main plot of Flash Forward(FF)... I want to make a statement that to almost everyone in this feild of research(including myself) this seems to be a touchy subject. The Black Cauldron is a weapon used to resurrect an army of dead warriors so that one may rule the world.... All interesting concepts considering the synchronization to this theme and the Christian arcana's version of Armageddon. The Horned King(Pan/and voice by John Hurt of all people) has a plan to use the pig(nose/nosis) to find the Cauldron. The assistant pig keeper, a young man who has fantasies of being a great warrior, fails in keeping the pig from a pair of twin Pterodactyl or Quetzalcoatlus(notice the lightning hitting the castle of the Horned King).... The most interesting part of this is that our conversation(Richard and Myself) involved this very topic. We discussed to some length the Garuda. I came across the Garuda in my well known escapades with the MothMan(MM).In the book Keel goes into great detail of the history of the Mothman and it's obvious correspondences. He links it to tales, some not so ancient, of large bird creature sightings, including the native American Thunderbird. He calls it throughout the book the Garuda. The Garuda is actually the Hindu deity that ushered certain Avatars of Vishnu such as Krishna.Notice the sword in the bird man's hand...
Many countries use the Garuda as their flag, and most of the time it is seen as a giant eagle... The poster above having a great deal of meaning to this point but we have to cover that latter in the post.During his adventure to save his beloved pig our hero finds many friends as well as a magic sword that allows him to realize his dream of becoming a great warrior. One of his companions is the girl seen above. She travels with a Will-o-the-Wisp seen as a glowing orb besides her.My interest was drawn to the Will-o-the-Wisp as it interacted with our Hero.He reaches down to touch it....And it turns Blue giving him a Blue Hand that we saw earlier in the post.It turns blue again latter while interacting with a Rat, or Reservoir Dog. Once again highlighting Richards Work.In passing our Hero also befriends a lute play of interest because the strings pop on his lute whenever he tells an untruth.... Making it hard for him to be a story teller... An interesting concept for some to consider I'm sure. Now the Lute player is plagued by chained dogs. Dogs a symbol of Sirius the Dog Star and Hermes and Chains being a symbol of DNA.... Of interest. The Hero child uses his magic sword(a symbol of thought IE King Aurthur and Saint George) to save his new friends via...Splitting barrels of Wine... A very Dionysusian theme.... As well as.... Cutting the Chains of the draw bridge.... It of course slinging back to discover a.... Red C... The Red C connotation could also be applied to the spilling of the Wine.... I see the Red Sea as having to do with the blood of Christ as well.... But, you'll have to wait for more in the interview with Richard.The flute player with Dog in toe passes a Ferris Wheel type object(the thing that raised the draw bridge, see the chain)... The Ferris Wheel that has been covered in post such as Lost Just South of Zombie Adventureland and And Around We Go. Lately I've had some insight into the Ferris' relationship into this thing below....This is the Wheel of Fortune Tarot Card... This card is highly associated with Lady luck making it a good fit to this post and Richard's Pot of Gold. Can you see the Garuda? The Horned King? The Blue cat? The Sword? Hell I could go on. The presence of the Lion, the Bull, the winged man, and the eagle also have to do with....(the eagle having to do with the John Travolta thing above, links coming soon)...That had all of those components including the Wheels often called the Merkaba.This is however in correlation to the Zodiac... The lion is Leo, the Bull Taurus, the eagle is Scorpio(higher order was a eagle), the man is Aquarius... I could go on and on about how this is everything from the English Isle's Coat of Arms to the Lion of Judia seen on Bob Marley T-Shirts...Notice how the four we were talking about oppose each other...Leo and Aquarius... Taurus and Scorpio.... The wheel also accompanies the Vision of Ezekiel. I use the wheels to relate to the RacecaR sometimes, but some have giving the connotations to UFO's leading us back to MothMan. Below notice how god seems to be in a Wheel Chair. Can you see the Guruda as well as the Merkaba (in the form of a wheel chair) in the new Avatar trailer... While getting the Trailer above an advertisement for a new video game called Aion came on it featured a winged man.... I could go on about how cool that was regardless I have to move on now...Our hero befriends a talking dog that is called a thief through out the movie resonating with Hermes because Hermes correspondence in alchemy was a dog... Thoth the faithful.... Thoth the dog faced monkey.... Hermes was also the god of thieves. In an attempt to sniff out the pig the Hermes Hound delivers our clan to a water door that sucks them all into the land of the dead.Complete with River Styx. They are soon surrounded by Fairies.... Who in most mythologies are considered to be the dead, and in Keel's MothMan were linked to pilots of UFOs. These fairies come in every color of the rainbow. And with command of the Fairy King above looking like a cross between Santa Claus and a Magic Mushroom is lead to the Black Cauldron.... The Fairies colored like the Rainbow lead to the Pot of Gold as Richard pointed out earlier. Like in Hamlet the Cauldron is guarded by three witches who bargain the pot for the Sword. Long story short battle ensues and the DNA striped Cauldron falls in the hands of the Horned King.DNA strands emanate from the Cauldron and the Dead are raised. The only way to stop it is that one must crawl into the Cualdron on his own free will. The Cauldron lets lose it's green fluid smoke.... And the army of the Dead empties the Castle across the Chain highlighted drawbridge.The goD of the Thieves in an attempt to save his friends jumps into the Cauldron stopping the army. They escape on a Boat that resembles the Osirisian Boat that tool the Lord of the Dead to the underworld.... Duat is a concept that I had explained to me at length by Kevin Halcott who also roams these pages and who I interviewed recently.... Soon to be released the interview spawned alot of sync as did Richard's for me. Including one in a movie I watched and spoke to Richard about called District 9.... The boat that took Osiris to the underworld Kevin associates to the Lepus Rabbit constellation... Kevin and I had a discussion about this and it's connotation to going down the Rabbit Hole Alice style.The Rabbit is also associated to UFO's by Robert Anton Wilson as well as the Phooka as covered in old Kotze.... Movie Synchronicity 6: Robert Anton Wilson, UFO's and Rabbits.... Great shit. Now I was flabbergasted to see an alien in District 9 inexplicably holding a Rabbit seen above to the right.The castle collapse in volcanic style giving another nod to Richards commercial. And the band of heroes give up the sword and the cauldron to the witches so they may have their Hermes friend back.
And seeing that Hermes is the Alchemical combination of the King(masculine) and Queen(feminine) it was only fitting to end the movie and my contribution to this post with he joining the Hero and Heroine in a kiss.


Reading Arrowsmiths piece made me think of Maestro Flores and Ayahuasca. At his centre in the Peruvian Amazon he makes Ayahuasca brew in huge black cauldrons/pots over big fires. Ayahuasca itself is a massive process that takes ten days to make just six litres. 

What I also find interesting is that Maestro Flores and Ayahuasca have a direct relationship with the Rainbow. Increasingly I see the Rainbow as Heaven, and of course the bridge between Heaven and Earth. Maestro Flores is Ashanincan. All their designs are inspired by rainbows. His clothes all have various coloured vertical lines. The females lines are usually horizontal. This summer I finally understood what the rainbow means for Maestro and his people. They are Rainbow people. Their knowledge brings them to the realms of rainbows. This is the realm I experience now with Ayahuasca. When I walk around and do my breath and flower perfume healing what I see are rainbows. During this healing I am blowing rainbows into people. In the past my visions on Ayahuasca were often very busy and complex fractal rainbow coloured vistas, now they are often just straight linear rainbows. Its like things are more aligned and direct now.

The next step of this equation I feel is that Jupiter is connected to Rainbows and Ayahuasca. Or better yet, that Jupiter is Heaven. I think Jupiter and Earth are merging right now. That is my hunch.

Peace friends



  1. Thanks for sharing RA. Looking forward to the interview. I hear you about the comfort zone. I'm anti social to say the least. But this 'work' has given me strength to just JUMP in.

    Will, your the best. The podcasts are virtual medicine from a virtual shaman.

  2. Damn always good to check back cause you add more shit. I got 'Cat's Eye' it's really good and has some great stories (kinda karma driven plots), like the people deserve what they get. I had some blue hand shit happen over at my private blog and I have been trying to share (ver.2) second versions on my regular blog. Going to see Buzz Aldrin talk about his book today, hoping to get to meet him and maybe ask a question or two. Tomorrow is insane cause I am going to see a bunch of "horry movie stars" one is "Fairuza Balk" from the movie 'The Craft' and a bunch others. Should have some pics tomorrow and maybe some stories to boot over at my blog. Peace TQO

  3. Awesome

    The animals of the merkhaba that associate to the zodiac highlight the teli/axis/poles of the sky or cube of space.

    The winged angles on the ark/cube all relate to this.

    Love how clearly pop media reflects these fundamentals.

    These black pot/cauldron rainbow/gold syncs are also gr8.

    The Leprechaun must be near.

  4. Great Post! The black cauldron and rainbow connection are beutiful! Thanks for sharing your story, I definatly share these experiences as well! Looking forward to more. Be very well Bow-man Arrowsmith!


  5. Dive deeper into the sword...

  6. Yowza, yowza, yowza! Right on the mark again, Arrow Keeper. The cauldron, as you, a Scotsman, must well Gno, is one of the 5ive sacred relics brought to Celtia by the Gods. It is tended by the goddess, Cerridwen, whom I, as an eleven year old, forty-one years past, revered. It is THEE reason that we of the Good Folk celebrate Samhain, pronounced sow-when. Interestingly enough, the sow, pig, and boar are sacred totem animals of the UnderWorld. Samhain, or Hallowe'en, is that time of year when the Veil Bewtween the Worlds lessens (lessons?) to let all manner of Spirit bee-Ings through, (k)NOT(work) only just the souls of the departed. Ace reportage, as kin only be expected of you, Richard ~ Anadæ Effro (•8-D}i

  7. Great additions Jim! The Cauldron and the Rainbow and Self Divination through Ayausca are all beutifully connected to Alchemical VITRIOL and anchoring in our Higher Self to me. My last few experiences with Mushrooms I have also experienced Breathing/Drinking in Astral Honey-like Rainbow energy, since then I can breathe in and out this Rainbow energy as well. I also have been sending Rainbow Love through my heart and hands when practicing healing and yoga too, Its amazing to hear that other people are tapping into this same energy! The Astral Milk/Honey is something I really want to write about soon. Has anyone else here experienced when using sacraments the sensation or image of themselves or others drinking/eating/smoking a life force energy into them? I have a friend who calls this experience being "fed up". The Cauldron reminds me of the Hive/Honey Jar too. Anywhoo Great post Arrowsmith and lovely additions Jim. Much l<3ve! Namaste

  8. Brilliant Jim. While writing about the Cauldron (in my Hubble Bubble post) I did make the connection with the Pot that Ayahuasca is brewed in. What with one thing or another I completely forgot to mention. Thanks for the reminder!

  9. Well, well, well. Day late dollar short!

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