Tuesday, October 6, 2009

"WE/ME All Learn In Yellow Submarine" and the Golden Beatle Charioteer

Right in the beginning of the raw footage of Jim's interview with Jeremy Narby, for his documentary film Nosis, Narby shares an informal little yarn before the actual interview starts.

A little side note: Narby is backed by Alex Grey's "Gaia" - emanating the painted tree from his crown on the right, while entraining with a real tree on the left - a painting prophetically depicting the WTC and 2 jet plains.

Discussed here
Grey's Anatomy and way back here Goerge W. Bush 'Moonchild' Of "The Great Beast 666"

He recounts that he had read a Herge (famed for his Tintin books) book called "Le "Manitoba" Ne Repond Plus" being a book that forms part of the lesser known character series Jo, Zette and Jocko.
In English this translates as "The "Manitoba" No Reply" (being Volume 1 of "The Secret Ray" as seen above.)

The transatlantic liner Manitoba breaks down on its way to England and then the passengers and crew fall strangely asleep. When they wake up it is to find that they have all been robbed of their valuables. Later, while on holiday at the seaside, Jo, Zette and Jocko, playing in a rowing boat, get lost at sea when a thick fog comes down. Rescued by a submarine, they are taken to a secret undersea base where a mad scientist has plans for the two young children.

He jokes that he and his friends started telling each other "The "Manitoba" is responding" as they became aware of Jim's work with Ayahuasca and Juan Flores.

A documentary exists where Narby takes a few molecular biologists down to the Amazon to see if there research would benefit from Ayahuasca. It's called "Night of the Liana" (Jim might have to correct me on the title).
The Master's brew they ingest is Shaman Juan Flores who's name is shown in Opening The SrarG8 ViA Kirsten Dunst: Part 1 : Star Light Flower to resonate Yellow Flower. Jaune is Yellow in French while Flores is Spanish for Flower.
Above and below Juan gives an enigmatic response to the questions about how Ayahuasca teaches. Mention is made about visiting scientists in a submarine during Ayahuasca ceremonies.
What immediately caught my eye when I saw this was the font color used to translate Juan's words, yellow. So when Juan (yellow) says submarine it is written in yellow thus resonating Yellow Submarine.
Given the psychedelic character of everything connected to The Beatles Film and Song this is extremely appropriate as associated to a submarine Shaman Juan Flores visits for teaching during Ayahuasca ceremonies, no?
Extra interesting considering the submarine already came up in proximity to Narby's comments involving "Le "Manitoba" Ne Repond Plus".
Robert Anton Wilson and Robert Shea use the golden/yellow submarine as the Discordian headquarters, doing battle with the Illuminati conspiracy in "The Illuminatus Trilogy".
Hagbard Celine teaches the Discordian way to his followers on the Lief Ericson or Yellow Submarine.
Hanging out with Jim Sanders - seen heading for a veggie sub during a recent sync walk above - and throwing around these ideas, WE/ME realize the Subway franchise resonates this whole business as the 'way of the sub' is yellow.
Another 'yellow way' is the brick road into OZ.
Love the Red Gold theme arising here.
Sub is bus, then a yellow bus like the one seen in Little Miss Sunshine, is a perfect yellow submarine resonator. Even susynct, as the ride in this vehicle teaches the whole family to accept and love each other.
Outside the Peg Leg (WinniPeg LEGislative Building a.k.a. Solomon Temple a.k.a Galactic Centre Temple) we notice the most common school bus brand (certainly here in Winnipeg) is the Blue Bird.

See The SpiriT of the Blue Bird for Blue Bird syncs.

Blue Bird like yellow way also connects to OZ as the Blue Bird flies over the rainbow in the "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" song.
Again miraculous entrainment with what Juan says about the 'yellow sub' as the Yellow Bus carries our children to and from their place of teaching.

Jim probably came up with the school bus/sub teaching connect. Its a great sign that it is becoming hard to tell who is doing what as WE/ME learn to see the source as UNIted.

The NO symbol as OZ is another one that just seemed to arise inside US both at once, very cool.
Jim periodically accuses me of coming up with things I don't remember ever knowing.

One brief take on this is that the yellow sun/star, who's light we all live inside of, is the yellow sub in the depths of space, where we learn to become yellow floWers.

Kevin: The Merkabah Golden Chariot and the Redeeming light of the Soul

The Yellow Submarine strongly resonates to me the 8th Trump Tarot Card - The Chariot. This path on the Tree of Life is also called the 7th Path of the Vessel of God, also known as the Way of the Child of Waters. IE the Yellow Beatles Armour protects him through the Waters.

This Tarot Card depicts the Zodiac Sign of Cancer, the Scarab or Beetle in Egypt, and the Crab to many other systems. On the Crowley Card we can see the Knight in full on Gold Armour, perfectly reflecting Jakes Book cover from"The Secret Ray". Note the Charioteers clawed feet hinting at the Scarab, also reflecting the Yellow Submarine. The Blue in the Background is symbolic of the Waters of Binah or Space. This Tarot card also is the Veil of which Water Descends to Earth from Heaven. Also veerry interesting that this Card is called the Chariot and attributed Cancer is that the Ancients saw Cancer as "The Gate of Souls". Now Cancer being the Heavenly Gate of souls also connects us to the Path of the Chariot on the Tree of Life, Cancers constellations partially rule the Upper Triad of the Tree of Life, or the Heavens, and it is through this Chariot of the Soul, that our Spirit travels throughout this life. So we can see the way that the Chariot, the Beetle and Cancer point toward the Chariot or the Soul as the Vehicle of Spirit. We can associate now the Chariot or the Beatle as the Vessel for Spiritual Growth throughout life. This connects to me with Jakes ideas of the Yellow Submarine being a Vessel for Learning and for even Out of Body Travel and higher understanding. This also will connect us to the Merkabah, the Astral Chariot of the Ascended Masters, well get more to this later.

Now this is a great great quote from a Tarot site that sums up alot of Jakes connections between Traveling out of Body(in Soul) Learning, Family, the Yellow Submarine, Beatles and Love, as Cancer is a Water Sign thus Emotions ie. Tears etc, and is also said to be strongly connected to the energy of loyalty to the Mother(Binah-Space). We can really see the way this card Resonates with the Journey of Life, the Red wheels on the card symbolize the unrelenting forces of time and movement. Please read this lovely quote from

" http://www.novareinna.com/constellation/cancertarot.html "
" In the Kabbalah, this card is associated with the Seventh Path...the Path of the Vessel of God, also known as the Way of the Child of Waters. It is a path related to family, home, security and hospitality. Love is not always an easy concept to understand and practice. It demands much attention, discipline, patience and time, which is precisely why this path runs between the two most difficult and most restrictive spheres of the Tree of Life. For most individuals, the family stands as the central connection to love. It nourishes all aspects of this emotion...unconditional love of parents for children, brotherly or sisterly love between siblings, romatic love between spouses and friendly love among counsins, for example. However, this type of love can (and often does) strangle and restrict. This is manifested in the form of family obligations and psychological neuroses frequently inherent in the parent-child bond. The family is protected by the home...the physical vessel for love in a sense...but this notion of family does not necessarily imply exclusive blood ties. Loving and functioning "families" are often created in the workplace and in many other variations of groups and settings. This road of the protected home is also the path of meditation...an ability which demands stillness, inner quiet and discipline. Thus, the purpose suggested by this card is to aid in the personal search for the inner home. The Hebrew letter is Cheth (also known as Chet), which means Fence or Wall. It is symbolic of an enclosed area which marks boundaries...boundaries of a backyard or even a country."

All of this perfectly Synchs with Learning and Family connecting to Jakes Schoolbus and Chariot synchs!

Now remember that Cancer is the Uppermost Gate of Souls from the Heavens, so Cancer is the Vessel through which our Spirit clothes itself in Soul, and thus the Chariot can also be connected to the Merkabah as the Vessel of Spiritual Travel. As it turns out the Throne of God which is what the Merkabah translates to, or Chariot of god, refers to the sphinx and the Corners of the Universe and the Platonic Signs of the Zodiac or Kerubs. Now Cancer connects to the Merkabah beutifully as well as Cancer is the Home sign of the Moon, and in Kabbalah the 9th Sphere of the Moon is known as the "Astral Pool", the silvery light of the Moon also reflects the nature of the Imaginations creative Fluids, as well as the Moons rulership over our Dreams and Internal Cycles. The Chariot is also said to be connected to Past Life recall as well, and if you wanna do some homework see the Tarot Card attributed the Moon- The High Preistess, who represents just this Silvery Astral Spirit Light, she is the veil of Light which clothes Spirit. Astral Fluid reminds me of the Blue "Mariri" fluid that Shamans can accumulate and create and share for healing as well. Back to the Merkabah!

"Know the self to be sitting in a Chariot, the body to be the Chariot, the intellect (buddhi) the charioteer, and the mind the reins." --The Upanishads

"According to the verses in Ezekiel and its attendant commentaries, the Merkaba consists of a chariot made of many angels being driven by the "Likeness of a Man." Four angels form the basic structure of the chariot. These angels are called the "Chayot" חיות (lit. "living creatures"). Their bodies are like that of a human being, but each of them has four faces, corresponding to the four directions the chariot can go (north, east, south, and west). The faces are of a man, a lion, an ox (later changed to a child or cherub) and an eagle. Since there are four angels and each has four faces, there are a total of sixteen faces." - Wikipedia - Merkabah

A Quote from - watch.pair.com/cancer.html
"The Galaxy, Macrobius says, crosses the Zodiac in two opposite points, Cancer and Capricorn, the tropical points in the sun's course, ordinarily called the Gates of the Sun... and the Milky Way crossed at the signs Cancer and Capricorn.
"Through these gates souls were supposed to descend to earth and re-ascend to Heaven. One, Macrobius says, in his dream of Scipio, was styled the Gate of Men; and the other, the Gate of the Gods. Cancer was the former, because souls descended by it to the earth; and Capricorn the latter, because by it they re-ascended to their seats of immortality, and became Gods"

Check out this beutiful confirmation from Grant Morrisons Invisibles Volume 1

"Kephera the Beetle goes down into darkness, and Rises again with the Sun in his Mandibles. Some say that when we leave this planet we will leave as insects. When our bodies are no longer needed we will send out our Spirits in a swarm of Golden Beatles, carrying the Sun of Pure Understanding out into the Abyss into our new home amongst the Stars" - The Invisibles Volume 1.

All of this to me strongly resonates with Juan Flores Astral Travel and Teaching within the Merkabah or Chariot or Yellow Submarine. Ive really got a whole lote more coming on this but I wanna get this up here at least for now. This all to me connects with Insectoid Alien Oversoul Consciousness that I beleive Terrence Mckenna was very into and alot more too.

PS we can see a Bluebird Resonating with Jupiter to me guiding our Heroes as they Journey to the Center of the Earth, or as I like to see it a journey to the center of our Self or our Root Chakra, wherein we find the Black Gold or the Philosophers Stone. Birds as guides to Spiritual Ascension flow well to me with that.

I hope to share very soon! More to come, Much love family!

The Magic Schoolbus also Journies into Inner Space on the kids Tv show!


  1. Absoulutely Incredible! Beutiful stuff! This is amazing to me as I just started working on my own post about the Beatles and the Yelllow Submarine, our work is going to align here so very well! Wowee what a beutiful sign this is!I literaly just changed the heading of my blog to the yellow sub last night hah. Submarines an vehicles of Teaching are amazingly connected to what Im workin on! I dont wana spoil it but im gonan jump to it. Beutiful man, thanks for sharing, Peace in!

  2. "Yell now , submarine" shouted Ultramarine

    Ultramarine = a blue


  3. Very nice Jake. Great to go w/ my morning coffee.
    -I thought I should share this. As I was enjoying your observations, my children watched an episode of the Muppet Show in the other room. In the episode all the muppets do a version of Robin Hood. I don't remember it from my childhood, but thought I should share it anyway. There might even be a picture out there for the little John hall-of-fame (Kermit as Robin, Fozzie as Little John).

  4. Jake,
    "The Blue Bird" even fluttered its way in to the life of the Obamas on their 17 wedding anniversary!

  5. Thanks for the links to the other blogs, quite interesting shit about Crowley. I am %100 positive I have contacted Crowley's "spirit". I have shared 2 a few select people how and the quite amusing/profound/funny syncs that he has brought through for me. Along with a few other dead people . But more then my other "spirit guides". I have a feeling he is acting as my personal "Gatekeeper" (the main spirit guide,I have a few others) I plan on getting into this soon on my private blog. Along with sharing some pics and more detail, plus a few other "spirit guides" that have come through for me.

    Only concern I have had is I feel that (like the links in your post) that most people think Crowley is evil and will take it the wrong way. Why does no one mention how he originally set out to contact "evil" spirits and turn them "good"???

    Plus I have another question that you might could answer. When did people start blogging about these type of connections (movies/myth/syncs/collective unconscious)??? Like a year most of you started doing this?

    PS really directed at anyone who can give me a view on this..

    Thanks and Peace "C"

  6. C,

    The simplified answer is that there are groups and organizations around the world that do not like individual empowerment - Whether it is as simple as thinking for yourself (not as the TV tells you to!) or advanced mechanisms of dimensional contact.

    Think of the absurdity of control and bans on MJ or Ayahuasca!

    The collective "They" want non-creative consumers not creative thinkers. How do they get you to fight wars and kill for "GOD" (Guns/Gold Oil & Drugs) if you realize that you and everything and everyone around you are ONE?

    ... and thus ALL things that enlighten and empower the individual are smeared and maligned and made dirty, wrong or evil.

    As to your other question... I started regularly writing on various Forums in 1996/1997 (under several pseudonyms).


  7. @ StrangEye thanks for the reply. I have been through some crazy shit thanks to Mary Jane, but of recently (one of my main goals) practicing my "magic" with no aid of any kind, sometimes coffee.

    I have been through the whole NWO thing for years, I could give 2 fucks less about any of it or anything apocalyptic at this point, we all gonna die anyways..I just want 2 be "in tune" so 2 speak to make sure I can "unlock" all the doors/gateways" 2 "the other side/next chapter". I have a feeling some people that are not spiritually "in tune" don't keep their "collective self" intact. I will do a blog post about this eventually, in more detail.

    My point is as bad as I hate to admit it is sometimes I look at the "elite" of this world and can't blame them, NONE OF THEM. I want to be a "bringer together" not a "divider".

    Think of it as being Abraxas and then turning the "evil" half into "good", so to speak. Something like that. Plus it seems to me a lot of the blogger's out there are pure Hippocrates.

    Ever met a "hippie" that says "tune out man", I don't watch TV, it's evil. Then you ask them what they think of some current even that WILL DIRECTLY EFFECT THEM AND OR LOVED ONES OF THEIRS, and they haven't a clue?

    I have no use for those people. Self indulgent people dont impress me. IMO you should become your own god and "change the world" with "magic/prayer" whatever works for you, but focus something positive out there into the world, BUT SOMETHING THAT WORKS<---- I don't see alot of these bloggers methods of apocalyptic warnings and just pure depressing NWO this Devil that doing any good for anyone.

    But hey that's just my opinion and they are just like assholes we all have them.

    PS Sorry for the long rant on your blog man! Apologies, I just don't like ranting on my own cause I think I am usually just ranting to myself.

    BTW on the post itself. I said this in another blog somewhere about how the Beatles personally were pissed cause they had nothing to do with the making of the cartoon/movie "The Yellow Submarine". Plus I had to check this one out cause I live in a long yellow house, I like to think of it as my own multi-verse "Yellow Sub".

  8. PS - To clarify - This is not my blog. I'm simply a commenter here just like you. The Ayahuasca Twins - Jake and Jim and several others are the 'keepers of this Synch Whole Inn'.

    As for making the bad good or vice versa the problem exists in existence itself. Without both, tugging equally at each other, the uni-multi-verse itself slips out of existence.

    Put both hands in front of you with the fingertips of each curled and locked so that when you try to pull your hands apart you cannot. (you'll probably end up with one palm up and the other kind of on top of it with the palm down and your fingertips curled to touch the same of the other hand).

    This balance of "force" exemplifies what allows the uni-multi-verse to exist. If you label one hand dark and the other light (or pos. and neg.) and pull too far to either side the result is non-existence of the force opposite the direction of travel. With the opposing force eliminated, the stasis is broken and the other flies wildly out of existence. Pull your hands apart and again non-existence. The balance of both forces is required for existence to continue.

    Bad can not be made good and good can not be made bad. Simply the way it is. Should either "convert" the system will rebalance itself in order for it to continue.


  9. @ StrangEye I know it's not your site. I was speaking in general. I know what you are trying to say, I just disagree with you %100.

    Call me, yang yang or yin yin.

    To each it's own!

    PS I eat the "FORCE" for breakfast...

    “The difference between a comedy and a tragedy is that in a comedy the characters figure out reality in time to do something about it.” ~ Bennett W. Goodspeed

  10. Enjoy your meal!
    Thanks for the time and the intellectual exchange.


  11. Clapping quietly to self.....

    Oh, and SUB BUS USB

    I always dream of schools.... Is that where we're headed?

  12. Imagine... All this work and WE/ME haven't even learned anything.We haven't even gotten to school yet. We're still on the muthafuckn BUS.

  13. submarines contain nuclear power (energy from matter), sonar (sight from sound) and the ability to split salt water molecules into individual elements with alternating AC & DC currents (air from water).

  14. Great that youd mention dreaming at school Will, I really resonate with that too, I beleive Alejandro Jodorowsky makes a hint at that in Holy Mountain when he goes through Plutos(underworld) symbolism, he shows a big Gymnasium that seems to resonate the Old being analagous with the new or Revelation of some kind. Like school being a Microcosm of the Greater world maybe. Cool stuff Be well dawg

    JR awsome look at the metaphysical powers of the Submarine!

  15. Also very cool that Alex Grey came up on here the morning after I got to meet him for the first time! The Chapel of Sacred Mirrors has just moved upstate 20 minutes from my house, the new property is going to hold a massive complex that will house 12 Alters to each of the different World Religions all as one. Mr Grey also broke out a scrapbook picture of his newest Vision which is a green Jesus holding the world with a protective RAINBOW around it! Later in the Night I got to meet a lovely 3 year old boy whos name is Sirius Blue! Much love all be very well!

  16. @Jake Kotze, James Ratte & StrangEye, Don't know if you guys visit my blog ever but there is a good example of me "eating the FORCE" in the post from last week when I met Buzz Aldrin titled,'I MET BUZZ ALDRIN Today & Other STRANGE Shit!'

    Check out my AC/DC shirt and the statue with the (INVISIBLES COMIC BOOK ALIEN PRAYING MANTIS) Mantis on top of its head. The statue was called (FORCE) and was by a guy named GEORGE LUCAS (NOT THE STAR WARS ONE ANOTHER ONE). There is more 2 that story and everything else i do, but like I said "I eat the "FORCE" for breakfast..."

    "The point is not to separate the opposites and make "positive progress," but rather to unify and harmonize the opposites, both positive and negative, by discovering a ground which transcends and encompasses them both. And that ground, as we will soon see, is unity consciousness itself." ~ Ken Wilbur

  17. discovering the ground which transcends opposites reminds me of tha philosophers stonie fa show

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