Tuesday, April 28, 2009


I did my taxes tonight. I am such chaos when it comes to doing them. Alas tonight was kind of fun because like much these days whatever I look at seems to be a window into the infinite and a fountain of inspiration and meaning.

It is all one big sync hole.

In the comments section to one of the posts here, synchromystics where referred to as almost Autistic.

I can C that for sure. I have worked with autistic children before. They taught me so much.

So tonight as I did my own personal AUDIT of 2008. AUDITISM seemed a perfect term for my experience.

Nothing like looking back and seeing something new that has always been there.

This bill above is for the time I went to see the Day the Earth Stood Still with Jake. Notice how we went on Dec. 12 (12/12) and the ticket was bought at 12:21 PM.

Dec 21/2012, or 12/2102 is when the Mayan calender predicts Galactic Aligment. Is that moment in "time" saying hello to me/we with this ticket?

Notice on this bill the 3333 repitition in the Employee number as well as in the IRONMAN rental ad below.

In this blockbuster bill the employee number resonates everything this blog is writing about these days. 23 & 42. Of course this is a bill for renting Lost Season 3. A show in which these numbers also appear.

Future Shop 32/23.

This bill below is from one of my many trips around Manitoba teaching film to youth. The EGG breakfast that costs me 12:20 (2012) seems perfect as well.

I added this screen still below from the other day because if you notice I have 6666 messages in my mailbox. It is 4:20 PM. At that moment It dawned on me that recently I am seeing 4 of the same number in a row. Such as the 3333 above on the Blockbuster ticket that I noticed tonight (once in the employee number and once as a diagonal line with the Ironman ad.) .

La8or G8ors


  1. Lovin the new blog guys, be very well!

  2. Synchromysticism: A form of AweTism

  3. Wapner at 5.... Definitely Wapner at 5. K-Mart Sucks.

  4. 97X BAM! The future of 'R'ock 'N' 'R'o77!


    RAy RAy enough already..

  5. Auditism is a fucking awesome new word. I thought about just that word for a while now... Clever Jimmy

  6. yeah jon. pretty silly but it works. i love this place. peace.