Thursday, April 30, 2009

Robot Williams


  1. Canada playing Czech republic at Eyece Hockey in Red-X land

    That's Cans and Check[er]s

    What the Puck

  2. Isis Hockey. He shoots he scores(X).

    Can I get the check please? What $7.77 for one beer?

  3. The advertising shows Ceresit.
    Beer 12 degrees for 30koruny

  4. Nicely done!

    I saw that image of Robin Williams with the arabic EyeHeart t-shirt, and I thought "somebody's gonna use this one..."

    I haven't seen Mrs. Doubtfire since it came out, and my memories of it are not fond ones... what's the DoubtFire connection to all this?

    Isis Hockey. Hm. Anybody seen Running Scared starring Paul Walker (from Into the Blue with Jessica Alba)? Fans of the film's fictional hockey team chant "RED ICE" at games for the team color, in addition to a host of other wierd syncs...

  5. They both dressed up as woman in movies.
    They were in Hook together.
    Bionic Hook...
    Bicentennial Pan...

    Doubt 'I can fly' fire(heart) Dig it digit?

  6. Awesome collage Jon. Loved the Genie pic with the Ouija Cobra. It reminded me of the movie Robots where the Red Robin loses his head and ends up kicking it away as he leans down to pick it up. Good stuff...

  7. I would like to point out the the murderer's head on the futuristic 'right' side being purple and green resonating the Joker and the character 'Tony' that was supposed to be played by Heath 'Ledge'r in 'The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus (2009)'

    A wiki fart worth smelling...