Thursday, April 23, 2009


Each egg holder at Easter looked like a sports jersey.... Number 2 was attached to number 34
Low Percentage
432L.... 42-82
Handle Black Cube with care
Trains=Destiny.... On track attraction
Double T 23.... T2.... T23
No Black Palms in OZ
4/2k H OZ
The Grail

5 Star Double R Sirus
Diamond Heart above CBS eye and 42 in the bottom left....
7,742 items sold
Address 420
The Missing Link
I got Cataracts
142 KZE license plate 20 minutes before talking to Kotze on skype for the first time

Whats this
Pet Pal(PP) made of 24 karots
and made in 1994(1+9+9+4=23) no less
Master Craft star in C