Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Stars and Stripes


  1. A few posts ago was titled AUDITISM and none of the posters up yet feature RainMan which is about AUTISM


  2. Just noticed the Red Ribon sync with the Red Film in 'Wag the Dog'.

    Ribon = Movie Film = DNA

    Red Robin/Ribon and the DNA strand connected to the DOG/GOD...sweet! Reminds me of Hoffmans role in 'Hook' where he starred opposite Robin/Ribon Williams.

    Hoffman has NO HAND in 'Hook'. Reminds me of the excellent 'ZOHAN over The Rainbow' post.

    NO HAND = OZ DNA (H)

    Look for the man with only Hand and there ye be finding treasure.

  3. I saw Wag the Dog recently and I was floored. Such a great film; Hoffman is the best.

    Arrow: the man with no hand, Hook, reminds me of the Robot Hand. Captain Hook (clothed in Scarlet, like Tootsie) as TinMan is fed to the crocodile of time by GreenMan robin...

  4. Richard that image was why I posted this... I saw the Wag the Dog DNA red blood of the USA's stripes and was flabbergasted... Then I noticed the other flags all over the place... Definitly usable material.

    Toure as far as Hook goes remember his affinity(Hoffman's) for clocks and that Robin Williams is a clock maker in Bicentenial Man. Then both of them are Hermaphrodites as well(Mrs. Doubtfire and Tootsie). The list of Hermaphodites is getting pretty deep think ET and Tom Hanks in Bosom Buddies(BB). I was saving that shit for a post, but now see that unburdening my self is the best plan of action these days.


  5. Put this up at The Blob
    Dustin Hoffman - Outbreak