Monday, April 27, 2009

Into the ABySSsssserpent

Adam, Eve and the serpent.

'J'ames 'C'ameron and St'eve'n Spiel'berg'.

Forbidden fruit.


  1. Holy shit John I loved that Revelation/23 stuff.

    Brad Pitt knows all about the LEGend of the Fall. Will be looking at Achilles/Pitts downfall again very soon. Thanks Jon.

  2. Dude this shit is intense if you Enlarge it... I've got some weird shit to tell you about the Sistine Chapel's Adam and Eve picture... For one you can see in this little cropping that Lucifer is a girl and only from the torso up like the robot pictures... This is gr8!

  3. Lucifer's a girl... interesting. How does the Lilith story fit in with that concept, I wonder. Didn't she become the queen of demons after being kicked out of Eden?

    Nice work Jon. What a pretty pattern...

  4. If anyone plans on scanning the collage again. Notice the energy between 'S'teven 'S' and 'J'ames 'C'. They reflect each other in very subtle and strange ways. I kept 'SS' and serpent in mind as I scroll through.

    Also notice pre and post Eden themes.

    T2 stainless steel, A.I. stainless Steel.

    'S'tainle'ss' 'S'teel.

    After making it I still see Waldo popping up even though I thought i found him.

    Peace A77