Friday, April 24, 2009

Red & Blue Bird (Mashed (and re-tweaked)and then Mashed some more) Then finished(?) off with a MolsoZ

After William's Red and Blue Post I realized how perfect the two kinds of birds, that keep flying into KKonsciousness, are.
The Red Bird, most commonly as a Robin..
And The Blue Bird, seen here in "Stardust".

I love how I NOW think of Blue and Red as opposites, akin to black and white...

Opposite, yet just ends of the same pole.

Perhaps we are searching for both birds.

The greatest come from a mixture of the two colors.... Alchemically speaking.

Let me illustrate

America drinks Coke

But, the world loves Pepsi

You might dig DC comics (note the placement of the C and Pentagram)

But, you owned a Super-Man lunch box when you were a kid.

You might own some Marvel Comics NOW.

But you is a big god-damn Spider-Man fan!

You could be a Black Man, You could be a White Man,
or you could be.....
This is how "Top Gun" ends.
Tom Cruise and Kelly McGillis unite as the combined red and blue of the Pepsi logo sync winks hello..

Fade to black.


And then fade to ET.....
Right in front of ET in this classic scene with Drew Berrymore as a Gunslinger... ELLiot with Target Halo.... And ET as a Hermaphrodite.... Red and Blue are interacting together. I always think that ELLiot is looking more at the balls than ET.

Red and Blue rule the world of Barry Levinson's moving tribute to Rene Magritte, "Toys".
When Robin Williams and Robin Wright Penn sit down for lunch, there combined sync strange attraction sees the reappearance of Pepsi.


  1. Olá!, it' blogue muito grande do S.A. Eu poderia dizer quanto os esforços you' VE tomada nele. Fazer do sustento!

  2. I totally agree... Red and Blue and Black and White. I've been scratching my head about which is which, however.

  3. Hot and cold. Positive and negative. As an artist I'm sure you are familiar with primary colors. Red, blue, and yellow. I added the wheel. This is gonna be fun!

  4. Also I thought about it... Red + Blue=Purple which is the shade of the spectrum that activates the Pineal.

  5. Red and Green are the natural opposites.

    Red Robin - Green Robin (Hood)

    I've also noticed that Red, Blue and Green are the 3 key colors which have been appearing in relation to the Bird.

    When you combine Red, Green and Blue (think of your RGB TV set) you get all the colors in the rainbow. RGB covers the entire spectrum, and the RGB Robin is therefore symbolic of the Raibow.

    Just look at (MM) Mork & Mindy to find the Robin interacting with all the colors. Notice that he's doing the Crank Heart thang with his fingers. The Waves of electricity brings to mind the Rainbow Waves of Kosmic Konsciousness.

    Reminds me of the Rianbow colored Peacock Feathers found on the head of the Highlander. (but then I would be biased!)

  6. Damn I wish I could spell Rainbow properly :)

  7. Roy G Biv

    That is a fantastic picture of the highlander!

  8. Come to think of it Blue (Water) and Red (Fire) are also the natural opposites.
    So where does the YeLLow fit into all of this?
    The Goldman?

    YELLOW = WOLLEY (Wall-E?)

    I'll follow the Yellow Brick Road and see where it takes me...

    WV: rejard

  9. Just the other day, I was thinking about the red-blue dichotomy; despite the obvious yin-yang connection to fire and water, as a trained artist, I was forced to memorize that Red and Blue are technically not opposites. As the color wheel above illustrates, red's opposite is green, and blue's opposite is orange.

    Arrowsmith: Thinking of fire and water, fire actually is best represented by the color orange -flames dont turn red. And low-temp flames are blue.

    Anyhow, I cant seem to reconcile the concept... supposing red and blue aren't opposites, what is their relation? On the Tree of Life image shown at the beginning of this post (and on the color wheel), red and blue almost strike me as brother and sister...

    ...weren't Isis and Osiris siblings?

  10. And I cant believe I'm just now discovering this blog!!

  11. Toure its NEW and awesome! Thanks for joining.

  12. Toure the wheel is a tool to use for artist... It technically doesn't even have a natural occurrence.... The spectrum has infa-red on one end and ultra-violent(blue) on the other... That is natural refracted light. I don't get it all yet... At first I thought that they were archetypal.... Meaning that you can't ask..

    "do you see the same red as me"

    That some how light was the same for everyone.But, then if that is true then what is color blindness?

    Another thing to bake your noodle is that if something is red then it really has no red in it. The color you see is the only color not adsorbed by the object scientifically speaking. If something is say... Green... Then it absorbs all other colors and reflects the green you see.

  13. William, you're bang on there. I recall reading in some science book that when you look at grass, the grass contains evey color in the spectrum EXCEPT the color Green. How weird is that?

    How bizarre is it to think that when you look at a Polar Bear it's hair is actually pure Black. Shit, maybe I should change my blog to the White Dog I'm confused...

  14. White is the reflection of all color....
    Black is the absorbing of all color....


  15. Shaman: you're right, but i think there's still meaning to the tool's configuration. If you wrapped the visible spectrum into a circle, you'd have the color wheel, with the two ends of the spectrum coming together at purple.

    And it may be worth noting that neither white nor black are considered part of the spectrum of "visible light"...

  16. Very true... The cycle continues because the color purple is red and blue mixed... Good point!