Monday, April 27, 2009

ZOhan over the RAINBOW (Rinsed, Dyed, Cut & Permed and finished off with a Nice Red RiBBon)

Just watched this film yesterday night as it was free on Movie Central. I noticed ZOhan wearing a RAINBOW T-shirt and that he says he is from OZstralia throughout the film.

Lather. Rinse. Save the World. (there are those bubbles again.)


It's funny you should mention that, Jim... It's playing down here as well. I went and downloaded it as soon as I saw the Rainbow.
His Nemesis is a guy named Phantom played by John TurtuRRo....
Who apparently likes sunglasses and is left handed resonating the 5th circle in the tree of life Geburah/Judgement....

Sandler is also spotted with Weird Sunglasses connotation's in Big Daddy where he teaches Frankenstein(interesting name resonating Tin Man or machine built Man) about the Magic Sunglasses that turn one invisible.

He's then seen with the 23 and a DNA Halo in Mr. Deeds.

And in the next picture that I just asked Mr. Arrowsmith to make into my new header by adding a few Shots to Shaman he is seen in Chuck and Larry with Kevin James 223 Fire Hat and in Little Nicky With the Tweny Twin Towers(TTT) as well as Red and Blue (also in Deeds and Big Daddy) and Dog Star.


Follow John TurTuRRo to the movie 'The Big Lebowski' and you find him playing a character called Jesus:

Guess which bowling lane we find Jesus (TurtuRRo) and the Lebowski (Jeff Bridges) playing on?

According to this article:

'The lead characters in the Coen brothers' film The Big Lebowski always used Lane 23 at the bowling alley.'

Is it a surprise then to find the 23 resonating Big Lebowski (Jeff Bridges) with the Red Eyes?

Red = 23

The Red Eye resonates with a Red Carpet which we see reflected in the Lebowski's Eyes.

The Red Carpet/Eye connects all of this to Aladdin and his Magic Flying Carpet. Here we see Lebowski sky surfing during a dream sequence:

The Red Magic Carpet (which is linked to the DNA Gene-ie and the Red Robin Williams) leads us to the Red Pill which we find inside the SpiriT lamP/Palm:

The date July 23rd is mentioned above in relation to the Lebowski Fest. The 23rd July was celebrated as a day dedicated to the Dog-Star Sirius/Sothis/Isis - the Egyptian Mother Goddess. The horny Freya was the Norse equivalent to the Egyptian Isis.

On July 23rd Robert Anton Wilson had the impression that he was being contacted by an extraterrestrial intelligence which originated from Sirius, the Black Dog-Star. Check out The 23 Phenomenon to learn more about Robert Anton Wilsons presonal Sirius experience. Notice above that Freya holds the Black Ball, or Black Sun, in the Palm of her Hand.

JIM: Freya is holding a black bowling ball just like the Queen in front of the Galactic Centre Temple in Winnipeg.


Someone at the Blob comments noticed ZOHAN becomes NOAH (once you tilt, mash, shave).

ZOHAN sports the Rainbow.
NOAH's ark is usually depicted under the arch of the Bow.

JIM: Tururro is a Purple Jesus. That is the same thing in Peru. In October there is a special painting of Jesus that is paraded through Lima and celebrated in a sea of purple wearing devotees.

Lord of the Miracles it is known as. The plant that is related to the Lord of the Miracles. In the Amazon, the plant connected with the spirit of the Lord is the Purple Pine. Seems to be pointing to the pineal gland indeed.

(Will would add for those who aren't scanning the hell out of pictures yet that Jim's Pictures feature the magic numbers 77 and 33 with the Purple Jesus...)


To Understand the import of the color purple we need to visit the Chakra's again. The Chakra's coordinate perfectly with the Tree of Life Blue vs Red thing we were looking at a second ago.

~Jkidd inteRRuption

The color purple 1985=23 Steven Speilburg....sorry continue...~

More on the color purple on Following Hugh Jackman Down The Atlantean Stargate of the Blob!

The Red covers the Crouch.... It is Judgment and makes us think of two things... Excuse the vulgarity but those two things are Fucking and Fighting. Sigmund Frued says that those two things are the most basic of motivation in the human phyce. You can consider them interest in the opposite sex and the competition for such. It should be considered perfect that this Charkra is called the Root, as in the Root of all Motivation. The Blue Chakra covers the voice box it is Mercy and Being not Doing like Red. It being over the source of the voice tells us that it is all about communication. Bringing to or coming together and not splitting apart as in war. Purple is the mixture of these two things(one is no more important or more good than the other). Purple is the mixture of Red and Blue. It also lies on the Pineal Gland or Third Eye in the Chakra Meditation Diagram. In science it is known that the Pineal Gland is regulated by the Ultra Violent light from the Sun.... This helps it to know when to release the chemicals need for sleeping and waking. The Pineal Gland is also associated with the Phoenix as is Jesus(reborn). In other laymen terms Purple and Jesus make perfect solid sound sense! So lets follow Turturro some more shall we. He plays Emilio Lopez in Mr. Deeds. Seen here with Red towel over his Root. Adam Sandler points out this so we know exactly what we are looking at. CoCoa PeBBles on the table. And wino with Red and Blue hat over his pineal looks on. Lopez is Deed's butler and tries to assist in helping Deed's win the woman he wants. They plan a dinner on a basket ball court(see The Magic of Alignment) flanked by KK and red towel over Lopez's crouch again.WE/Me also see the balance or mixture of Red and Blue in the Pepsi logo... Here with LongfeLLow Deed's(Sandler) and his mistress Wynona Rider.Towards the climax Turturro shows off his magic as he appears behind the villain as if suddenly transported.Of course this is in front of a magic carpet highlighted by Octagons and flanked by BB.TutuRRo shows his distaste for the criminal and then....Quickly transports away....Sandler(DEEDs) shows up to fix the problem to no avail until.
Ryder shows up brandishing the diary of the long dead Double B company's founder. She opens the Diary to the date of April 12th 1957. That would be the 4th month the 12th day or 4/12. The year of 1957 can be singled down to 22.... 1+9+5+7. 22 can go down further to 22 or TT or 4 which is Chesed or Mercy on the tree of life, but perhaps we don't need to do that. She continues to read that on that day the owner got a maid pregnant and that a baby was born 9 months latter on January 23 1958.... That would be 1/23 and if we kept going then that would be 1958(1+9+5+8=23). That also happens to be someones birthday....Mr. Lopez(in red tux) and it was his mother that was the maid as well(being separated from a parent is a theme of a hero or god, think Moses also see Isis Incognito)... He is the heir to the company... This of course makes him jump for joy in true Jesus fashion. He becomes the company's owner and quickly transports again to the head of the magic carpet.And proceeds to fire all unworthy parties.He grants Sandler and Ryder their leave and a billion dollars which they take.Then Ryder tells Sandler the truth about everything.... And that her real name is Babe BeNNeTT. He takes her and their BiLLion and goes back to his Pizza joint.We are then taken in side while all the ends are tied up and we see DeeD's....Interact with a dog star the numbers 24(right above his head under the pepsi sign) and then he is...
Haloed while merging with said dog..... (More Sandler dog action at I Love Lucy)He is then revealed to have bought his entire home town Red RaccaRs including the wacky eyed Steve Buscemi who can also be seen here.
With a little burst of enlightenment only out shadowed by bridges intense eight sided thingamagic while Blues Brother(BB) John Goodman(With Sunglasses) looks on.... All of which are seen here eternally watching the dancing purple Jesus.


  1. Love this stuff thanks Merry Men...

    Gr8 to connect Lebowski Bridges to the Red I and Red C!

  2. I'm really glad to finally 'C' the dude making his appearance here. More please ;)

  3. i second that Jon...

    That Mariah Carey album cover on Zohan's shirt -album title:Rainbow- was always one of my favorite images of Mariah (Mary). The album cover spotlights the red "I" in Mary's name, and the first single, "Heartbreaker", has a video in which Mariah's alterEgo is introduced... she defeats her (dark) reflection in a bathroom before returning to her cheating boyfriend, played by Jerry O'Connell from Sliders...

  4. In case anyone wants to see the beautiful ms mariah in a bathroom catfight with her alter ego; ;]

    ps: in the vid: be on the lookout for "UC" on O'Connell's sweatshirt and a scene referencing the identity-switching "Look at me, I'm Sandra Dee" scene from Grease...

  5. Mariah Carey's "Heartbreaker" was used in me and Jim's video "StarMummy"

  6. Also; Not sure if this fits anywhere but July 23rd is also the cusp day between Cancer and Leo signs. my birthday falls on that day (1982), and I have to read both horoscopes since a few zodiac calendars have me as a cancer while most others have me as a leo.

    waitaminute. am i twins?


    7/23/1982 - 7/23/2012 = 30 years

    Great job on the blog guys... its great to see the ideas spiraling...

  7. Brillaint updates guys! It goes to show that the Red-C starts out as a trickle of ideas and soon becomes an awesome flood.

    L8r Blues Brothers.

  8. Turturro wears a octagonal watch in "Barton Fink" (gr8 film..)

    This is awesome and dynamic stuff guys.

    BB makes me think of Big Brother

  9. Is it normal for my monitor to start glowing while reading this particular post?

    Kidding guys. Brilliant!

  10. I added the color purple poster...Think about what Will said about purple and view poster.