Thursday, April 23, 2009

The 420 BLack Jack Hole

So it was 420 this past Monday. Here in Winnipeg thousands of people, mostly youth, gathered at the Manitoba Ledge (LEGislature) in order to honour 420 by smoking dope en masse.

The police just stood by and everyone toked. I rushed in from work in Grosse Isle and made it there just in time for 4:20 PM. As I ran in with my camera there was a big waft of smoke above the grounds.

What was so fascinating about this scene was the mass of people all congregated around the BLACK statue of the QUEEN holding the Black Ball, which perhaps symbolizes the Black Hole at the centre of the Galaxy, the centre of the Garden and the centre of Hearts.

It was if a BLACK WHOLE was visibly forming on 420. Everyone was wearing black. It was a Black Sea of Plant Konsciousness.

Then as I was driving home, I notice through my dirty windshield, graffiti on a business.

The graffiti is from a local gang and their symbol is a skull and bones with XX as the eyes.

...and then I notice the business sign above the graffiti is called THC Winnipeg. Its a sports store.

Or a clear reference to Marijuana. They must joke about it all the time wouldn't you think?



  1. That first pic looks like a post card... Correct me if I'm wrong but on the last pic it looks like the last 4 digits are 2456?

  2. Right above the THC sign it looks like it says Focus!

  3. You're right Shaman. I looked at the larger image and it does indeed say Focus.

    What should we be focusing on?

    THCing of course...

  4. Yeah, and i first focused on the skull and crossbones drawing because of the XX. Its interesting how XX symbolizes death when it is used for the eyes.

  5. Для такого дела просто необходимо использовать маслобензоуловитель (он же еще и нейтеуловителем именуется) . Ибо ничем другим вы воду от этого нормально не очиститте