Thursday, April 23, 2009

Can U C? (Double Mashed)

Richard Arrowsmith pointed out recently that U's can become C's...

U Turn it and C!

JIM: Man you read my mind you f*$!er!

I was in lala land earlier today pondering letters and numbers. I thought it was interesting that someone in your comments section over at The Blob mentioned that X was the 24th letter, which resonated with 42, or Jupiter etc...

So I thought the 23rd letter is W. That is perfect. As the W is the M of MOM and WOW.

Then I wondered what is the 21st letter. Because 21 is BLACKJACK, and man am I ever seeing
the word JACK everywhere. 21 is also 1/2 of 42, and its reverse of 12 is half of 24, which is the reverse of 42.

At that point TODAY I figured out that the 21st letter of the alphabet is U.

I though to myself. "What is so special with the U? "

Of course the one thing I thought of earlier was the U gives us U-Turn.

I was probably just deciphering the same galactic pulse that you are all doing at that same moment.

I feel like we will be able to do a Sesame Street Synchromystic Alphabet Skit soon.

L8or G8ors


I third the motion... Was thinking all day about number games.

W is actually a Double U. Or CC. Coca Cola has a link to 23 NOW. Not only that but Double U would be 42 like Jim said(21+21).... W is both 23 and 42. Sycromysticaly interesting is that eye C them together constantly, along with 77.

Wonder about that movie 21.


  1. The sesame street characters would be right at home.

    Delicious cookie towers amm num num num.

  2. Notice that the Red U-Turn Arrow points directly to the name Oliver Stone (OS/OZ).

    Jlo, Star of the U-Turn, can be found with the double G(77) in this image. Notice that the L in her logo is a Crescent, with the O standing in for the Star.

    JLO helps us GLO so that we can FLO

    U C?

  3. 21 grams, starring Uturn's Sean Penn from I Am Sam, and 2010's [twentytwenten] Tree of Life" with Brad Pitt...