Thursday, April 23, 2009

Big Eye Guy & the Sumi Genie Dude (Mashed)

Today's creations with a grade 5 class in a town called Grosse Ilse, which in English means Big Island.

Or more like Big Eye Land.

No wonder I made a big eye guy! Heck I mad the guy and did not connect the name of the town until now.

That is sync silly.

The kids made the set. Their video is about a suba diver that gets swallowed by a big shark.

I made these two characters quickly as examples for the kids.

I though they fit well in their set. The starfish was part of the work of the kids.

Spent some time yesterday and today researching, taking scans etc of infamous Justice League Nemesis Starro The Conqueror....
Only to see a Starfish pop up in Jim's post here!


  1. There be much Starfish action in my new video...

  2. OK. That works. Now that we know that we are working on the same thing all that time we can make joint posts. Its like many faces of the divine catching up at the end of the day to compare notes and realizing they are all the same.


  3. Вот случайно напоролся на ваш этот блог и не могу не заметить что столько всего полезного, а такие низкие поисковые выдачи, Вам бы хорошее продвижение сайта не помешало бы.