Thursday, April 23, 2009

A Spark in Canada to illuminate the World

In the Heart of the Continent rises Castle Centreport. Originally planned for 2010, but now due to be completed by 2012. I like to call this Twenty Twen.

"Reach for the Stars" is the slogan for the new 2012 Castle. Below is the pin that people wear to show support for the project.

In 2006 I saved this newspaper ad for the museum that is seen below.

"A Spark in Canada to Illuminate the World" - Bold predictions indeed.


  1. Glad you saved that Jimbo.

    The Emerald City on the journey of the Red Road.

    (Enter Dramatic Galactic Center Temple Subplot..)

    Infinite Depth..

  2. i know. though when i did i was in my conspiracy mode and i felt like i was the only one that could see this NWO occult conspiracy to rule the world from winnipeg. funny times...

    glad i have used it in the context i am NOW

  3. Oz fractal goodness. I wonder if OZ was an actual inspiration for the architect?

  4. Для такой цели посоветовал бы вам ребят которые занимаются перевозкой больных по всей россии . Государственные структуры таким увы не занимаются, разве только пресловутое "социальное такси" но и оно далеко не во всех городах работает.