Friday, April 16, 2010

Journey to the Center of the Heart via Climbing Up Magick MounTIN w/ diamond soles

I was working on a post about smoke and vapor owing to a theme spotted in recent media. Smoke...
Looks visually exactly like vapor..
An Iconic example of rising smoke is the Twins on Fire during 911.
Lets get straight to it...
The Pillar with Fire/Smoke coming out of the top resonates the enlightened or Illuminated Being.

Alex Grey depicts this enlightened human with radiating crown, helping us along with her arms creating a pyramid shape.
911 highlighted the jump start of a process seeing us become smokey pyramids or awakened cosmic citeZENs.

I kinda dropped the post for a while, as my attention is all over the place, until the news piece about an Icelandic Volcano started taking shape.
Travel chaos from volcanic ash cloud worst since 9/11

Right NOW the most flight disruptions are happening - due to a 'smoke pillar' in Iceland - since 911.

A volcano has erupted in Iceland under a Glacier.

Seeing the Fiery Pillar return, as connected to 911, made me sit back and look closer..

Encino Man 1992
Teacher: "We're gonna start this weeks class by talking about prehistoric man in the..?"
Pauly Shore: "Ice Age?"...
Teacher: "Yes, that's right, now, why do we call it the Ice Age? Because there were allot of big chunks of ice around.. and what do we call these big chunks of ice? Remember?"

Robin Tunney as Ella yawns while sitting next to equally disinterested Megan Ward, as character Robyn, backed by a skeleton.
This harks back nicely to the situation in Vertical Limit where Robin Tunney climbs the Ice Mountain K2 with Chris O'Donnell, famous as Robin in the previous Batman franchise.
Twin Robins in situations resonating Ice...

Our teacher is till waiting for a response from his class to his question..

Teacher: "Yes, that's right, now, why do we call it the Ice Age? Because there were allot of big chunks of ice around.. and what do we call these big chunks of ice? Remember?"

Student: "Glaciers"
Brendan Fraser is dug up from a glacier in Encino Man. Our Ice Age Man is thawed and unleashed to climb the social pyramid of high school popularity..
He gets to enjoy all the pleasures of modern teen life, like riding the Vaper, Roller Coaster at Mega Mountain.

In reality this is the Viper at Six Flags Magic Mountain in California.

Viper was used in the 1992 Brendan Fraser movie Encino Man (referred to in the movie as the "Vaper"). Wiki

That we have the themes Vaper/Vapor, Mountain, Ice and Glacier all together is very interesting indeed but that's kind of an aside, as what really got me into this Fraser thread, originally, was noting BrenDAN is in Journey to the Center of the Earth set in Iceland.
Fraser is a vulcanologist studying strange seismic activity which leads him to adventure in Iceland.
Given the context of Encino Man's Fraser as Glacier thawed Ice(land) Man we must be on to something, no..?

I intend to come back and look into this again later today as I'm sure Fraser interacts with lava and all sorts of goodies while in Iceland, but right now I must brake and go see the Red Dragon in The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.
Notice how this is a smokey red Dragon!
Fraser and the Red Dragon (red font of word Dragon) on The Mummy: Tomb of The Dragon Emperor.
Sand storm, resonating the smoke, coming out of the sacred mountains of Giza...

To be continued soon, flux willing.

I'll leave you for now with Jim's tweets which some up the situation nicely:

The Volcano is the original sacred fire. The Mountain whose peak/capstone blew and left the altar of fire.

The Volcano is the Earth's bleeding heart. The blood floW of the Red C.


Well, I just noticed this headline from today below. Look how it says FORCES DELTA UNITED.

Volcano as delta force indeed.

Stars Blue Eye (or a Blue Star Eye) and a Red Smoke Dragon.

Just got back from The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, a very dark murder mystery which I enjoyed quite a bit...
It's telling that a film that has the Scarlet smoke Dragon on its poster with a female lead as a chain cigarette smoker opens in Winnipeg today, right as the smoke theme hits the sync web.
While at the temple of StarGates (Movie Theater) I got a close look at a big version of Fraser's newest Furry Vengeance. It has the red C as U shape in 'fUrry' entraining it with the Seeing Red floW of lava.
It also sees three triangular/delta shapes as houses resonating the pyramids and BrenDAN's The Mummy turn. A raccoon squirts floW at Brendan's root Chakra.
Fraser stands on the Red U/C shape with floW entrainment.
The Red Root Chakra (with delta/v/cup shape..) is the Red Cup or Wholy Grail.
In The Mentalist episode "The Red Box" Tunney gets a Red C entraining with her Root Chakra.
Which all reminds me of the film The Box with its red button looking g like a Red Eye..
I like how the crow pulls on his noose/tie in Vengeance and how this entrains perfectly with the coiled rope 'hanging' Fraser in The Mummy.

This is because our identities of what we once thought we were is coming to an end. Our ego's or little selves are literally dying..
The Ice and the Journey to the Heart resonate each other in this Ice Age & Journey to the Center of the Earth Sync Combo.

We stare out of the Monster mouth as we learn to tame the Dragon/Fear of enlightenment.
BrenDAN flies to Reykjavik Iceland on a Blue and Gold 'Bird'.
On-board he is working on a code.
Helped solved by his nephew Josh Hutcherson (recently seen in Vampire assistant) using the two Blue G's of GooGle. The Twin Stars of 2010 Contact.
As they land we see a volcano crater...

Trever/Brendan and Sean/Hutcherson hike up Sneffels with guide Hannah played by Anita Briem.
The guide of the MounTIN climb wears 66 North logo.
Again the GG of the Twin Suns.
Fraser tries to collect seismographs from the extinct volcano now showing activity when he is chased by lightning!?
Lightning bolts immediately tells us that we are in the presence of Zeus/Jupiter, the Wizard of 2010 Contact.
Moving closer to the Center of the Heart aka Wonderland/Oz they start finding magickal things like 'volcanic tubes' encrusted with giant diamonds.
They have vivified third eye head lamps as the descend into the earths heart. Diamonds are also called Ice.
Iceland/Diamond land, where are hearts start to shine like diamonds.

We interrupt this post to jump into The Simpsons S9 E23 King of the Hill which sees the guest voice appearance of Brendan Fraser. This is getting pretty solid, check it out...
Homer wants to get fit by exercising and eating "Powersauce" apple sauce energy bars, featuring lightning bolts.
The bolt reminds us of the previous encounter of Fraser with bolts in Journey to the Center. Zeus/Jupiter the bolt God is also the ruler of Mount Olympus. It is fitting then to see his bolts come up in these ascending mountain syncs.
Fraser as Brad makes his entrance as a promoter for "Powersauce" bars. He wants Homer to climb the tallest mountain in Springfield, The Murder Horn, to promote the apple sauce energy bars.
One gag sees Fraser and his promoter buddy point out the Murderhorn, shocking Homer with its height, only to reveal he means the bigger one to its right. This happens twice, meaning we end up with 3 peaks in association with Fraser. This is just like The Mummy and Furry Vengeance posters with there distinct triple delta peaks.
We see the bolt of Zeus on Fraser, to the left with ponytail, as Brad with "Powersauce" jacket.

Brendan Fraser is now unveiled as a Mountain resonator or Mountain Man. We have seen him ride the roller coaster of Mega Mountain in Encino Man, hike up a volcanic crater in Journey to the center of the Earth and now goad Homer up a mountain in The Simpsons.
Its also worth considering that the Murderhorn is a reference to the Matterhorn in Sweden. A European Volcano in the Ice started this post and it's interesting to see another European Ice Mountain come up in this sync web.
Further The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo is a Swedish film.

Kevin: Wow beutiful flow everyone. This is awsome because mountains have been on my mind lately and it happens that the April 2010 monthly Cultural Magazine from Upstate New York here features a Volcano erupting Rainbow colors.

This edition also has a great astrology article from a local popular Astrologer named Eric Francis you can see his website and beutiful works here @ Planet Waves. This article cant be found on the net so I scanned the first page of it from the magazine, No copyrite infringment intende , loving entertainment use only. Click to enlarge, sorry the page is bent but you can read about how this Junes Jupiter Uranus alignment is the same that Ushere in the Summer of Love in Keystone Caner 69, also the Lunar Landing and the Utopian rebellion of the Dawning of the Age of Aquarius. Its also noted here that Jupiter is joining with the Aquarian poppa planet Uranus too.

Heres some of my words on the Alignment of Jupiter and Uranus from earlier this year. From the post Lovely Bones + more here.

"I was reading theres a big buzz in Astrology about the Uranus and Jupiter Conjunction in 2010 that have been historically important times previously. This Year Jupiter and Uranus will have a once every 42 year alignment in 0 degrees Tropical Aries in on June 8th of this year. This to be astrologically simple would be marked by events of Expansion or Benefaction (Jupiter), and Transformation and beginnings(Uranus). Now Jupiter and Uranus get together every 14 years, but only every 42 years do they conjoin in Aries or Libra. Reading some astrology blogs the history of these alignments synch up with the Roaring 20s, the Cold War, Lunar Landing in 69 + Woodstock and Summer of Love + the Dawning of Aquarius, 80s technology, 90s Internet, and now June and September 2010 will be the next impactful alignment of Fate, Destiny Jupiter with Scientific Aquarian Innovation and Transformation Uranus. The year we make contact...The Cover of the film Features a Baby and the Planet Jupiter, The Baby resonating The Fool-Uranus Tarot card which symbolises Birth and is attributed the planet Uranus as well. The Fool rules the Element of Air, as Uranus rules the Air Sign Aquarius, the Astrological Age we entered in the 1900s. Read more on the Image below"

Also note that Jupiters Wheel on the Tarot card is Orange as the planet is a striped orange as seen on the cover of Contact.

Thats all from me for now, much love you all :)

We see the light at the end of the tunnel as the new ME/WE rises out of the Jaws of the Monster Mouth.
WE/ME have done the work of letting go and climbed the mounTIN of becoming. The serpent has worked its way up the tree and is coming out of the crown. The sacred mountain/pillar/pyramid is blowing its top to release the Wholy Spirit.

Our heroes, with shining third eyes, fall down the lava tube. This is the let go, leap into the abyss and fools jump that leads to the heart aka Center of the Earth in Iceland/Diamondland/Wonderland.
The surrendering to the unknown and trust in the universal intelligence above that of the ego. At first it seems like a foolish endeavor and that we are going to be destroyed by the reality of the ground rushing to meet us.
But ME survive with new insight into what WE are and see spirit guides to help us along. Here the guide has come on as the Blue Bird of happiness, the bird that flies over the rainbow into the land of OZ/Wonderland/Iceland/Diamondland/Heart.
Again WE/ME see top of the MounTIN pionted out by Jupiter/Zeus' Index Finger.
Whether we understand the journey as a climb to the top, or a descent into the heart, from a higher dimension WE/ME realize it is all the same.

Old fears and resistance patterns to the Ultimate Gnosis of realization re-arise
Here in the form of the plant spirit that kills ego's being seen as a monster that wants to destroy and hang us. Turn us into dead men and woman.
We acknowledge these feelings and accept them, working through the pain of the birthing process.
Knowing that the goal is already achieved regardless of the form the process takes.
To return home from their journey Trevor, Sean and Hannah ride a Jaw bone up a lava tube. Water has hit lava/fire and created vapor/steam which they use to ascend.

Tweets from Jim today:

"En la casa del senor siempre ay vapor" In the House of the Lord there is always vapor.

Fire & Water is giving us Vapor. The Dragon awakens.

This is the story of balancing the twin energies and ascending.
Note the Red U/C

Riding the very thing that kills is the taming of the Dragon.
KAboom! as our heroes eject from and become the missing capstone.

The ride the bone/skeleton/death down Mount Vesuvius Italy getting covered in olives.

(Much ado about sync olives)
The olive plant likes lying inside of the Martini Glass, a Delta/Pyramid shape. It's the eye/I of this particular 3D triangle.

Our "Powersauce" bar reps illustrate again how the red eye as apple plant can be the eye/I of the delta in their graph representing Homers accent of the Murderhorn.
Back home the ending suggests our next Journey to the Heart with Fraser will be towards Wonderland in its Atlantis disguise.
The credits role and we see some flashy animation including this Scarlet Dragon T Rex made out of cracking stone and magma.

Noticed that Josh Hutcherson's end title entrains with Diamonds. He is a Vampire in Cirque Du Freak: The Vampires Assistant.
Vampires have shiny Diamond skin in the Twilight Saga.

Icelandic band Sigur Rós takes us up and over with


  1. Of course with HEART (EARTH) CENTER there had to be a WINNIPEG connection!

    Sure enough, Journey to the Center of the Earth did some filming in WINNIPEG.

    check out

    Locations for the 2008 movie Journey to the Center of the Heart


    Montréal, Québec, Canada
    Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada


  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. That is awesome SE. Because we also have a big icelandic community here in Manitoba.

  4. Yes we do!

    the Rainbow Bridge, BIFROST, just north of Gimli,MB too.

    Heart/Earth (NA) Center, Manitou Api, Manitou-BA, Sacred Fire, "W", Iceland, King Solomon's prairie temple, Eye logo, 204, Red River...

    and approx. 12,000 - 10,500 years ago Winnipeg WAS the location North Magnetic Pole of the planET.


  5. Excerpts from Carl Jung`s 'Essay on Wotan' [1936]

    'What is curious is that an ancient god of storm and frenzy, the long quiescent Wotan, should awake, like an extinct volcano.

    Wotan/Woden/Odin = Zeus, Jupiter, ABE


  6. First part of mainland Europe to get the "A-Sh" cloud from the "Eyjafjallajokull" volcano was the Scandanavian (Norse) countries.

    Home of the 'Vi-Kings'

    Scandanavia from Wikipedia for those not familiar with it:

    "Scandinavia[1] is a region in northern Europe that includes at a minimum Denmark, Norway, and Sweden. Finland is often considered a Scandinavian country in common English usage, and Iceland and the Faroe Islands are sometimes also included"

    And I forgot to mention in all this my appreciation for the awesome Sync in that "Train Your Dragon" smokin ViKing helmet.


  7. To speak alkhemystically...

    Some may even say that Vulcan's HOLY 'A-Sh' falling from the sky is like MANNA falling from the sky.


  8. But somehow I can't help but remember the Noble Peace Prize and the Tromsø, Norway Spiral during this event...

    Sure would be helpful to have all the planes out of the sky if you were doing sumthin!


  9. Interesting as well...

    the volcano should affect Sky travel on WOTAN's Day, THOR'S Day and FREYJA's Day.


  10. Beutiful, many of the art here in NY hudsons valleys cultural magazines and posters have featured bursting volcanoes and such. This year around my 22nd birthday in February I got a few christmas cards featuring mountains and other Ascending Earthly objects, Thanks for this beutiful revelation Maestro Jim, We/Me are always resonating with the Environment feild, wether it be falling grace of stars or Ascending Matter of Volcanoes, Bless <3

  11. Jake:


    it's telling you to look closely and "SEE"
    Check the characters of the


    FURRY and

    make words out of those.
    Phonetic is OK!


    the remaining letters are VE-CE
    which is phonetically VICI

    VICI = "conquered" (Latin)

    Note the NY(OZ) apperance!


  12. Also...

    check out "VENI VIDI VICI" on wikipedia and see it link to JC and SMOKIN!


  13. And because the phrase is ascribed to JULIus Caesar (47 BC), you can also see what words you'll get using the Caesar Cipher


  14. This is good and nice, and in parts really strong, more likeable than ever, but all in all does it do something than point back to movies with the synchronised mystery of prophecy? As we know movies even control actions or events because they shift consciousness into a kind of religious mass orgie of controlled, systematised thinking.

    It's like, in stead of thinking ahead, this activity of linking the mysterious, the synchronicities between movies focuses on explaining the NOW through fiction. This can be very helpful at times. But it can becomes an escape to not feel the future which is so to speak already here. One has, but, to let go of the attachment of explaining everything with mind? Focus the energy of seeing the future that is already there..

    Of course the synchronised element of it all is breathtaking and increasingly will be so. The awe we have in observing it unflow. Prophesies too can be strikingly dull - take for example that Yosemite park is going to erupt within 2 years. Not too long ago (Dec 2009) it had a sharp rise in seismic activity.

    This is cached from google:

    updated 2-4-10

    compiled by Dee Finney
    2010 - Beginning last Sunday, there have been over 1,000 earthquakes registered at Yellowstone Super Volcano. The largest of the series measured at 3.8 magnitude. If they reach the 4.0+ magnitude, it will most likely call for increased cautionary monitoring and perhaps a call for public 'watch!""

    Oddly it figures as one of the key element in Emmerich's 2012! Which should leave one in awe only (so many mind thinking about that vulcano blow..). Along with the Mona Lisa smile (the satanic and the angelic). Consider Emmerich as the leading sync movie God next to Cameron, but in a way more cataclysmic ways.

    Reading your post doesn't "MUMMY" also sync with "MOM", as well as the M is highlighted? Theres something about thoses mummies.. and something about that Mom?

    Gods speed

  15. Ahbadulla,

    In my opinion you've missed the point and the mark entirely.

    But this might help clarify things for you a little if you give it more than a speedy and fleeting thought...

    After reading and commenting on this truly excellent post today, this evening I visited the local Safeway grocery store for my weekend foodstuffs...

    Sure enough, the mother and her three kids directly ahead of me in the check-out line had a single DVD purchase. That DVD was ...

    "Journey to the Center of the Earth" (2008) with Brendan Fraser.

    The UNIVERSE speaks to you (and can tell you everything you need to know) through words of Synchronicty, but only if you are open enough to "hear" it.

    As for thinking ahead... Yes. I can assure you every written "prophet" in history used Synchronicity.

    But you DO NOT RUN before you can WALK!

    What good is knowing the future if you miss the point of (and do not understand or even admire) the NOW ?!?


  16. BUT ...

    100% thanks to Ahbadulla's comment, and my further attention paid to the topic as a result of it... I also realized that Brendan Fraser was also the star of "Looney Tunes Back in Action" (2003).

    Wikipedia tells us:
    [] = addins by ME

    Looney Tunes: Back in Action is a 2003 live-action/animated film that tells the story of a hapless stuntman, DJ Drake [DRAKE is alternate for DRAGON] (played by Brendan Fraser), who stumbles his way into a plot to possess a mysterious blue diamond in the course of rescuing his famous actor father (played by Timothy Dalton) [007 - Sir William Stephenson/Winnipeg]. In his globe-trotting adventure, he is aided (and confounded) by his animated Hollywood friends, Daffy Duck and Bugs Bunny {created by a Winnipeg cartoonist], as well as the studio executive who fired him (played by Jenna Elfman). Written by Larry Doyle and directed by Joe Dante [Dante's "Divine Comedy"].

    Ahbadulla, Thank you for (whether you realized it or not) contributing to my further and still deeper understanding of the topic.


  17. Here it is again...

    So I get up this morning, walk the dogs, do some household chores and finally sit down for a bite to eat and a little TV.

    I turn the TV and cable box on. Change the channel to "Movie Central 3", I was in the mood for a movie while I have some lunch...

    Sure enough...


    Obviously telling me there's more for me to look at in the movie itself!

    So I will, if I find anything more widely applicable than something personal I'll add it here.


  18. Or just maybe...

    This movie manifested itself in my path again so I could better and more accurately answer AHBADULLA's comment above...

    Which would now be...

    It is not always about "Prediction" or even "future" when WE look at movies or current events synchromystically. Sometimes it is simply finding the lessons we need at that 'moment' - lessons that just so happen to be depicted in what we observe in the movies. It may even be reinforcement of a particular thought we had and the synchromystic event tells us we are on the right path.

    The sub-conscious WE/ME already knows exactly where to find the lessons that the conscious WE/ME needs to progress further in its development.

    This is because the 'sub-conscious' WE/ME is intimately connected to all and everything (the UNIVERSE), and as such has access to information that the conscious WE/ME may sometimes have difficulty recognizing.

    The sub-conscious mind (WE/ME) injects the synchromystic event into the conscious awareness as a guide so that conscious WE/ME will then recognize it in the environment, process it, be able to categorize it rather than ignore it and learn from it.

    And sometimes the dual role occurs. Which is, one synchromystic will recognize something and write about it - simply because that is the lesson that another synchromystic needed to find at that moment. This happens again because the sub-conscious WE/ME is intimately connected to all and everything, which includes other synchromystics!

    A little convoluted in the description perhaps... but it's the best I've got to give at this moment.


  19. I like the black and white/Duality sKunK (Sun/KK) in the FuRRy Vengeance poster. Excellent post.

  20. edit: Skunks are also recognized mainly for their Vapor FloW through their Root Chakra :)

  21. "Prophesies too can be strikingly dull..."

    dude, i was Just writing about that...

    the future IS now, so prediction is simply describing that eternal Now moment, seen in the woN/One-ness of synk, which appears -when we/me start analyzing as one- to reach both forward and backward in time. as we synk here, we are simply describing the water in which we sink, the Flow... the flow which appears to predict the future, by bringing certain patterns to light.

    part of the purpose of all this, as i understand it, is to study the winks we/me get back from the universe through our research and find some real-world practical application.

    42 is the answer to the universe and life and everything, so when 42 winks at us through synk, we look at the context of the connection and apply it to living life. 42 screams at us from the symbol for jupiter, whose red spot storm in turn winks at the red dot painted on hindu god foreheads and our own ever-storming red hearts. a mouthful, yes, but therein lies hints at spiritual awakening via 3rd eye stuff, the stormy flow of perpetual change, joy and love. these seem like good things to apply to day-to-day life, so perhaps these winks are signposts in the right direction. so to speak.

    that exhaustive explanation, methinks, was more for me than it was for you, Ahbadulla, but thanks for the spark.

    and my apologies, SE, if i went over something you already said. just flowin.

  22. Toure,

    now worries!! I don't think you did - and even if you did there's NEVER EVER a need to apologize with ME!

    Hopefully some of what I wrote proves useful to somebody, cuz it appears I was OVER-floWin! LOL.


  23. :]

    aren't we all SE...

    our cup over floweth

  24. This post is epic storytelling. An incredible collaboration, and possibly a new form/genre (to one day destroy).

    one of my early sync mining trips (that I can remember circa 2001 or 2002) was into frankestein, in which Brendan arose in a film called God's and Monsters.

    sounds like fun to start watching some of these with my kids--isn't he in Inkheart as well?
    n-ice flow'n whole

  25. Hey in Ink Heart doesn't he go up against a big smoke monster?

  26. just in....this jupiter/thorin sync.... a redice post...seems a bit timly with all the upcoming astrological implications ......of a new power /bolt source...all the teens in ny are into.....sun bands/#42/thor and jupiter....they must be picking up the sync....

  27. Thank you earthstar!

    That's Verrry Interesting about the 'teens in NY'.
    I believe you may be correct.

    The vibrations are strong these days. Dunno yet if it all 2012 related or what...

    Back to @Ahbadulla,

    thanks again for your original comment and allowing me to look deeper!

    You had mentioned synchronicity and prophesy - so if you've read my comments here, I'll direct you to 'The Big Bang Theory - 4.19.10' on Strange Eye blog today.


  28. of course Encino man was on when I walked in the door to my moms house this weekend, that movies is GREAT! And they keep Howling like WolFs which is beutiful, Wolves are in tune with the Flow of the Wild, just like the Holy Howling Fool within all of us, HOWL contains an OM spinner too, AAAOOOOOOOOOOOoooooooo to the Moons Intuition and receptivity, its a great celebration of the Now. ALso I could swear a rollercoaster on Encino man was called The Vaporizer or something too, must check, be very well brothers :) <3

  29. ahh thas what i rememberd, he drives a car w liscense plate containing 42, and then the film ends with the lyrics about Dancing Monkeys, and more about Monkeys, resonating his Journey into the center of the Earth or Hell in Monkeybone, where he totally resonates with Osiris and Hanuman Monkey psychopomps. Will add as i get time, much love :)

  30. Howl and Fool flow confirmation from the Very Fool himself Jim Carreys Twitter reads today :

    JimCarrey: In a world where 'sane' often means 'inauthentic', I'd prefer to be called madman! }%^• OW OW oOoOwWW!!!

    The Madman was the original French name for the Fool Tarot Card, two posts up I mention how Wildness is associated with Both Wolves Howling at their Intuition w/ the Moon and how Wildness is a trait of the Holy Fool archetype, beutyFool!