Friday, April 9, 2010

The Cockatoo Code

I was hanging out with some friends in South Africa who told me I have to sit down with them and watch this crazy Australian film, Welcome To Woop Woop (1997). Woop Woop is an Australian colloquialism meaning middle of nowhere.
The film starts with an Aussie bird smuggler trying to unload his goods in Manhattan.
The fit hits the shan and all his birds - Sulphor-crested Cockatoos - escape and start making there way back to Australia.
He follows them home heading for massive misadventure in the Outback.
The titles role as we follow a Cockatoo swooping over Manhattan Island, passing the symbolically super charged WTC...

The Twin Towers, a giant doorway or pillared portal holding up the veil of the holy of holies, the sacred nothing in-between the I-I.. the StarGate of Cosmic Consciousness which opened via the 911 Mega Ritual.

The events of 911 reflected in 2001: A Space Odyssey marked our rapid accent into a new dimension of awareness. The story continues this year as 2010: The Year We Make Contact reflects the sync tidal wave following the unveiling of the 42/Jupiter (see Jim Sanders The Tinman's Rainbow Lodge & the Gnosis of 42) strange attractors explored the last year or so..

Maybe also try Scarlet Dragon 3 for more thoughts on 2010 as the Year of Contact.
The next time I see a Cockatoo, highlighted for attention via the birds association to the StarGate in Woop Woop, is on a plane back to Canada.
Aaron Eckhart is stealing his father in laws Cockatoo in Love Happens, they call it a Parrot but this is clearly not the case..

Love interest Jennifer Aniston as Eloise has motivated him to deal with the trauma of his wife's death.
This involving following through with her wish that the Cockatoo Rocky should be set free one day.
To do this he has to steal the bird from Martin Sheen. Mr Sheen appeared on my 'sync'dar when I randomly caught Wall Street on TV.
MarTIN (Tin and Jupiter have the same symbol) Sheen with the Blue Star emanating from his body in Wall Street.

He is Charlie Sheen's father in the film (and real life) and works for Bluestar airlines.
A little later I had a dream where Ayahuasquero Juan Flores told me to watch Badlands, which I only knew as "that Terrence Malick flick I have never seen".
BAD=214 thus the BADlands are Jupiter country.

I have yet another dream shortly after that with a Blue God the morning before I watch Avatar.
Blue Star flying the Blue Bird of Happiness.

Right after the dream and while still lying in bed I make the connection between Blue Movie Stars like Sam Worthington and Zoe Saldana, the two main characters seen together on posters for Avatar, and the Bluestar theme in general.
I connect this with the Twin Sun aka Second Sun theme much discussed in Scarlet Dragon 3 and epitomized by 2010: The Year We Make Contact.

The Two Suns are the primary play of duality that allows for the drama of Life. When we start to notice our twin or reflection aka the Second Sun it means we are becoming hip to the game as we play. This is great as we can play without being attached to the drama. Conscious co-creators of the Great Game.
The Two Suns have also been connected to the GG theme, that is 7 being G thus 77/OZ/Pan and GG. We have a G-Type Star thus GG is two Stars/Suns.

Google, the most used website on the planet, entrains perfectly with the GG going so far as making them Blue. The Twin Blue G Stars we see everyday when browsing the ever more interconnected manifesting collective mind of WE/ME.

We see Lady GaGa with powerful Jovian signals. She points up with her Jupiter index finger while "Phoning home" on her Blue crowning Telephone.
GaGa frequently has a Blue Thunderbolt emitting from her one eye. Bolts are Zeus or Jupiter, the single eye entraining with Jupiter's Storm resonating the Bolt. Giant all seeing Storm (location of Lightning Bolts) on Jupiter, Giant Star with All Seeing Eye on Earth.

We then have the Twin Blue GG present in the most watched Movie (Avatar) the most used Website (GooGle) and the most popular Musician (GaGa) of planet Earth/Heart.

Heaven and Earth/Heart are merging so we see the Heavenly Father's symbols all around us.
The Twin Blue GG in GaGa's video Paparazzi, also a movie StarRing Robin Tunney but let's desperately try and keep on track here..
I only learned days before viewing Love Happens that Martin Sheen is the Star of Badlands making the Cockatoo sync stick.

I watched Badlands a month or such ago and am yet to see the real kicker behind why Juan would tell me to watch that specifically.. I know something way silly will arise but as yet its a bit of a mystery.., just serving as a weird attention highlighting factor for anything Martin Sheen.
Recently I watched The Good Girl as John C. Reilly research (me and Jim are making a video about him..) where we see the the GG in the title.
How cool to see the Cockatoo return again, for the first time since Love Actually, not just anywhere but smack in shot with Jennifer Aniston herself!
Jenbow, just like the Cockatoo, strange attracts the Twin's (even kinda Blue looking) in there WTC disguise on The Object of My Affection.
Cockatoo can be broken up as Cock-a-Two or A Twin Cock. Mercury has the winged sandals and one of his totem animals is the Cock. Cockatoo is also then A Double Winged God resonator. Gods resonate Stars as we identify constellations with Gods and deify our own Sun/Star. Taking all that into account we see Cockatoo is also the Twin Sun/Star.
Twin/2 and Star thus GG

Star Robert Downey Jr. standing inside of a 2 and Star Sarah Jessica Parker doing pretty much exactly the same.
I like how Strangeye noted the V theme here (v-neck of Carrie and Delta/Triangle heart of Iron Man) as 22; Twinning and doubling over and over like mirrors facing each other..

Twin/2 and Star, resonating the overt GG theme of the times we are in.

I feel we are right at the top of the MounTIN these days.

WE/ME just need to get ourselves to realize this, stop climbing and sit down to take in the view, its gorgeous.

More sleepy shenanigans... Seems like the space between coming back from Being Void and moving into form is loaded with goodies.

I woke up on Tuesday (6 April) bothered by the name of Jennifer Aniston "Eloise" in Love Happens. I was working on this post the previous evening and had even put Eloise into the Internet Movie Data Base's search engine to try and figure out why Eloise sounded so syncnificant... I didn't see anything that jumped out.
Kinda a Red C shape that one torus there on the left. Moses parts the Waterdoor or Red Sea/C. Time Travel via Red C..

I turn on Lost S6 E11 Happily Ever After, happily greeted by Time Travel. Desmond stands between two magnetic Torus thingys and opens the StarG8. Time Travel, like all StarG8 (warp/light speed, teleportation etc. anything distorting time/space aka mind) are symbolic of the non-local meta-mind of WE/ME and its awaking to its Self.
Syncs like Jake Gyllenhaal having a target/circle dot highlighted heart in both time traveling Prince of Persia and Donnie Darko are the result of the non-locality of WE/ME's consciousness.

Becoming non-local is realizing you are in every NOW and where. This is how sync works, all time/space locations are ONE. When we have lots of attention or presence in the NOW we notice things with the meta-mind beyond the limitations of time/space and they manifest as syncs. Synchromysticism is all about Time Travel aka becoming non-local.

Synchronicity is a new and rapidly evolving facet or ability of the human consciousness and part of the Greater Global awakening.
It's wild but no more weird then developing smell or sight etc.
Returning to Lost, time traveling Desmond sees Charlie has Penny written on his palm.
Demi Moore with a Penny on her palm in Ghost.

Highlighted palms are associated to awakening as Jesus was nailed through his and Buddhas often also have strange markings on their palms.
Sandman: Endless Nights

Having the Penny on his palm here associated to Time Travel caught my attention as I had written about a Time Traveling Penny not that long ago.

It's further amazing as Abraham Lincoln, the prez on the ONE Penny, has become a sync strange attractor of awesome power in his own right. As the Lincoln Memorial is a replica of Zeus' temple he resonates Jupiter. Jupiter/Zeus (the Roman and Greek names for the same thing) is the most powerful sync strange attractor I have ever experienced. That Abe/Zeus/Jupiter resides on the ONE or Penny further brings our awareness into the NOW.
NOW=ONE as WE3M is the same trident type glyph just rotated.
What totally made me giddy was the return, for the first time in this season, of "Eloise". Aha! That's what was gnawing at me that very morning.

Eloise, the same name of Cocka2 attracting Jennifer Aniston, wearing Two Star broaches.

Just a few more related Bird issues and I'll let you go on your merry way.

I wrote a post where I noted a crow building a nest behind Neptune's Trident in the Pediment of the Winnipeg Legislature, a Masonic Building inspired by Solomon's Temple.

From that post:
Standing at the West side of the Building with my friend a huge crow is making a godawful noise. I joke it sounds like a toucan (how would I know what a toucan sounds like?), looking up to see the crow braking off a branch while perched above us in a tree.
I wrote that thinking the anecdotal toucan reference out of place until I saw these wacky BrenDAN (dan/dna/pan) Fraser posters. I was posting them at twitter (with the Blue Bird as logo) to show Jim Sanders a Necktie sync. Above the Crow pulls on BrenDAN's tie which is a syhchromystic Noose, Dead Man's Rope or Ayahuasca vine.
Next I put up George of the Jungle to show that via Fraser we can connect the Tie and the Vine. My mind went POP when noticing the Toucan sitting on a G. The Crow and the 2Can together again in short order via sync.

I feel the spirit of birds whether real or just images on posters, are guides, helping to plot a path through the infinite mystery of I Am. Sync has thought us that all objects have spirit and can teach and guide through listening to them and syncing with them. Animals like Birds are particularly powerful. We have different guides for different times and temperaments.
2010: A Good Year.

A rooster crows, making them resonators of the black bird crow and Star Russell Crowe.
The Rooster/Cock is the animal of Mercury who's sandal is found on the Good Year logo.
All resonates soundly as Russel Crowe (resonator of the Rooster/Cock) Stars in A Good Year (resonator of Mercury).
The Crow/Cock as Robin (it gets a bit silly, doesn't it?) the Bandit or Badtin will soon Woo Maid Marain as Cate Blanchett.
Welcome to Woop Woop, Neverland "second star to the right, and straight on till morning".

Peace within is peace without.


  1. Interesting! I had a synch of my own a long time ago that seemed to involve cockatoos and time travel...Check it out here:

  2. wonderful as usual, jake.
    now that we are UP in the air, the background has changed to a fluffy, cloudy white. (same as your spirit guide, cocka2)
    you mentioned trees the other day. such a symbol. Roots under. Trunk between. Branches above. (The three kingdoms.)
    and on the branches? birds, thoughts, guides, sprit.
    look ma, I'm a rat w/ wings!

  3. one last thing, Jake
    I changed the banner photo.
    The stars in the photo are Venus and Mercury.
    Mercury is the one on the right.
    thought you might like this,
    I did it b4 I read your post too.
    here is a link to the photo and an explanation:

  4. Soul food as always Jake, thanks brother :) "every man and woman is a Double G Star" thats fa sho. Beutiful stuff man<3

    "Riders of the Rainbow, let it grow, let it grow!"- Baron von Tollbooth and the Chrome Nun


  5. This post really gels with my recent sync experience, Jake. I have had a lot of blackbird action for a while now. We used to have a pet sulphur crested cocky called WaLLy when I was a kid. Like the robin, these baddies come in a few flavours, though the sulphur crested type is the best known, like the red breasted robin is the best known species. However, synching up with the GG theme further here is a type of cocky that's called the Gang-Gang Cockatoo (That link has a pic of one eating acacia)! The last time I saw GG cockys was around 18 months ago at my Dad's place in the country - which was razed by a bushfire not long after. Though during the most recent visit to my Dads - only a few weeks ago - I recall that a large flock of sulphur crested cockys flew directly over the centre of town just as we arrived. A local walked past while I was stopping to check the birds out and he commented to me on the size of the flock as there had to be over 100 of them. Sweet - now the cockatoo enters the synchrosphere. I'll have to keep my eye out for them, but as I've stated, these birds are a pretty heavy avian feature for me, so it will not be that hard to do. I find that birds fly across my field of vision at the most interesting moments and I can't help but swap planes with birds and birds with planes when I see them up there. Haha - all of OZ is Woop Woop!