Friday, April 23, 2010

Climbing the SNowy mounTin (Reaching it's climb X)

On the syncnificant date 4/21 I caught a snippet from an episode of Desperate Housewives which was airing here in the UK.

I was just about to walk out of the room when I glanced at the TV and noticed this girl pointing her Jupiter finger at the guy in the red hoody.

The logo on the red hoody has the number 23 sandwiched between the letters SN.

The 'Ampersand/&' symbol on the keyboard is associated with the number 7, so the 2&3 can also be interpreted as 273.

2&3/273 are numbers which have cropped up a couple of time in the past, most recently in Love Under Will.

2 x 7 x 3 = 42

23/2&3/273/42 are numbers which seem to point, in one way or another, to the planet Jupiter and the Meaning of Life.

Jupiter shares it's alchemical symbol with the element Tin, and Tin is represented in the periodic table by the letters SN.

I've recently had number 23 syncs coming out of my ears recently (post pending) so I followed the Tin/23 connection and was lead to the cartoon character Tintin.

A google search revealed that Hergé wrote 23 books starring cub reporter Tintin between 1929 and 1976.

Hergé's death on 3 March 1983 left the 24th and final adventure, Tintin and Alph-Art, unfinished.

The new Tintin movie is due to be released on the 23rd December 2011.

The Adventures of Tintin: Secret of the Unicorn is coming out exactly one year (give or take a day) before the monumental date when the ancient Mayan Calendar comes to an abrupt end.

The 23rd (and final) Tintin comic is named Tintin and the Picaros. When I checked out the comic cover I noticed that it has a Mayan Pyramid on it, emphasising the importance of the Aztec/2012 connection.

I like to interpret 2012, the Chinese Year of the Dragon, as a pivotal moment when we finally reach the top of the SNow-capped MounTin.

SNowy is the name of Tintin's Dog/goD seen here with his head peeking out the top of a Blue Bird vase.

In the movie Batman Begins actor Christian Bale is assigned the task of carrying the Blue Lotus to the top of Mount Olympus.

When Bale reaches the mountain summit he comes face to face with Liam Neeson/Zeus, the immortal King of Tin.

Zeus trains Bale in the ways of the Dragon.

Liam Neeson/Zeus stars in the role of Hannibal in the new A-Team movie.

Hannibal/Zeus therefore entrains with Quetzalcoatl, the Winged Serpent who appears on the front of author Thomas Harris' book cover.

Quetzalcoatl is the Creator God who the Mayans believed would return in 2012, Year of the Dragon.

Let's hope that when the Dragon returns, he doesn't Choke on us as he swallows us Whole!

Actor Jamie Bell is set to play the lead role of Tintin in the 2011 movie.

Remember the scene in the movie 2012 where the Monk climbs to summit of the SNowy MounTin and starts ringing the Bell to warn others about the impending floW?

Combine TIN and BELL and you arrive at the TINy TINkerBELL.

Happy 4/23!

***Here's a little update I couldn't resist mentioning. Several hours after uploading this post I was watching the TV and heard someone say that today is St. George's Day.

St. George is the dude who slayed the Dragon, just like Christian Bale did in the movie 'Reign of Fire'. I swear, hand on heart, that I had absolutely no idea that today resonated with the 'Day of the Dragon'.

Wiki: "In the book Dracula by Bram Stoker, evil things are said to occur on St George's Day, beginning at midnight."

Here's some random images from the movie Bram Stokers Dracula:



where do we draw the line

interesting that jake's update above ends with Jesus Christ; for some reason, my mind went straight to JC23-Jim Carrey after seeing tinkerbell synk-kissing 23 above... the christian messiah "died for our sins" and, as we all know, resonates heavily with the color red given the main connection most christians have to his ceremonial sacrifice- the eucharist; the vampiric drinking of his blood bringing bram stoker's sinful stuff back in the mix...

vesica venn

venn diagrams show us the "and" of things

2&3 on the red hood reads "sin"... original sin -meaning that whole business with eve and the serpent- was JC's whole purpose for coming down from olympus, stealing the light(ning fire to burn away our dark transgressions. the allegorical crawling snake-god opened pandora's box giving eve that apple, shaping our path by giving us the "bad" [bad 214 meaning good]; we cannot define good without bad, so that sneaky forked-tongued bastard taught good through bad. what's more, the serpent sent this lesson via the Fall of the goddess, eve, our mother hEart, who spent the last aeon age shouldering the weight of our original sin serpent...

a slave for you

heavy is the head that wears the snakes

" with her head!!"

red bull winged victory

according to the commercials, Red Bull/23 [turns your snake into a dragon and] "gives you wiiings" of winged victory, as in Nike... Nike also being the preferred brand of magic winged sneakers of the blackstar jumpman J23 lightning thief...

fitting then, i suppose, that Logan Lerman - star of Percy Jackson- played Christian Bale's true-believer son in 3:10 to Yuma...

and J. Carrey's true-believer son Robin Sparrow in The Number 23...


This is a picture sent to me by Jon Kidd once upon a reading of Understanding Comics. Within it's pages lies the key to the smiley face. This page.... Page 42 explains the relationship between the smiley face and Jupiter.... (Think the Comedian's love for Sally Jupiter if your a real comic book nerd.) In the picture Tin Tin "the comic" is seen right above the 42. The article explains how the artist used the simplest features for Tin Tin to make it easier for more to identify themselves as Tin Tin. The backgrounds are really detailed the face is not... Makes it simple for anyone to be Tin Tin.(Click Picture to read)

Jude Law in AI as a Love Mecha trying to remove his ID right above his heart. His programing is to love Women. Mr. Law removing the Hearts of others.... The Heart looks much like an apple in it's physical stat and both appropriately linked to the female genitalia by many a sync head.I could have sworn some one mentioning NS or Sn or something like that. Richard your a genius. Although I think that image used is SD with the D torn into an N... However SD=23. Both are beautiful.
Wall-E and the E is the 5th letter in the Alphabet. So Wall-5 then. The 5th planet being Jupiter. Johnny number 5.... Tin Man. Wall-5 is found loving Eve with the Apple around her in what can be interpreted as ejaculate. Eden. If you'll notice the snake around the tree has breast like another women. Adam seems to be motioning her near, or caressing her face with his Jupiter finger. Which is fitting seeing that Eve is trying with no success to get him erect it would seem. The erect penis comes after the apple in the comic like time line style reading left to right... It's in the form of a splintered piece of wood between Eve and the Snake. See the Balls?Elisabeth Hurley plays another horny she devil.... Trying to find love for Brandon Frasier in Baddazled. A stack of Apples on her desk. Notice the computer Tin Man behind. She turns him in to Abe Lincoln directly.... Abe in many respects is linked to the Tin Man seeing that he is always featured as a robot.Following his assassination Brandon finds the She Devil on his Apple Computer. This time with the bite taken out of the apple.Rainbow colored symbol of the Tin Man. Or Tin Man Lincoln Zeus teaches us about sex seeing that he literally fucked everything under the zodiac. And towards the end of the movie finds himself in the Garden learning about the difference of love and sex. The Tin Minions in show with apple in the Animatrix.Which is infected with worms.Blue ones... The Blue Worm is a Symbol of the Winged Serpent of the Mayan's. Growing in to our brains...
Fueling or new nervous system.


  1. Excuse me that's Jake signed in as HummingwolF. Whoops.

  2. I was hoping someone would see that D23 Tinkerbell gag. 2&3 perfect.

  3. Perfect timing. today we unleash Hey Zeus! video on the world. Oh boy...great to feel the RA vibe today. thanks richard. much love.

  4. somehow I feel that you are articulating the contents of the mind--things that I don't understand or could articulate myself.

    I jumped the gun yesterday. I think the synch whole b day is actually today. (I suppose it is always truly now--we are raving T party of mad hatters and had matters.)

    But here is the thing--I've always felt that they blew it w/ earth day because 4/23 seems closer to "The Number", 432, which I've termed as the architecture of the universe, and which I will begin taking up at my own blog soon. It is the number of the goddess.

    So St George and the Dragon, whith the goddess looking on.

    Or Key A New V. Gary Oldman (The Devil) w/ Winona looking on.

    --a similar image occurs in the Perseus story. Water Dragon V. Perseus--while Andromada hopes not be devoured.

    The holy marriage is a three way! food for thought. and we are off to the races. . .

    Amazing work RA.

  5. Cheers peeps! It feels good to be contributing again. Much love y'all.

  6. beutyfull flow, Dragons and Queen Bees entered my stream both right before yours and Jakes latest stuff, Thanks RA, and happy 423! :)

  7. Excellent RA!

    Check out the article in the Times Online - "St George invades London with a lamb that survived the chop"

    The revival of a St George’s Day parade through the City of London for the first time in four centuries was a vision of traditional Englishness. There was a man dressed as St George with a papier-maché dragon on his helmet, a marching band, a lamb and an all-terrain vehicle designed by an Austrian arms company that made guns for the Third Reich.

    The Pinzgauer truck, which originated in Austria but is now made in England, was invited to take up the rear of the procession by the Worshipful Company of Armourers & Brasiers, a City guild that last performed such a parade in 1585.

    It also enlisted the help of the Band of The Parachute Regiment, the Regimental Colour Party and Pegasus, a Shetland pony that serves as a regimental mascot.

    The civilian contingent included a professional jouster dressed as St George mounted on a horse, some knights and a lamb in a crib on wheels.

    The lamb, which plays a symbolic part in the legend, proved to be the main draw for the crowds who turned out to see the parade. There was a tussle over its name. Christopher Waite, clerk of the company, said that she was called “Annie”, because she was an orphan. Karen Archer, 27, who portrayed the maiden apocryphally saved by St George, said that they had privately renamed her “Mint Sauce”.

    (story continues at Times Online link above)


  8. Iron man and Tin man that rocks! Having dreams/conversations about the palms lately too. Thanks brothers, bless :)

  9. "Sin" is a combination of Tin and Sn. Original Sin = Original Jupiter/Zeus (just noticed the J-Z/Jay-Z/Jupiter-Zeus thing. Probably late to the party with that one!) J for Ten/Tin (Tintin!). The jupiter thing is begging for my attention like crazy and it's been that way for a while now.

  10. "Whoa, I know kung fu."
    -you guys are awesome!

  11. Now that's what I call an anniversary!