Thursday, April 8, 2010

Delta on a Plane (Pine Fresh)

The Delta Force back in action....

"Theosophy, Vol. 27, No. 7, May, 1939 (Pages 301-306)

The Triangle is the most profound of all geometrical symbols. As a cosmic symbol representing the Higher Trinity of the universe it became the root of the word
Deity. The ancient Greeks called the letter D (the triangular delta) "the vehicle of the Unknown Diety". The Boeotians wrote the word Zeus with a delta, from which came the Latin Deus. The triangle is also the basic form in Nature. When the molecules of salt deposit themselves as a solid, the first shape they assume is that of a triangle. A flame is triangular in shape; hence, the word pyramid from the Greek pyr, or fire. The triangle is also the form assumed by the pine, the most primitive tree after the fern period."

The Royal Pine Equation: 1.27 + 09 + 06 = 1.42 (Moon + Cancer = The rule of King Jupiter and Queen Juno) Here is some 142 floW from last year.

"We are members of Delta Force and we are here to take you home." - Chuck Norris

The delta/deity/Zeus with point down is the Stark Ark Reactor Heart of Iron Man.

The Wholy Grail Cup of the Tin Man, released about a month before the Soccer World Cup in South Africa.

Perfect as the 2 is the 27/Moon (2 contains the 2 crescent/cup shape and the upside down 7 shape) making the sequel - as all sequels - the more feminine form.
Twin Star's backed by 2, films entraining heavily and released in short order..
Note the triangular hearts of both Carrie and Iron Man. Carrie has two suns in her Golden Sun/Star Glasses while Golden Faced Iron man has two Blue Eye's/Self/Gods/Stars.


  1. So lovely! the triangle/triad has been poppin alot for me too these past few days. A good freind once brought to mind some beutiful delta synch. He mentioned the Blues coming from the Missisipi Delta, and the Blue Chakra is the Thraot Chakra, Folks were SINGIN the BLUES, to purify themselves of pain and hardship.That reminds me of the Mariri of the Shamans being sometimes described as blue light/fluid. Gotta run now but beutiful stuff, Icaros are Delta Blues from the Throat chakra aimed archer style toward the Triangle/Deity Bless :)

  2. Hi All,
    Found this entry:, on my news reader, read it, went here to make a comment...hey it's a ghost!

    Cockatoos are ver-sink-nifty-can:
    Will look for genghis6l99's cockatoo vid from P - Earth , Western OZ.

    Mar Tin Shin, "Apocalypse NOW Redux"

    Spinner Fan. Helicopters, Avatar storyline, Mar-Tin Shin, Blue Face after climax ritual tauroctony by Mar-l-ON Bardo.

    best, MC "pegcarter"

  3. Post script: In case Hummingwolf's very excellent, and likely time intensive, work "The Cockatoo Code," was erased unintentionally? Did you realize my news reader provides back -up? Just saying.

  4. Cockatoo Code is just fine and like the 5000000 dollar man being made better and stronger.

  5. wow that Carrie on Poster, the womans form stands vertical across the 2 symbol and makes the form of the Jupiter Symbol too! Lovely

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