Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A Blue Swan Event

Blue Swan Event from Syncwinnipeg on Vimeo.

First of all, peace and thanks.

Before I jump into the Blue Swan Event I would like throw out a few sync moments that all fit along the thread we/me are following.

Just over two weeks ago (4/12/2010) I went back to Thompson Manitoba, home of the wolves and Northern tap of the floW. While there I made a silly little sync video but it is also where I began editing Hey Zeus!, the JC Reilly sync video made with Jake Kotze.

While in Thompson I was reading the Winnipeg Free Press when I noticed the MTS phone company ad with a big blue Jupiter finger pointing UP. The Big Blue Jupiter Finger just so happens to also be pointing to an article about Thompson that included the number 82. Then above the 82 Thompson article is an article with a picture of a veteran holding the Israeli Flag and the Canadian Flag. The Israeli Flag has the Blue Star on it and the Jupiter Finger is pointing to it as well. Hmmm...

A week after my Thompson trip was 4/20, my birthday. On that day I went to see Kick Ass with Jake. As we get there I notice a white van with the letters HB and a lightning bolt. HB is 82. Something between my Thompson 82 moment and this Winnipeg 82 moment made me thing "cool."

Notice the Toy Story 3 poster. This will be the film we will watch to kick off the Cosmic Tigger gathering in Winnipeg on June 18th.

The Great 2010 Escape Over the Rainbow, past the Yellow Flowers to the Blue Beyond.

OK. Now for today. A couple days ago over coffee or walking around town, Jake mentioned to me that he was thinking of Pac-man, ducks, bills and the caP-stone of the Pyramid. At the time I thought "yer crazy!"

Then we/me realized that today was to be 4/27. For us fools here 42 symbolizes Jupiter and 27 symbolizes the Moon.

First thing this morning after I drop off my daughters I see this Blue truck in the pic below. The company is called PACART and the logo are 3 pyramids rising out the water with a reflection in it making them a diamond. The number to the left says 427174. There is today's date of 427 and the clear pointer to the CAPSTONE of the PYRAMID of being that we are all now bearing witness to.

I don't have time to finish the writing right now but I will post this anyways and finish it flux willing. But here is how the rest of the day went with Jake. It is all in chronological order.

We hang out first. Next we go to the Pool of the Blackstar. Next we go to a boat restoration company to visit a new friend. In search of the Ark we go....


Blue Sun of the dome of the Manitoba Legislative Building. Hermes is on top. The Eye of Ra.

Royal Canadina Mint is a pyramid with no capstone. It also looks like a volcano with a diamond coming out of it.

At the restoration company's work yard. Car below leads to DB/42's Treausre State of Being.


Our friend perfectly uses his Jupiter finger to point to the sticker on the car.

The sticker is the for the Strategic Air Command. A Blue Tin Man's Hand holds 3 lightning bolts and there is a vine that rises to the clouds. You say What?

The Cedar Ark that brought me here. Cedar is the C-Door.




  1. JiM,

    I was wondering about that Pool of the black star and its possible astronomical relation to the Wheel of the Year. I was thinking there must be some connection to June 21st-24th and that from a certain point in the room the "Blue Sun Face" would/should appear in line with the "Midsummer" point.

    Once the 'St.John's Day'/'Midsummer' point (might also eed a compass to find the correct one) is determined we may find the SUN then traverses the ring of the Black Star throughout the remainder of the year.

    It would be great if you could film and document this event if it exists.

    As for the Strategic Air Command sticker you found (some trivia)...
    Check out the satellite photo of Winnipeg from my Strange Eye Blog / Spirit Flow Slideshow. Interesting that SAG/"Northcom/NORAD Canada" are at the CAF Wing 17 air base connected to the JARI (James Armstrong Richardson International Airport) - Which are the "3 main aircraft runways" that appear in the figure's hand in sat photo.


  2. JiM,
    (forgot to add these..)

    along the same lines as that photo you might want to look into the mythology of Harpocrates/HoRus.

    And... to find that Midsummer point you'd have to check it at Noon (12pm - 1pm June 21-24th)

    Also interesting is that the "activation day" of the Leg (the first since it was built) occurs on June 5/6 2012 during the "Venus (transit) crossing"

    That Venus Crossing occurs during the building's 99th year - The 240ft/72 meter high building (Manitoba Legislative Building) was started, excavation began, in 1913.

    2012 - 1913 = 99
    72 meters high = 9
    (and so very REDist, Masonic TEMPLAR - accentuated with Roslyn Rd & Roslyn Crescent on the South bank of the ASSiniboine River.)


  3. thanks SE. super cool ideas. thanks again for the other night. that was great to connect in such a manner. much love. jim

  4. JiM,

    best birthday present ever! Loved it!
    (my B-Day is tommorrow 4.29)

    I got "Re-Birthed for my BirthDay!"

    I also find that since the ceremonry, each time there's been anything stressful in my day (which is something everyday in business!), parts of your Icaros replay and magically remove any stress feeling!

    So "THANK YOU" for all your work and all you do!


  5. blue swan events here too.......play callled honk...ON.....seems ththat the kids again are in sync