Thursday, April 15, 2010

Death and T axes

So it tax day. Are you ready to climb your T and prepare for the Axe?

I read some important stuff this evening in my lunar craft and feel that I should share. . .

It has to do w/ The Coniunctio, The sacred marriage. I was prompted to read from this book due to today's banner.
When you indulge in desirousness, whether your desire turns toward heaven or hell, you give the animus or the anima an object; then it comes out in the world instead of staying inside in its place. . . . But if you can say: Yes, I desire it and I shall try to get it but I do not have to have it, if I decide to renounce, I can renounce it; then there is no chance for the animus or anima. Otherwise you are governed by your desires, you are possessed. . . .

. . . . But if you have put your animus or anima into a bottle you are free of possession, even though you may be having a bad time inside, because when your devil has a bad time you have a bad time. . . . Of course he will rumble around in your entrails, but after a while you will see that it was right [to bottle him up]. You will slowly become quiet and change. Then you will discover the there is a stone growing in the bottle. . . . Insofar as self-control, or non-indulgence, has become a habit, it a is a stone. . . . When that attitude becomes a fait accompli, the stone will be a diamond.~Jung quoted in The Mystery of The Coniunctio
"And the diamond is another image for the coniunctio."~Edinger

. . . . The enemy is your own crude sulphur [ego], which burns you with the hellish fire of desirousness, or concupiscentia. You would like to make gold because "poverty is the greatest plague, wealth the highest good." You wish to have results that flatter your pride, you expect something useful, but there can be no question of that as you have realized with a shock. Because of this you no longer even want to be fruitful, as it would only be for God's sake but unfortunately not for your own. . . .

Therefore away with your crude and vulgar desirousness, which childishly and shortsightedly sees only goals within its own narrow horizon. . . . Therefore bethink you for once, . . . and consider: What is behind all this desirousness? A thirsting for the eternal. . . . The more you cling to that which all the world desires, the more you are Everyman, who has not yet discovered himself and stumbles through the world like blind man leading the blind with somnambulistic certainty into the ditch. Everyman is always a multitude. Cleanse your interest of that collective sulphur which clings to all like a leprosy. For desire only burns in order to burn itself out, and in and from this fire arises the true living spirit which generates life according to its own laws. . . . this means burning in your own fire and not being like a comet or a flashing beacon, showing others the right way but not knowing it yourself. The unconscious demands your interest for its own sake and wants to be accepted for what it is. Once the existence of this opposite is accepted, the ego can and should come to terms with its demands. Unless the content given you by the unconscious is acknowledged, its compensatory effect is not only nullified but actually changes into its opposite, as it then tries to realize itself literally and concretely.~Jung quoted by Edinger in The Mystery of The Coniunctio

"Everyman is always a multitude."
Pay your Tax

And become whole. . .


  1. That was genius...

  2. Yep. Good words to live by. Thanks Doug..

  3. diggity diggit Doug, right in tune with my flow lately, we/me are becoming Bowmen, like Merry Bowmen! Bless

  4. appreci8 your encouragement whole, but it's not me, the flow gets credit lately.
    in joy

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