Saturday, April 3, 2010

All the World is a Faberge Egg- Updated: from the grasp of floWs

Happy Easter/Sun coming back everyone! Wanted to share a Wink from Good Friday 4/2 with Egg flow that is beutifully seasonal.

I had a freind over last night who showed me a Black Keys video that he really liked on Youtube. This video grabbed my interest as the Faberge Eggs appeared.

I remembered that when I was researching 42 on Wikipedia it read this

"A Fabergé egg is any one of the thousands of jeweled eggs made by the House of Fabergé from 1885 through 1917. The majority of these were miniature ones that were popular gifts at Eastertide. They would be worn on a neck chain either singly or in groups.

The most famous eggs produced by the House were the larger ones made for Alexander III and Nicholas II of Russia. Of the 50 made, 42 have survived. further two eggs were planned but not delivered, the Constellation and Karelian Birch eggs for 1918."- Wikipedia

Eggs are also symbolic of the Rebirth of Spring, as well as the Ressurection of Christ.

"For Orthodox Christians, the Easter egg is much more than a celebration of the ending of the fast, it is a declaration of the Resurrection of Jesus. Traditionally, Orthodox Easter eggs are dyed red to represent the blood of Christ, shed on the Cross, and the hard shell of the egg symbolized the sealed Tomb of Christ—the cracking of which symbolized his resurrection from the dead."- Wikipedia Easter Egg

Thinking back now to the 42 remaining Faberge eggs, lets remember that 42 is a number that points " Over the Rainbow " as rainbows are light refracted at a 42 degree angle, or to the Egyptian Afterlife The Duat" where in the Courts of 42 gods the Souls Heart is Weighed and Judged for Rebirth by the Godess Maat, as well as Alice in Wonderlands Underland Courts where the 42nd rule is enforced. "No persons over a mile high to enter the court". Patrick Swayze as a Ghost in "Ghost" in the 42nd street Subway. This Number in some aspects is a pointer toward the "Other Side", the Astral Plane, the Afterlife, the Imagination, Dreamtime etc. This also implies rebirth, Journeying to the Other side is Cyclical, there is always the return. The Ressurection of Souls by Osiris in the Underworld of Egyptian lore is very close to the Story of Christs ressurection and the stories of his abilities to "Raise the Dead". Both Christ and Osiris are also closely connected to the Vernal Equinox Rebirth of the Sun from the Wintery Underworld as well. Eggs in this season are symbolic of the Fertilization of the feminine Earth, as well as the Imagination, Aries which begins march 22nd marks the Rebirth of the first sign of the Astrological Year as well. Bunnies which are also symbols of Fertility and Purity as well as the Mysteries of Spring are iconized this time of year. Remembering also that Rabbits are connected to 42 Via the Egyptian Duat Boat constellation being the Rabbit Constellation Lepus, Donnie Darkos Numbers which Features Swayze who attracts 42s, etcetc.

In the Last Mimzy a White Rabbit is sent from the "Other Side" or the Future to Earth to help save Humanity, in the end a 42 triangled Sri Yantra Mandala opens up the Bride to the Other Side. This for me confirmed that the Constellation Lepus and the 42 Gods of the Egyptian Underworld would keep flowing together.

A Stargate very Similiar to the Mimzy Whole opened up in September 09 in Norway, was this the Bridge to the Other Side?

FoLOW the White Rabbit :)

Swayzes name was Sam Wheat in "Ghost". Osiris was a Green God of the afterlife and was Identified with the Ressurection of Plants and Vegetables like Wheat througout the Seasons. Osiris would also lead the dead to the Godess Maat whos 42 Laws had to be Satisfied for Rebirth from the Underworld.

Swayze as Sam "Osiris" Wheat on 42nd Street Subway Resonating with the Duat.

Egyptian Releif of Osiris with Wheat sprouting from him.

Swayze also attracts White Rabbits and 42s in the Film Donnie Darko.

Swayze who is a Leo is for some odd reason portrayed as a Centaur here, perfectly unconsciously synching him in with David Bowman or D-4 B-2, DB-42, as well as the Rainbow Bridge between Spirit and Matter.

Enough about that an back to the Black Keys. In this Black Keys music video we can see "Dead Man" or "Ghost" musicians playing around with Faberge Eggs.

Dead Men breaking fast in "your Touch" by the Black Keys

The Faberge egg is displayed throughout this video , watch the whole thing here.

This all also brought to mind some of Terence Mckennas journeys to the "Other Side" in his Alien Dreamtime writings on his first DMT experience with the Machine Elves. These beings handed him "Faberge Egg" like objects among many things.

'I remember the very, very first time that I smoked DMT. It was sort of a benchmark you might say, and I remember that this friend of mine that always got there first visited me with this little glass pipe and this stuff which looked like orange mothballs. And since I was a graduate of Dr. Hoffman's I figured there were no surprises. So the only question I asked is, 'How long does it last?' and he said, 'About five minutes.' So I did it and... (long pause, audience cheers) there was a something, like a flower, like a chrysanthemum in orange and yellow that was sort of spinning, spinning, and then it was like I was pushed from behind and I fell through the chrysanthemum into another place that didn't seem like a state of mind, it seemed like another place. And what was going on in this place aside from the tastefully socketed indirect lighting, and the crawling geometric hallucinations along the domed walls, what was happening was that there were a lot of ahh.. beings in there, what I call self-transforming machine elves. Sort of like jewelled basketballs all dribbling their way toward me. And if they'd had faces they would have been grinning, but they didn't have faces. And they assured me that they loved me and they told me not to be amazed; not to give way to astonishment. And so I watched them, even though I wondered if maybe I hadn't really done it this time, and what they were doing was they were making objects come into existence by singing them into existence. Objects which looked like Faberge eggs from Mars morphing them- selves with mandiean(sp) alphabetical structures. They looked like the concrescence of liguistic intentionality put through a kind of hyper-dimensional transform into three-dimensional space. And these little machines offered themselves to me. And I realized when I looked at them that if I could bring just one of these little trinkets back, nothing would ever be quite the same again. And I wondered, Where Am I? And What Is Going On?" - Terence Mckenna- Alien Dreamtime

Update: More Sagitarian flow on Easter Sunday

"Senegalese president unveils £17m African Renaissance statue"

Bronze representation of a man, woman and child emerging from a volcano is taller than Statue of Liberty

Senegal's African Renaissance monument

Senegal's African Renaissance monument. Photograph: Seyllou/AFP/Getty Images

Senegal's vast African Renaissance monument was unveiled yesterday amid criticism that the 49-metre bronze statue is a presidential vanity project and waste of money.

The representation of a man, woman and child emerging from a volcano was inaugurated at a ceremony featuring hundreds of drummers and dancers.

The statue, which cost £17m and is taller than the Statue of Liberty, stands on a hill overlooking the capital, Dakar. It marks Senegal's 50 years of independence, and the president, Abdoulaye Wade has said he hopes it will become a tourist attraction.

Wade, 83, who is expected to seek another term in office at elections in 2012, said the monument commemorated the entire continent. "It brings to life our common destiny," Reuters reported him saying at the launch ceremony. "Africa has arrived in the 21st century standing tall and more ready than ever to take its destiny into its hands." - Guardian 4/4/10

This Statue revealed really appealed to my recent interest in Sagitarius/Jupiters heavenly and earthly qualities, theres a Trinity here, as well which reminds me personally of Aleister Crowleys declared "Aeon of the Child" and Age of Aquarius themes(Aquarius is Tarot Trump 17) and this Staute Cost £17m, Aquarius is also the only Human of the 4 Elemental Fixed Zodiac Signs. as well as 2010s resonance with the Monolith, the baby, and The Sagitarian David Bowman on Jupiter. Smiling as I realize the Child is pointing its Jupiter Finger over the Atlantic!

This picture popped up the same day I decided to look up a favorite band on youtube called Isis.

This new ISIS song called 20 Minutes/40 Years ( theres 2s and 4s for ya). The music and vocals are beutiful themselves, but the video work really speaks to me too. We see a new light settling over a sphere, that begins to crack and bleed this amophous fluid or what I see as Spirit, this undefinable fluid then travels down into the Earth and begins to mingle with the Earthly elements, grids and rigid cracks. To me these visuals communicate the Spiritualization of Matter, or when the Self Realizes itself within the universal self, as both completely itself, and also that which is infinitely beyond self definition.

The amorphous Spirit of Now is pushing through grid and cracks of thephysical Earthly dimension. Next in the video a Monolith begins to Rise out of the Earth. Add a little Radiant Sunlight, and a human self rises up Sagitarianly out of the Muck of the Earth, the Self is reborn, like the Christ who is Crucified upon the 4 pointe T Cross symbolizic of Earth-Matter(mother) and the 4 Earthly Directions.

Jupiter Fingers break through the Earth, Sagitarian style(half Earth Half Man), the Spirit Egg Hatche, and The Christ is reborn and Overcomes the Material World, reminding us of Jupiters Symbol, the Crescent of Spirit overcoming the Cross of MatTer, making a 24/42. I hope you enjoy this video. If you please also Read these lyrics, they speak volumes to me/we.

"Tendrils Extend from the cloudy black mass
They slither and slide through the ones and zeroes
Prophecy of collapse unfolds
Last grains of sand spiral down the hole
Chance has graced me with a gift
Grasp at gold before dark descends
Sun beats down and panic Reigns
In this time of ending
Eyes Shut, Feet bare
For this journey, I'm unprepared
I walk on
Sight Renewed
Seek New life
I seek New life
Walk On
Seeking her the one
I wish to see
She wanders the outerlands
From the grasp of wolves I will pluck her
Twin arteries flow with the pulse
of one mighty Heart "
- Isis-20 minutes/40 years

The Heart and the 2 and 4 of the title flow nicely, as plucking reminds me of Feathers, like that of Maat who in the Egyptian afterife weighed with her Scale the Hearts of Egyptian souls against her Ostrich Feather. I also noted the mention of "Ones and Zeros" and the Egg theme of the post this brought to mind an album my girlfreind has been listening to aot lately, in partiular this song lovely song Masterfade by Andrew Bird on his Album "The Mysterious Production of Eggs", see lyrics below.

"Well you sure didn't look like you were having any fun
With that heavy-metal gaze they'll have to measure in tons
And when you look up at the sky All you see are zeros
And all you see are zeros and ones

You took my hand and led me down to watch the kewpie doll parade
We let the kittens lick our hair and drank our chalky lemonade
It's not that I just didn't care I must admit I was afraid
And I'm awfully glad my finger's resting gently on the masterfade

The masterfade
I coulda played along
The masterfade
I coulda played Mah Jongg
But it just takes too long

And I just can't remember which way the east wind blows
Does it matter if we're all matter
What's the matter
Does it matter if we're all matter when we're done
When the sky is full of zeros and ones

I saw you standing all alone in the electrostatic rain
I thought at last I'd found a situation you can't explain
With GPS you know it's all just a matter of degrees
Your happiness won't find you underneath that canopy of trees

If the green grass is 6 and the soybeans are 7
The junebugs are 8 the weeds and thistles are 11
And if the 1s just hold their place the 0s make a smiley face
When they come floating down from the heavens

You took my hand and led me down to watch a papillon parade
And we let the kittens lick our hair and drank our chalky lemonade
You squeezed my hand and told me softly that I shouldn't be afraid
'cause all the while your finger's resting gently on the masterfade

The masterfade
I coulda played along
The masterfade
I coulda played Mah Jongg
But it just takes too long

And who the hell can remember which way the east wind blows
When you're lying on the ground staring up at that inverted compass

I mean Christ, who knows "

- Andrew Bird - Masterfade- from the Mysterious Production of Eggs

Happy Spring Hatching Rebirth yall, much love!


  1. Nice. I have been getting DMT synchs a bit lately. That Swayze LOL-Tat is off the 24-carat chain with the helicoid 'bows... His Chippendale torso's from that SNL skit with Chris Farley. When I see SNL i think SNaiL - Spiral Shells...


  2. PS the Black Keys clip was great. At 2:19 dude says "At least I died doing what I love. Lip synching. I love that shit."

    Some awe

  3. WE/ME are bringing these objects into space/time.

  4. I saw the Keys earlier last year in Boulder... Kev you were made for Boulder.

  5. Joy to share with you all :) Happy Spring!!

  6. we/me... space/time... happy/spring