Saturday, April 24, 2010

Stargazers present HEY ZEUS!

So I realize today is 4/24/2010. That could be decoded as 42 42 10, or Jupiter-Jupiter 10, or Tin-Tin 10. 10 is the number of completion.

And so I think to myself how I so want to share this new video with the world. I get an email from Jake saying I can do just that. So here it is.

Thank you Jake for your amazing work and humble dedication. Thanks to Andras and Radio8Ball and John C Reilly.

Thanks to the infinite as this work is beyond any of us.

Thanks to the plants that the infinite speaks through.

Peace In/Out


Hey Zeus! from Syncwinnipeg on Vimeo.


  1. I would like to add that this post at 4:12 is not "on purpose". I thought it was 6:30 that I posted, but I guess I must have started this earlier. hehehe...


  2. I think I need to remix the audio. will do tomorrow.

  3. Yes, beutiful work guys, thanks! :)

  4. I love how months & months of sync are turned into 10 min.
    very cool. incredible. I'm still dealing w/ old archetypes and so it might take some time for me to get on board w/ the Jesus/Zeus link--Jesus becomes Zeus, the sky god, but before his ascension into heaven he was the man who fell to earth.
    DB (bowie) is popping again.

    -i suppose I'm getting there as I work through this. . .

    I really loved this guys. (I don't know what "normal" people will think, I guess we'll see.)
    the joy is there. I smile the whole way.

  5. I like that it's 10 Minutes 23 Seconds... But I'm crazy like that.

  6. Philip Baker Hall plays Jimmy Gator in Magnolia. His daughter find friendship with the policeman played by JCReilly.
    JCR was also a policeman in Gangs of New York

    Via sagittarius-Jupiter , blue is the corresponding colour , linking with his police roles.

    Philip Baker Hall - Jimmy Gator was born on sept 10th , the day before possible Stargate eVent 911


  7. JC Reilly is also one of the Boys in Blue in Dolores Claiborne.

    Thanks Mr Moon

  8. wow upon 2nd viewing and more concentration this is by far one of the most lovely awe-sum works to date. Thanks for all you hard work brothers! Such beuty! :)

  9. Great vid.

    Well done, Jake'n'Jim!

    I have always been a fan of JCR. He's got a certain vulnerability that permeates his roles. A true clown able to convey hurt convincingly.

    Thank you, G(ent)s!

    This installment to the Jupiter web is a crown. Jesus/Hey Zeus are interchangeable - rejoice!


  10. PS. JCR is pictured above pointing while entraining with yellow flowers. He is also with a Bromeliad. Bromeliad's are a big family. Part of that family is the PINEapple. This links up nicely with the PINE trees in the frame of ET's rainbow emitting Tin-ship too.


  11. Stunning, how do you guys do it? Shine forth brave souls! Dennis