Monday, April 26, 2010

The Avatar Complex

We've all been biting at the bit, I'm sure, to really spread our wings and dig into Avatar... So I'll Begin by starting off with a short little observation of my own.Jake Sully rides in a wheelchair... Now that's an observation. However Jake Kotze somewhere around a year ago combined the wheelchair into the Merkaba.The Merkaba also known as the Mercy Seat is from the vision of Ezekiel. He sees the seat of god upon wheels and the angels with four faces, that of an Eagle, an Ox, a Lion, and a Man.In truth the Merkaba can be seen as a representation of the Zodiac... The wheel that spins in our sky's. Man finds himself on a strangle world and as history progresses he discovers the heavens. Paying attention to the Stars/Gods he discovers that there is order and because of this order... God. A divine principle or intelligent mind guiding all in perfect harmony. We still do this today under the guise of Syncro. Like the picture above this one we see the mark of god in the gear like procession of the Heavenly Bodies. The Wheel of Fortune Tarot card seen above represents this same idea. Scattered to each corner is the four opposing signs of the Zodiac, Leo the Lion, Tarus the Bull, The higher order of Scorpio the Eagle, and Aquarius as Man. We also see the Sphinx perched above the wheel itself.In Sherlock Holmes we see this again seeing that it is after all one of the most magically used images ever. At the head on the right Sherlock points out the Sphinx atop the wheel. Pointing out that it is a composite of all these signs in itself. It has the feet of a Lion, the tail of an Ox(Bull), the wings of an eagle, and the face of a Man.
Corresponding this to the map of London to solve his mystery.... Answer his riddle.

That's when it hit me.... Jake Sully is Oedipus.

Ok wait got ahead of myself.

Oedipus (pronounced /ˈɛdɨpəs/ in American English and /ˈiːdɨpəs/ in British English; Greek: Οἰδίπους Oidípous meaning "swollen-footed") was a mythical Greek king of Thebes. He fulfilled a prophecy that said he would kill his father and marry his mother, and thus brought disaster on his city and family. This legend has been retold in many versions, and was used by Sigmund Freud to name the Oedipus complex.-Wiki

Ok so Oedipus' father heard a prophecy that his son would kill him. Once born the task keeps getting passed down until a lazy servant not wanting blood on his hands puts the kid in a pasture... Oedipus was found with his feet Pierced and named such seeing that Oedipus means Swollen Feet.

The protagonist of the tragedy is the son of King Laius and Queen Jocasta of Thebes. After Laius learns from an oracle that "he is doomed/To perish by the hand of his own son," he binds tightly together with a pin the feet of the infant Oedipus and orders Jocasta to kill the infant.-Wiki

This mimics Jake Sully's lack of mobilization in the movie. Oedipus (or "swollen feet").

Hearing the Prophecy himself at an older age Oedipus fears that it is about his new adoptive parents and bails the home front. As the par for all heroes he finds his fate on the road he takes to escape it. He bumps into his old father and in the heat of argument dispatches the bastard.

Then Oedipus meets the Sphinx and we find ourselves in the key of the whole mess. The Sphinx as explained in the Ezekiel tale as well as in Sherlock Holmes is a portal of such and largely associated to mystery. It ask a riddle and Oedipus answers correctly.... This is the reason that he has BAD feet. Because wisdom has not haste. It actually is very common in myth. If you move around to quickly you miss the answer.

"What is the creature that walks on four legs in the morning, two legs at noon, and three in the evening?" This is the Question that Oedipus answers with Man. The Sphinx is beatin and flings itself into the abyss. This is the good stuff. The order and mystery to the Merkaba or wheel of fortune is man himself. There is order because he sees it. Hinted at the fact that the riddle and the answer are both Man.The Navi are a composites of the opposing Zodiac signs and therefore the sphinx itself. Navi can be linked to Navigator which means one who follows the stars anyway. They have the face of a Lion, their tails are shaped like the tale of an Ox more than a cats tail, and their bodies are Man like. The Eagle is seen in the Garuda birds they ride as well as the Color Blue seeing that both the Eagle and Blue are symbols of Jupiter. The Tarot Card of the Wheel of Fortune. Shows a Blue Sphinx as well as being the card associated to Jupiter. Jakes/Oedipus' father would then be the Military father figure. Hinted at because of his habit through out the film to call Jake son or sonny.
"You are such a Baby!"

Jake's Girlfriend plays the Role of his mother nourishing and teaching him to be an adult in the film. Like the Swollen Footed myth his joining with his MoM comes after his acceptance of he and the sphinx being one.

Love and Thanks.


  1. I dont know Will. Sometimes a Blue Striped Man Cat Beast, living on a moon circling a gas giant and who flies on a Garuda is just a Blue Striped Man Cat Beast, living on a moon circling a gas giant and who flies on a Garuda.
    All this Freudian talk sounds like a big fat phallusy.

    No really, I love it!

    Be well

  2. This is a trip because I just finally watched Sherlock Holmes two days ago.

    Slowly, slowly, little by little we go. Slow is the new fast. Low is the new high. Jake is still Jake.

    much love bro

    thanks for being part of the blue swan event between yesterday and today. have you read by swan piece yet from dec. 28th?


  3. Wow havent seen Avatar yet but this is super right on! I love it, thanks Will, be very well brotha! :)

  4. That is cool as. Nice one, Will.


  5. Sometimes a corndog is just a corndog....

  6. nice will.
    I'm sure this will unfurl. . .
    kill our father, mary our mother. hmmm, not verbs?
    Kill, the name of our father. Mary, mother of God, our mother.
    I dunno.
    keep flown' corndog.

  7. interesting connections.

    now that you mention it, i'm surprised none of us has really dug into Avatar yet, outside of the occasional synk reference here and there. there's a reason for that, i'm sure.

    something has always bothered me about the Oedipus story. can't quite put my finger on it... i think maybe this myth is a version of an older story that might resonate better with me.

    to that point; what do you think it means that Neytiri is the one who actually kills Sully's surrogate father in he film? with an arrow-shot to the heart, i believe. she makes me think of Artemis in that role...

  8. Yeah Toure I saw that, too...

    But then I figured it was the same as saying that Jim Carrey wore Loki's mask and not Osiris'. It's just slightly distorted.

    The thing is people have a hard time getting around the fucking your mother theme, I mean, they tend to miss the Mystery of the Sphinx. The whole MoM I want to fuck you is a blind to throw you off. Sigmund was a Douche Bag.

  9. is that 'distortion' our fault? is that we/me not quite accepting something uncomfortable? it happens again and again. makes me feel misled sometimes. sometimes synk resonates soundly and tight, and sometimes, for no apparent reason, it gets loose, or even feels... wrong. is this bad meaning good?

    i'm just thinkin out loud here... we go to stranger places when we're sleep-deprived. spending too much time with my eyes open, mostly thanks to u guyz.

  10. I think there's alot of pushing something out because it's uncomfortable. The problem I have is choosing sides... I mean I always say this is bad and this is good... But really there is non of that. For example the gay thing that the stync whole goes on about is valid, I just don't think it's a sign of evil like they do.

    However next time you watch Avatar pay attention to how often that military dude calls him son... I thought it was just a little, but it's damn near every other sentence. I think that this was just a story telling gimmick by Cameron personally...

    People would say that it's somehow brain washing people to fuck thier mothers, but that as said before is not the trip of good ol Oedipus. His swollen feet are a big clue as is Jakes wheelchair. And the Sphinx really is coming up a bunch in the form of that Eagle, Lion, Ox, Man thing via Sherlock, and Knowing etc.

    Think of how many aha moments you've had in sync that now seem distant and not as important... We're excepting this stuff quicker now and ever expanding on things that continue to change our lives.... There are no loose sync's. If something seems wrong keep playing with it till you find joy... Then dig deeper.

    Then again maybe I should have never put up this post.

  11. Ok... Think of Slum Dog Millionaire. It's the same. It's like I know the godly pop quiz cause I've seen some fucked up shit. Oedipus is a happy tragedy. It's a fucking shame it was his own mom.

    Sex. Investigating Sex. Sex itself then doesn't become the physical meaning of life... It's then just a fraction of life.. And has little to do with love. No matter how much fucked up sex crimes you've been through, you can still answer when asked the meaning of life by the Sphynx.(Damn I love playing with that word.)... Any sex, gay, bestiality... All of it. Zeus has seen it all. And nobody cares because Zeus is mind and the mind roams and does whatever takes it's interest.

  12. I think I agree with Tye on this one. I definitely think you are on to something Will. You should keep following no matter what. I often feel that an individual syncer's trail doesn't necessarily connect as hard to others at times because it's their path. The truth found though is useful to the whole.

    I'm fascinated by what you are finding, Will. Our syncs though do speak about us, and we gravitate toward the stories/archetypes that we individually need. We all have our stars that we follow. I'm amazed by how all of Jake's WoWmen all look so much alike. You are highly tuned into numerology & the #23. I'm trying to unite the opposites of Peter Pan and Pinocchio, Kev dances on his rainbow bridge, etc. . .

    I trust you Will. Follow The Music! That said, sometimes I can't make certain jumps. RA's new post is so incredible and blowing my mind. But I have an unwillingness to associate Aries the Ram, (a guise of Jupiter) with Pan, the goated horned devil--maybe Capricorn (the sea goat). Also Ares and Aries no good for me. Of course, and this is what is interesting, we might be undoing the "old" archetypes and creating a new system, and I am going to be the most reluctant to let go of the old stable forms. Jung didn't create these archetypes, he recognized them. Joseph Campbell then showed how they are universal, in all cultures at all times in very similar forms. Thor is Jupiter. Odin is Saturn. Same goes for the Vedic/Hindu stuff.

    Of course Jim and Jake and you Will might be taking apart these old archetypes that I'm clinging to! These "stretches" might be exactly what is needed to move into the new aeon.

    This might be the leap though--taking these aspects of the whole, these different mythic characters, the archetypes, and uniting them. ⊙

    This may be the ascension that I had such a difficulty believing in last fall, that Jim has an amazing faith in.

    Thus, I have a difficult time with the new Hey Zeus! film. This is the stretch that I'm dealing with. (Now I realize that Jim and Jake are light years ahead of me in terms of their sync, and I usually come to my own understanding of what they are putting forth). The art and merit of the new film is incredible. The syncs are great. I do wonder about its accessibility to a non syncho minded viewer. If I have a problem with it though, it is the stretch from Jesus to Zeus. I will not deny that after the ascension, Jesus becomes the sky god, Jupiter, but I don't know if I can think of them as the same--because they represent such different archetypes. All this that I'm saying now is the overflow of a post that is cooking which will likely gush and flow soon. Maybe you guys don't want my philosophical analysis of your syncs--but this is what I do, I think.

    This is why I found The King of Love such a powerful piece of art, but also why I'm having a difficult time with Hey Zeus! The philosophical underpinnings of Love King connect, solid, universal--it's fits with mythology as I know and understand it. Hey Zeus! though. . .

    Should we talk about the three kings again? A unity of the kingdoms is likely the ascension, but are we there yet? Jesus is the sun who fell to earth. The word made flesh. He then went to Hell, but rose and united the kingdoms. So a transformation is there--but I have a hard time w/ the J.C.'s resonating the Sky God. They are the Earth Kings. The Kings of Love who must become dead men.

    Maybe I should watch the video again. (now this is feeling rambling)

    How should I live?

    BAD? (214) or Be One For! (214)
    I'll work on my post and reconsider the vid. I do think it's great.
    Look for broken teeth synchs-- they are everywhere for me.
    take care guys--follow your harts through the dark forrest--you'll find adventure and your truth.
    I C U
    9 3 21
    Eye Sea Ewe

    Purpose? I thought so hard about this last summer. Sex and Death.
    Meaning? that's for you to find gunslinger. . .

  13. here here...

    it comes back to trust. despite my cognitive dissonance, my discomfort, lack of acceptance, whatever, i also trust your direction, Will. there is no spoon, there is only myself; the distortion is not in the synk, it is in my perception of synk as whole.

    purpose? meaning? god knows... i see you guys, i see my reflection, i see my world winkin at me... is that all there is? just keep on dancin

    let go...

    ...i broke a tooth yesterday...