Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Blue Star Wars

Jupiter, the sphere that kills ego's and brings joy a.k.a The Death Star.
The eye/I of the Death Star/Jupiter.

The first Blue Death Star/Jupiter in Star Wars.
Star/Sun/God/Self Wars in Blue the color of Death and Spirit

Stars/Suns/Gods are Illuminated Cosmic Selves.

The Star Wars is then the wrestling of the un-integrated Godhead with facets of Its Self to become Whole.

In human terms the Story of a returning Golden King with Blue Blood. Note how the Dark Man/Darth Vader is a Pharaoh with a Nemes.
The theater of film and drama of ancient dynastic Egypt reflecting the current phase of Illumination.
The Golden Boy aka C3PO (note the PO for Sirius? (err, help me Jim what did you say?) Winnie The Pooh, Poland and POp). C3PO is an alien robot from a "galaxy far, far away".
Golden Boy/ET/Cosmic Consciousness Crowns Winnipeg's Legislative Building in the presence of the Nemes wearing Pharaoh/Darth Vader Sphinx.
Marking the Center and Heart of the Continent in Winnipeg as the location of Contact. The Golden Boy and the Pharaoh/Dark Man of the Cosmos.

The Return of the Blue Son/Sun as the second Death Star (Twin Suns/GG) goes KAboom!


  1. shooting title for ROTJ was "blue harvest"

  2. Nexus posted a link to Richard Hogland's theories about Saturns moon Iapetus which people interested in death stars and moons would benefit from reading about. The question as it goes is how Arthur 42 Clarke could know writing decades ahead of Cassini missions...

    Note that in 2001 ODYSSEY, the original, of course, Saturn was the destination.

  3. in the words of Cartman "you can't always be the boy with the golden asshole", blue is slang word used by homosexuals to refer to one another

  4. and what's up with pedophilia butt worshiping banner at the top ... Zeus raps and eats children you know?

  5. Ha ha your stupid you thank Jupiter is a real person.