Thursday, November 12, 2009

John Cusack JC Jesus Christ (Have a break)


Total collapse of Illusion (Maya) of form via realization of Christ Consciousness. 2012 resonates 2001, 2010, 2011 displaying there non local interchangeability in the process of ascension.

Creating the proto Tin Man, Frankenstein, via Zeus/Jupiter Bolts.
War, Inc.

Shooting Star theme with War resonating Mars. Mars is the planet of Wars. Wars becomes Mars via WE3 Spinner and is also the planet of Rams/Aries, smashing! WARS/MARS/RAMS.
Martian Child

Child of Cosmic Consciousness (E.T) holding octagonal umbrella and sync back to JC's very next film War/Mars Inc.
Grace Is Gone

Balloon/Up/Wizard of Oz via Aquarius, element of air.

Opening the StarG8 door of realization in the Dolphin Hotel.
Must Love Dogs

Loving Dog/God.
Runaway Jury

Shooting Star

Marked SpiriT Palm of a Buddha/Christ.

Swastika/Black Star of Galactic Center reveals its "power".

Syncronicty brings JC into the arms of his love! (One of us better catch this one again..)
America's Sweethearts

Standing on a monolith type cuboid (Christ ark), showing his palm as palm trees emanate.
Pushing Tin

Tin and Jupiter have the same alchemical symbol and film contains amazing WTC syncs.
See this Christopher Knowles Secret Sun Post.
Cradle Will Rock

Jupiter pointer finger manifesting the "Will" of JC.
Being John Malkovich

JC opens StarG8 door and rides portal inside the Star John Malkovich. StarG8 opening inside of a Star!, pretty groovy.
The Thin Red Line

Red Road/Ribbon(Robin) of bloodline, DNA. JC sandwiched between GC Galactic Center George Clooney and yellow Charioteer of Zombieland Woody Harrelson.
Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil

Midnight 12 or 24 thus 42, crowning the clock. JC, the fisher of men on a boat.
Grosse Pointe Blank

JC's Jupiter Finger makes a gun thus also a Shooting Star like Jury and Cradle.
Con Air

Seeing Red JC with an Eagle/Zeus/Jupiter inside a solar (Sun/Son/Christ) StarG8 between the words Con and Air. Air resonating the New Age of Aquarius just like Grace is Gone.
City Hall

The Red C of NY/OZ entrains with JC.
One Crazy Summer

Power word ONE/NOW/NWO/EON/WON/OWN and the personified Seeing Red Sun/Star/Christ.

WE/ME are all Stars.

Enjoy 2012, crazy stuff, no doubt...

Peace In = Peace Out



In the poster for Better Off Dead, we see JC sitting at the middle of the top of the Arch of the bridge. He is very much sitting on the Keystone of the Arch. This is the midnight point, the Magic Hour and the point of the Cosmic Womb. JC is the Keystone. I find it interesting that at Midnight on New Year's EVE, Sirius reaches its highest point, the Keystone, of its own Arch across the Heavens.

I was handling my roommates American Graffiti LP's today, having to put the exposed black circles into there sleeves, so I could find room to sit on the couch. I hardly ever touch records. Then I was confronted with this image while making the above post. Makes me think there has to be something juicy here, any ideas?

Richard: That last image of the High Fidelity poster brought to mind an old KitKat advert I came across a while back. I don't know why I made this instant connection, but I figured I'd follow it through to see what the pattern revealed. I want to apologise in advance if this addition is a little confusing. Hopefully it'll make a little more sense by the end.

In the High Fidelity poster we see that (JC) John Cusack is split into 9 different sections of a square, and in this (KK) KitKat advert we find another square divided into 9 equal segments:

Taking this one step further I came across another KitKat advert, but this time the 2D Square was replaced with a 3D Cube:

We can link this Cube to JC via the Cross:

JC, the Cube/Cross and the Cat seem to entrain with one another:

We could also say that the (KK) KitKat resonates with (KK) Khrist Konsciousness.

If we take the tagline for the KitKat chocolate bar: "Have a Break, Have a KitKat", and apply this to the John Cusack 2012 poster, then we see that this statue of JC is quite literally 'Having a Break':

When I first saw this 2012 poster I was in the middle of writing about TezCATlipoca, the Mayan Jaguar/Cat God. When I noticed the symmetry between the statue of JC (left) and this Mayan illustration of Tezcatlipoca (right), it made me sit up and pay attention:

Notice ^ that the broken leg of Christ is very similar to the broken leg of TezCATlipoca. Also notice that the Mayan illlustation of Tezcatlipoca shows that he is 'walking on water', and the statue of JC is also 'walking on water'. Heck, even their arms are in a similar pose!

So this got me wondering why JC should resonate with Tezcatlipoca, and why the year 2012 was being highlighted.

To try and make some kind of sense out of this I turned to Mayan mythology:

Tezcatlipoca was the dark twin, and nemesis, of the Sun God Quetzalcoatl (a Mayan version of Jesus Christ who also happened to be crucified on a Cross). In the poster above we see that the year 2012 seems to point to the destruction of the Black/Dark Christ. This syncnificant date seems to mark the fall of the Anti-Christ - the end of Tezcatlipoca's chaotic reign. Notice in this poster that it's the Black Christ (almost completely covered in a dark shadow) who is in the process of collapsing:

In Mayan mythology, Tezcatlipoca (the Darker aspect of Christ) used his black sorcery to overcome Quetzalcoatl (the Lighter aspect of JC). Quetzalcoatl, defeated by his evil twin, was said to have abandoned the Maya people on a raft of snakes, disappearing across the ocean, vowing to return one day in the future to restore balance. Having admitted defeat, Quetzalcoatl allowed the world to slump into a 'Dark Age', now ruled by the Smoking Jaguar, Tezcatlipoca, who, according to Mayan mythology, is still in charge to this very day.

So we are currently living in a time when Tezcatlipoca, the Black Magician, still reigns supreme. Until Quetzalcoatl returns, Tezcatlipoca will continue to hold the lofty title of 'Ruler of the Cosmos'.

According to some researchers this is all about to change.

There are those who have studied the Mayan Calendar, like author Daniel Pinchbeck, who believe that Quetzalcoatl's monumental return (aka 'The Second Coming of Christalcoatl') will happen in the year 2012, a time in which the Light finally gains the upper hand over the Dark. Quetzalcoatl may finally get his chance to overthrow Tezcatlipoca, ending the Jaguar Gods hold over the planet, and ushering us into a new Golden Age. That's the theory anyhoo...

What this suggests in my mind is that 2012, the Year of the Dragon, or the Year the Dragon Returns, is going to be a period when the shit really hits the fan. A Plumed Serpent/Dragon (Quetzalqoatl) facing off against a Black Jaguar (Tezcatlipoca) makes me think that there's going to be fire works as they battle one another tooth and nail. I'm sure it'll be quite the spectacle. The trailer for the movie 2012 shows that our transition between the Dark and Light Christ isn't going to be a smooth ride. It could be complete pandemonium as the old era (ruled by Tezcatlipoca) comes crashing down around us.

I hope all that made some kind of sense.

To finish up I thought I'd make use of a few images I snapped a couple of months ago while watching Con Air. In Nicholas Cages prison cell we find a photo of JC alongside a Smiley and a Blue Car:

Later on in the movie John Cusack is trying to find out why the prisoners have hijacked the airplane, when he finds a clue encoded into the painting of The Last Supper.

Notice that JC has been broken in two, just like his statue in the 2012 poster:

Have a break, have a KitKat.

At the end of Con Air we even find the victorious (albeit disgruntled) JC sitting beside the Sun, again emphasising his relationship with the Son/Sun of God:

In Con Air, John Cusack must confront the character Johnny-23 (symbolizing one of the Darker aspects of Christ) in order to save the day:

The name Johnny-23 reminded me of the name of (JC) Jim Carrey's production company: JC23 Entertainment:

In this poster we see once again that JC is broken in two. These are the dual aspects of him, the Light (Quetzalcoatl) and the Dark (Tezcatlipoca), the Gentle and the Mental:

In issue 23 of The Fortean Times, Robert Anton Wilson wrote that:

‘23 has many links with termination: in telegraphers’ code, 23 means “bust” or “break the line”, and Hexagram 23 in I Ching means “breaking apart”.’

If JC entrains with the number 23

then JC also entrains with the themes of

'breaking the line' or 'breaking apart'.

We've already looked at these examples of JC 'breaking apart':

2012, The Return of Christalcoatl, could be a time when we break free of all previous limitations, an opportunity to escape our collective Prison/Cage (like the movie Con Air), and a moment when the clock strikes the Midnight Hour, signifying the dawn of a new age. I'm sure it's going to be 'A Story of Triumph' in more ways than one.


  1. Beat me to it. Have laid out the same posters. John Cusack's name in 2010 is Jackson Curtis. JC again, plus he is a son of Jack, Jupiter Jack that is. Tomorrow will be a blast.

  2. pheeeeeww...Love it! I can feel the developing postures of synch yoga flexing, so lovely, I was told by someone today that they wish they could see in my head like John Malkovich, hehe. I was thinking about doing an experiment with Synch Yoga Posturing, specifically with Elemental forms, Air resonating Thought, Water resonating emotion, etc. Tarot style elemental scrying. I was thinking about the huge Tidal wave on the 2012 movie cover, I have a feeling that when this movie hits it will literally be a conscious and emotional rapture or Tidal Wave of emotion for people who have never considered how subject they are to MoMa Gaia and Death itself. Its my hopes that these shocks to be delivered will help everyone realize their divinity/unity/subjectivity etc all in time to bring heaven on earth! or soemthing to that effect, but Lovely really lovely flow of Air(mind) here, always gets more exciting here. be blessed, Namaste!

  3. Loved it! .. awesome..

    really like these spontaneous unfoldings. connected stuff

    the LP is a total void resonator, no! all music around the pin center, spinning, spinning - the main character in the famous novel is totally immersed in pop/rock music - i.e. the universe..

    hairstyles are just different versions of the same pop. black sun going down in a golden square filled with pop-styles...?

  4. 2012 was a film which had something for every level. An ok action film for the un-enlighted, a conspiratorial 'brave new world order' movie full of a one world government and saving the ruler of the World (the Queen) and the admiralty law used to rule it for Alex Jones listeners, and a sync fest for us.

    I had to watch the film while under heavy medication so my experience was crazy, the pill that did the most damage was pink, so I saw it as a syncromystic 'red' pill. This film was full of everything that's been discussed here, they start at a tin/copper mine, and the film thereafter is the refinement process. We have the Jupiter numbers 241 all present and accounted for on the door of the house JC's family now live in, with a 5/life at the end. They fly through two pillars collapsing, at the exact point that Mr Kotze said the stargate was. We get the over emphasis on SONY, which is ZO-N(O)Y(Z) in sync talk, the world of the living and the dead as one, also short for Sunny, the i-Robot. The breaking glass cracking the screen of the Arc as it hits the Himalayas says it all.

    We are seeing the Book of Job, the refining process of the soul from Copper/Tin to something far greater. Job = Jove = Zove = November, formally the 9th month, the nines… nine (German) = no = zo/oz, the (Berlin) Wall separating the land of the dead and living is coming down…

  5. Oops. Seem to have gotten a bit carried away there. Thanks for pointing it out.

  6. This was tremendous.
    I spent an hour this morning responding to it and ended up laying out my own complete understanding of sync-basically as close to my working philosophy of life as it could. I even had a number of links.
    Then I accidentally hit log off when I was scrolling up to reread this great post. . .
    Great work guys.
    Why no love for Lloyd Dobbler? He is now.
    "I can't figure it all out tonight sir, so I'm just going to hang with your daughter."

  7. "November smoke & your toes go numb
    A new colour on the Globe
    It goes from white to red, a little voice in my head says oh, oh, oh"

    Excerpt from "Seven" by Fever Ray, now enchanting audiences worldwide (thank you for the introduction to 'em, Dr Ratté III)

    Listen to their entire "Live @ Lulea" album ……. HERE .……

    Magus Sea Lion, this is serious business, not Sirius. The late iconic Beat Generation author & psychonaut, Wm S Burroughs, who himself wrote about his Ayahuasca experiences in 1953 as The Yage Letters, had said that the Meso•American cultures, whose tracking of Time itself ends @ "our" 2012, were masters of controlling their populations through the manipulation of images, glyphs, numbers. When's the spell ever gonna be broken?

    Might I recommend the late, great Synchromystic, Alan Vaughn's 1979 synchronicity classic, "Incredible Coincidence: The Baffling World of Synchronicity" to anyone so inclined? Good. There you have it. And ya Gno Watt(s)? It don't mean sheeyat.

    Always ask questions, my Childe, always,
    Anadæ Effro (•8-D}

  8. I mentioned Monday, that I spent and hour or so responding to this wonderful post and ended up reaching the core--but then I deleted my comment. whoops.

    This sand has then irritated my soft under meat since then.
    I came up with this, I hope it's a pearl.
    be well guys.

  9. response

    further. . .

    -I know I'm a pain in the ass. I need these little reminders to keep me sane. I've been here before. I don't need to freak out. I can keep on walking!

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  11. Last night I dreamed that I finally got to see Jesus' face and it was that of John Cusack. Kind of funny...