Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Siriusly pt 1

Richard Arrowsmith from the blog Black Dog Star is interviewed by Will Morgan of A Few Shots to Shaman. They waste no time hopping into discussion's about sync patterns such as the Blue Gods, Peacocks, Cats, and the Garuda; that being an enormous mythical bird and it's relationship to movies such as Avatar and the up coming Rango. These topics lead into connections to the Pleiades forcing them to bring up everything from Billy Myers to Ganesh. Richard goes on to mention his work involving a possible star that acts as a partner to our own that his work, over at Black Dog Star, is largely based on. They also brainstorm about actually manipulating symbols into coming into ones life which inevitably leads to stories of their beginnings into Synchromysticism. They talk about how this art infects ones way of thinking down to the invasions of your dreams and the way you would make decisions in your daily life. Please look for the upcoming part 2 that shall have more crazy stories on Richards adventurous experiences to this point, and the Sirius side of things.

Siriusly pt1

More interesting synchronicity to be posted after pt 2 comes out next week.


  1. I loved it.

    Thanks for everything.

    Can't wait to meet you cats.


  2. Loved it! Awsome conversation, I synched on the first few minutes, I was posting a picture of CATFOOD that i saw at the store today, which featured a Rainbow, the word Nova, and a Cat, also Crabs are mentioned, great signs all around, Thanks for your great work guys.

    Catfood -

    Peace in and out , Namaste

  3. Ya sound like a pretty interesting bloke Arrowsmith.
    I'm enjoying these things more and more.
    The one thing I keep wondering though, if these podcasts aren't missing just a little more perfunctory interview stuff on these cats at the begining, i.e. background, education, esoteric interests, childhood trauma, monetary work, current work, important figures/inspiration, etc.
    You hit a lot of this Will, and I like these interviews done synch style hitting the ground running, but I'm left always wanting more and to know what makes these crazy guys tick. Why are they doing this crazy shit?
    You know, we all might be fucking shamans.
    --I loved that you studied Reiki, Richard. I studied massage for a bit in the mid 90's as my fallback job just in case the rock stardom did take.
    Great podcast guys! I look forward to part 2.

  4. Nah.... Nah Ishmael give me time... But, you know, I could easily give you the password to Sherwood if you promise not to tell the Sheriff.

  5. more data ... more data ... the cookie monsters of awareness ... pasado pasada heavy past ... infinite elephant infants ... cowabunga dudes

  6. Of course the day after I listen to the podcast, I read this at lunch(the guy who scanned it didn't include some of the best parts) and then at the end on the day my wife shows me the picture of an elephant she painted last night.
    -these aren't my syncs what are you guys doing to me!
    Dream of a Thousand Cats.

  7. Thanks for the encouragement guys. Glad you enjoyed it. I was actually dreading the release of the podcast for a number of reasons but having played it back I'm relieved I didn't sound like too much of a twat!

    Ishmael, I know what you mean about fleshing out some of the synchronicities a little more (like the cat for example) but you just kind of assume that any listeners are aware of some of the background info. On one hand you don't want to break the flow of the conversation by having to explain everything mentioned in minute detail, but on the other hand you don't want to confuse people by talking about stuff they're not familiar with. I'm sure there's a happy medium, I just don't what it is!

    As for your latest synchs involving the cat and elephant, it looks like you've been contaminated. The sync bleed-through has begun. Long may it commence!

    I'm also looking forward to the day when I can sit down with you guys and chin-wag over a pint. A gathering of cats in the Year of the Tiger sounds good to me!

    Peace all.