Friday, November 6, 2009

more sympathy for the Devil(?)

Hermes thus became the master of the four elements, and eventually taught men the skills of geomancy (divination by earth), pyromancy (divination by fire), hydromancy (divination by water), and aeromancy (divination by air). He was worshipped at crossroads, where statues called Herms were erected to honour him and invoke his blessings upon the traveller, and wanderer and the homeless (22). ~The Mythic Tarot 1986.
Be Careful With Whom You Make a Deal
and then there's this guy:


  1. Cool info. I have been meaning to understand all the reasons for Hermes/Thoth/Mercury ever since I found that picture of Hermes/Mercury that looks like me. I was doing a little research on the picture itself and it was from a book that was published in 1555, since I am also into triple digit numbers, it holds more significance. To bad the book was never translated into English, least as far as I can tell.

    Plus kinda doubly cool since I just watched 'Crossroads' with Ralph Machio the other night. There was a few interesting things there. Like the guy who is "The Devils" assistant, is the same actor from Terminator, that saves the hand (Miles Dyson or something). And he was in an episode of Warehouse 13 my wife was watching the other week playing a prophet/cult leader or something. Quite interesting.

    Anyways here is the picture of the lookalike from 1555.

    Now here is my most recent picture of myself from this Halloween. Not the same angle and all but I am sure you can see the resemblance.

    DO you know or can you think of anykind or simi rational explanation for this?? it makes me laugh but, still got me all question marks, so to speak.

  2. I just now noticed that Golden Boy is perched on an octagon. Black pool star 77' below the octagon. I think...