Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Green JC- Now swirled Fool Yellow and Green

Don't know why I thought this was relevant, beyond the fact that we practice a form of autism here, otherwise known as AWEtism. But seeing activist JC made me feel good. Maybe he will start living up to his initials in his personal life.

Jake has noticed b4 that Jim Carrey has played the Green Man three times.


Kevin: Swirlging in a little more Green Action.

heres a Green Starcluster, Carrey also resonates the Green Man through his Role in Yes Man as the Fool, and now also in I Love You Philip Morris in Yellow, the Fool represents pure Consciousness, being birthed in the infinite and constant NOW, its the spark of awareness in all of us that is NOW that were realizing. On Aleister Crowleys Thoth Tarot Card we can see the Green Man on a Yellow Background. Green and Yellow.

Astrologically we are now in the Age of Aquarius, which is the foremost Air sign in the Zodiac. The Age of Aquarius marking the rulership of Air element implies Consciousness, Thought, awareness, Rebirth, Birth, Salvation, Synthesis etc. JC also intereacts with the star "Sirius" in a couple of his movies, the 17th Tarot Card for the sign of Aquarius is "The Star", and the Star symbolized is said to be Sirius the Dog Star, the blazing new year star, and a most important star in many cosmogynys. The now is pregnant and it cant hide it anymore! Note the Element of Air in Astrology and Western Esoteric Sciences is Yellow, and the Fool Tarot Card is the Air Element Card of the 3 other cards in the deck.

Peace in, Be Fools!


  1. I"m one of those crazies who thinks he's smarter than all of western medicine.

    I don't want to be, but I question, and often times the vaccine issue looks like a big fucking experiment or a new business model.

  2. the Earth is my big pharma, or should I say big Shama, I think this is part of the process of collectively realizing this, so glad the Green Man himself is out there putting a wrench in the gears, that Riddler... Peace in! happy 11/11

  3. I was thinking about green all day.

    Remember sitting staring into the Green Eye (like JC Jennifer Connelly) of Starbucks while thinking green is probably most popularly associated to nature/plants and money. Both powerful forms of energy cultivation and distribution on our planet.

    Still pondering what that means..

    This Fourth Jim Carrey green man sync is smashing Jim!

  4. yes, its a crossover sync. something we will see more of i am sure.he seems smaller and skinnier in real life. i agree as well even big pharma has a place in Nature's plan.

  5. Glad you posted this Jim. I like it when reality interfaces with The Whole. I think this is when it is at its best. Using the underworld tools to rethink, recreate, and change the world.
    pleasant dreams.

  6. "beyond the fact that we practice a form of autism here" <---I just said this to my wife about the way I instantly see something that most people don't.

    PS I like this post a lot, one of my names is Mercury's Messenger. So it makes sense on a few levels here. I was thinking about that after I "changed" my name.

    Ever since I saw this picture, it tied into one of my post when I use to blog of Carl Jung, it made green a little more interesting to me personally.

  7. my red eye knows that watermelons are green on the outside but red on the inside ... pharma is military industrial is international banking AND this is not an experiment but an operation

    my blue is a little fuzzy but I second Jake's Plant Consciousness idea but Green also means New and Fresh, so perhaps this the New Man.

  8. I was thinking about green this past summer.
    Most importantly green is chakra #4--Anahata, The Heart Chakra. This is definitely where I desire the world to go.

  9. Sorry,
    one last thing:

    Right now I'm reading my namesake book, *Ishmael* by Daniel Quinn
    and naturally on veterans day I would read about his so called "Law of Nature" to which all life is bound in order to function in a self sustaining and self renewing system. The law states a species may compete but may not wage war thus arriving at and affirming the importance of diversity.

    sure nothing new right?
    Everything we do is a war though. A war on . . .

    We are the machines in The Matrix. Authentic life is under assault from us!
    Was there ever a Killer as narcissistic as us to think the the universe was made to create our solar system to create our planet to create us, the end product of evolution? And we have dominion over all the world. In fact we own it all.

    The fundamental truth is that all of existence is "The Commons". Private ownership of anything then becomes illogically untenable.

    bound by natural law?
    return to an authentic life?
    can green save us?

  10. Green = Heart Chakra = Key are Plants (Green). I just feel the message we need now is found with Plants.

  11. The Sphere of Venus on the Tree of Life is green, to my understanding Venus has strong connections to Nature, the goddess, and the pentagonal geometry of Nature, ill do some googling heh, awsome post yall peace in

  12. oh and The sphere of Venus is Called Netzach which Means VICTORY, V, 5, Venus' course when traced on earth makes a pentagram too. peece

  13. I have to kindly disagree w/ you Indras Net (of course the beauty is that we both are right and both wrong always and never).

    I've thought extensively about the nature of the planets and the chakras and the days of the week.
    In my cosmology Venus is Chakra #2 at the genitals, The lovers/The Devil. Venus is the morning star after all, Lucifer! Green *is* the color but it is the heart, the earth! The earth is mother. She is the tree upon which we all hang. She is life and we are part of that life.
    Anyway check out my ramblings upon this subject if you are interested here.
    -I'm glad we can both be right though. I like the way the universe swings (all directions and ways at once.)
    take care.

  14. Ishmael - I definatly wasnt intending to point away from the Heart Chakra or Venus and etc. I think the Venus placement on the Tree of Life has alot to do with Plant Life and Plant Gods etc just another layer to look into. I agree theres many ways to be right and wrong, this is some beutifully elastic work were doin, Im glad to be workin with everyone, a pleasure to share the NOW! take care and bee very well!